As of now for a decent arrangement of the procedure of little and customary business more often than not utilize diverse programming to encourage work capacities. By and large, little supervisors attempt to robotize the accompanying zones: board and cash, bookkeeping and duties, representative organization and wages, acquisition buys, distribution center, coordinations and deals and deals, deals and advertising, CRM. Such applications enable chiefs to have correspondence information at a continuous of the term of the primary execution markers.

In this unplanned occasion, the administration work force and representatives are automatized through setting up numerous affirmations with records, duplicating data in various arrangements, operational and time-tried information on the accessibility of items in the distribution center, that is, there is no compelling reason to enter a similar correspondence information each time a few times , it is very total to do this once.

What’s more, such programming begins to be seriously made, yet by and large they are standard, basic and don’t consider numerous parts of individual organizations, toward the end they need to depend on close to home requests and discover great improvement laborers, however then there is an obstruction in the shape that developers don’t completely comprehend the entire structure of the correspondences of the endeavor and its nuances with comprehension.

The impact at last outcomes in bewilderment on the two sides, or it takes a considerable measure of time and cash to go to an agreement and vision of one utilitarian programming supply. The ideal choice for this situation is the rise of an arrangement of all the helpful instruments that are valuable in one application to the littlest introductory supervisor who knows everything about the business, yet again he doesn’t know all the programming dialects.

Furthermore, this issue was illuminated for the arrangement of the ENGINEER.AI venture.

This dispatch shapes a decentralized stage utilizing a counterfeit personality, where nearly anybody can just and unknowingly create programming for their entrepreneurial exercises in a few stages without the expertise of programming and information of codes.

The presentation of such programming, which is by and by created by the administrator of the business supervisor, considers all viewpoints and nuances of their association, forms a lot of data and utilizations them viably, brings down the value approach of human work train, causes blemished item stocks, changes with enhanced conditions for representatives.

Biological system designing and specialized man-made consciousness works in a greatly basic calculation: the client definitely needs to pay for the primary store of NAYA tokens first, the exchange is done with the help of legally binding understandings for extraction of fundamental minerals, which will locate the coveted last end or pay, at that point races to the outstanding task at hand and chooses the important ones squares for your product supply, and the last end is checked by uncontrolled and wild experts.

All activities will be done utilizing their own interior token NAYA, and for every product plan an individual mental contract will be conceived. The advanced token decreases commission charges, not at all like customarily acknowledged ace experts, the cost for right around one-moment subtracts go-between conductors through managing an account and electronic installment constructional orders, saves all information in total privacy.

With respect to the possibilities of this thought, this group as of now has a system of 26,000 designing bosses, 3,200 purchasers and 23 million income. bucks, it enables us to close about a huge trial try and a commendable strong establishment of the undertaking. The presentation of specialized methods for blockchain and misleadingly made insight will permit to build the aggregate number of clients and to lead worldwide scaling.

The Problem

Outdated delivery process & broken trust

The number of small businesses creating bespoke software is higher than ever. But outsourcing software development has only a 9% success rate, with three main risks:

Time and cost

Most customers are unable to describe the specifics of their product. This leads to weeks and months outlining what is expected and raising costs without transparency.

Delivery doubts

Developers are forced to work on weak or vague specs, reducing their ability to deliver a project, leading to renegotiation risks and high failure rates.

Payment conflicts

Vague project specifications lead to payment disputes. Vendors worry that they will not receive accurate payments and clients fear escalating costs to meet their original plans.

The Solution

Transparent transactions & optimized processes

Engineer.aI is a blockchain and AI-powered ecosystem that helps anyone create bespoke software, faster, more cost-effective, and with a higher success rate than the current consultation model.

Faster & leaner

Creators won’t require any technical knowledge to realize their projects. AI will match their idea with suitable components and development teams.

Streamlined & guaranteed

Duplicate work is eliminated as existing components are used, rather than re-built. Costs are reduced and timelines shortened, allowing more focus on bespoke elements.

Managed & trusted

Every stage is managed by smart contract removing payment risks and ensuring on time, on budget delivery.

Our Mission’s development team is established and experienced with an existing network of 26,000 engineers, 3,200 clients, $23 million in platform revenue, and 150 percent year on year growth. Pivoting to a blockchain and AI-driven model will industrialize our process and allow us scale globally and achieve our key goals.

Make software development available to anyone

AI removes the need for customer consultations, breaking down concepts into granular projects matched to existing components and the most suitable experts.

Ensure costs, timelines, and quality

Quality assurance and deliverables are managed by smart contract eliminating price and payment risks and production delays

Streamline the production process

Our library of building blocks prevents duplicate work re-coding of existing features, making development faster and leaner.

Prevent decay and maintain functionality

Hosting, management, and updates are automated allowing faster concept to creation timelines and continued functionality

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