One day I came across a post about blockchain technology, the post was rather a question ” do you in believe in blockchain technology?”. The question I asked myself in return was, in this current why can’t blockchain technology be trusted. Blockchain technology Introduced features which are not possible with centralized systems such as “decentralization”; a feature which makes users the master of their personal data. This is enough to trust blockchain technology.
Blockchain technology, although still in its Infancy has revolutionized this current era in ways never seen before. Owing to the possibilities associated with blockchain technology a platform unique in all ramifications aims to embrace blockchain technology so as to bring a turnaround in data protection and verification. This is no other platform than ENDO.
These data that needs protection or verification can come in form of a diploma, contracts etc which at the wrong hands will lead to different fraudulent activities, which might even destroy the reputation of true owners.
The more individuals develop, advance starting with one phase then onto the next the more they acquire these documents which are put away on a paper whose challenges has been wear and tear. Besides, with the world developing at an alarming rate so are fake exercises, for example, certificate fraud, signature manipulation and so forth which can be done for various reasons. Yet, a study has shown that the paper method of storing information is perhaps the best and efficient option.
Hence it very well may be stated, any modification to these documents leads the owners to profound issues while fraudsters pick up a great deal. Therefore, the great need for data verification and protection, which is perfectly handled by ENDO.
ENDO can mean a protocol, a blockchain or a data verification services platform.
ENDO intends to create a decentralized ecosystem where verification of data takes place, and the data confirmed thereof will be trusted for use by Individuals and robots thus utilization takes place immediately and securely.


A study has shown that great data enables organizations to make better goods and offer outstanding services. Data dealers are accountable for providing the required data to these organizations, yet most occasions these data can’t be trusted.
Besides, there have been different issues which encompass data of which one of them is data breaches. With regards to data breaches, centralized systems are always the target of hackers as data isn’t 100% protected in addition, without appropriate encryption or decentralization different manipulation can be done on the saved data. Additionally, during the time spent sparing all data that comes the way, Individuals most occasions miss out or loses the most critical ones.
The cost of data verification is yet another issue, as the data verification process changes over platforms in like manner the cost which has a tendency to be more costly too. The translation which is associated with data exchange between nations is likewise another barricade.
Another issue is the absence of single helpful data sources which prompt issues in utilizing the related data. The endorsed methods for assembling and ensuring data protection using bar codes, holographic protective elements have turned out to be ineffective. Also, the environment is debilitated which can be found in the persistent cutting of trees and synthetic substances utilized in paper creation.
Furthermore, government and organizations spending an excessive amount of assets on printed material.


ENDO uses blockchain technology to encourage organizations and Individuals by bringing the required solution.
By utilizing blockchain technology, organizations will have the capacity to process dependable and straightforward data verification and administration. By utilizing cryptographic algorithms and decentralization or distributed registry made conceivable by blockchain, organizations will have the capacity to guarantee the security of confidential data.
Using ENDO protocol Individuals and organizations will have the capacity to make private and open blockchains and arrange as it identifies with their necessities, likewise, exchange of records written in ink to digital has been made conceivable using ENDO application.
The aforementioned services will be made accessible to Individuals and organizations holding ENDO tokens, thus enabling them to create a single, certified and secured data. In situations where third-parties needs users data, ENDO looks for proprietors authorization first.


ENDO Protocol can be used for satisfying KYC prerequisites for token sale, for report verification required by lawyers, for issuing a certificate by Universities, etc.
The ENDO ecosystem has 5 layers;
a. Blockchain and Storage Layer: ENDO utilizes systems like IPFS, Storj, FTP/SSH servers and so on to store data.
b. ENDO Protocol: This is the protocol in charge of organizing and interacting with other layers of the ecosystem.
c. ENDO Platform: This is the place decentralized usage of data verification takes place.
d. ENDO Application: Used by Individuals and organizations to do a wide assortment of tasks.
e. ENDO API: This is the layer which connects an external application to ENDO ecosystem.


ENDO token EToken (ET) is a utility token utilized for the payment of data verification. ET is likewise required for data exchange between Individuals or associations and can also be utilized to vote in favour of the advancement of the protocol, for accepting administrations and so forth.


ENDO protocol is based on blockchain technology consequently and flawlessly suited for data protection, verification and exchange. With ENDO protocol Individuals and organizations will have the capacity to assemble their own private and open blockchain subsequently having the ability to confirm data, store and also exchange records stored on paper to digital.



Website: https://endo.im

Whitepaper: https://endo.im/whitepaper

GitHub: https://github.com/ENDOprotocol

Medium: https://medium.com/@endo_protocol

Telegram Group: https://t.me/endo_en

Twitter: https://twitter.com/endo_protocol

Facebook: https://fb.me/endoprotocol

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/endofication/

Bitcointalk: Aemma

Bitcointalk Link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2328723


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