As humans are always growing, evolving and finding ways to improve themselves, they tend to acquire different varieties of documents such as degree, diploma, contracts etc. The owners of these documents can use them to achieve their aim, on the other hands, when these documents fall into the wrong hands or scammers, they can carry out fraudulent activities with them.
Furthermore, most times fraudulent Individuals forge certificate to either gain a job or seek for a job promotion, in addition, those already recruited can manipulate signatures so as to achieve one fraudulent aim or the other. All these shows there are need to verify as well as protect data against illicit acts.
Like earlier stated, information can come in the type of documents, for example, birth certificate, degree, orders, contracts and so on, in this manner the requirement for document verification and protection can’t be overemphasized.
Discussing information protection; on most occasions, data is put away on paper; one of the shortcomings or hindrance has been fragility which tends to prompt wear and tear. Another being that, it tends to be messed with or manipulated as can be found in documents forgery and so forth, however yet the paper type of sparing information has ended up to be the best till date, thus the principal significance to shield information or data at all cost.


A study has shown that there are underlying issues which surround information or data today, which most times pave way for different varieties of data manipulation such as the absence of appropriate encryption which likewise prompted information manipulation, cancellation or change.
Today, Individuals gains admittance to data or Information consistently, however without legitimate capacity, they have a tendency to lose data. Also, data can likewise be lost when saved on centralized systems, this is as a direct result of its high danger of data breaches or cyber intrusions. Also, a study has demonstrated that data verification contrasts by volume and furthermore varies over offices or agencies which most times leads to high expenses.
Confusions likewise encompass data as there have been no single and effortlessly open data sources; what’s more? when data is exchanged between nations there is a requirement for translation affirmation which probably won’t be efficient.
Today, standardized tags known as barcodes and holographic protective element (HPE) which are received as a method by which documents, securities and so forth can be ensured are plagued with challenges. The manufacturing procedure is costly and tedious additionally it has been demonstrated HPE does not at last secure against theft, piracy or counterfeit.
Also, the cutting of trees for the creation of paper affects the ecology, likewise, the earth is affected by the chemical utilized in the production of paper. Then again, organizations and government likewise spend a tremendous measure of natural and budgetary assets to sustain workers.


ENDO is a blockchain-based protocol offering wide varieties of data verification services.
Why Blockchain Technology?
Blockchain technology Introduced decentralization which ensures data isn’t saved on centralized systems, thus protecting data from manipulation and giving users the power to own and manage their personal data. Through this, organizations will have the capacity to supply enough dependable frameworks for data verification, over the long run clearing an approach to effortlessly enhance business forms related to data exchange and administration.
Furthermore, a cryptographic consensus algorithm is used to protect users documents which fall (or might fall) into the hands of scammers, with this algorithm companies and organization will always have control over confidential and sensitive data.
Through the ENDO ecosystem, a decentralized blockchain-based platform will be created where data can be checked, consequently making it feasible for individuals and also robots to trust, therefore in a split second, securely and remotely utilizing these verified data.
By utilizing ENDO protocol Individuals and organizations can create private and open blockchains, design it the manner in which they need to act or function, in this way setting criteria for data exchange between associations and at all times, data will be secured. Moreover, to shorten the fragile nature of paper documents, ENDO made applications which can permit the exchange of paper documents with ink mark to digital mark (signature). ENDO tokens are required to access these applications.
With ENDO protocol, the trust level in confidential data will increase tremendously while counterfeiting and piracy are reduced. Data will be easily accessible and can be exchanged effortlessly.


ENDO protocol can be used by Universities, for protection of high-value goods, for KYC and AML regulations etc.
The main objective of ENDO protocol is to create a blockchain-based platform with a well-developed protocol which will make it easy for data to be verified and protected in the long run reducing document forgery, data manipulation etc.
ENDO token EToken (also known as ET) is the native currency of the ecosystem which is used for data verification, data exchange between organizations and also to incentivize developers contributing to the growth of the platform.
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Website: https://endo.im

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GitHub: https://github.com/ENDOprotocol

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