About Engineer

Engineer.aI is a blockchain and AI-powered ecosystem that helps anyone create bespoke software, faster, more cost-effective, and with a higher success rate than the current consultation model.
Project building, management, and distributed payments are all managed by our ecosystem’s development team is established and experienced with an existing network of 26,000 engineers, 3,200 clients, $23 million in platform revenue, and 150 percent year on year growth. Pivoting to a blockchain and AI-driven model will industrialize our process and allow us scale globally and achieve our key goals.

The Problem

Outdated delivery process & broken trust

Time and cost

Most customers are unable to describe the specifics of their product. This leads to weeks and months outlining what is expected and raising costs without transparency.

Delivery doubts

Developers are forced to work on weak or vague specs, reducing their ability to deliver a project, leading to renegotiation risks and high failure rates.

Payment conflicts

Vague project specifications lead to payment disputes. Vendors worry that they will not receive accurate payments and clients fear escalating costs to meet their original plans.

The Solution 

Transparent transactions & optimized processes

Faster & leaner

Creators won’t require any technical knowledge to realize their projects. AI will match their idea with suitable components and development teams.

Streamlined & guaranteed

Duplicate work is eliminated as existing components are used, rather than re-built. Costs are reduced and timelines shortened, allowing more focus on bespoke elements.
Managed & trusted
Every stage is managed by smart contract removing payment risks and ensuring on time, on budget delivery.
The Engineer AI Ecosystem
1.Clients use the drag and drop interface to create their idea. They pay a weekly deposit of NAYA tokens to commence work.
2.AI selects components from existing building blocks to build the project.
3.Scored & verified delivery stakeholders are assigned builder cards with atomic level details.
4.Multiple, independent staked partners verify the deliverables.
5.Successful projects will automatically release escrowed funds via blockchain smart contract.
6. Hosting and maintenance are managed by AI & Cloud ops cost are automatically arbitraged.

Sachin Dev Duggal

Co-founder & CEO
Deutsche Bank, Nivio, $100 million exit, Imperial College London, MIT

Saurabh Dhoot

Co-founder & CSO
Nivio, Videocon D2h, $1Bn IPOImperial College London 

Robert Holdheim

Chief Business Officer
Ex Edelman,MA Johns Hopkins university

Rohan Patel

VP Blockchain and CloudOps
University of Waterloo, coding since he was 5

Alex Godelman

VP Engineering
Ex Time Warner, CTO Cast & Crew,Degree in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics

Deepak Tehlan

VP Finance
Ex-Videocon and with over 20 years of experience in corporate finance

Our Advisors

Sanford Climan

ex EVP Universal Studios, COO Creative Artists Agency
Prateek Alsi
ex General Catalyst Partners

Manu Gupta

Lakestar Capital

Bindi Karia

ex Microsoft

Asanka Pathiraja

Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP


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