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According to technical assurance of cryptography, the peer-to-peer network communication, distributed consensus protocol, smart contracts and other technologies, it gives room for multiple participants to make use of the blockchain ledger system as a basis for trust for multiple-party transactions, that help to get rid of the need for any additional trusted third parties which allows for low cost and low delay info exchange and dealing process similarly as economical circulation of digital price.

The ED Platform protects the worldwide price of E-data, allowing users to quickly share and protect their own value and copyright. It combines centralized sound unit and decentralized Dapp to produce a cryptological system which will pursue mutual advantages among users.

Via the ED Platform, direct designers, creators, and users are matched, which can eliminate excessive brokerage fees. When a creator provides a drawing to a platform, a smart contract on the intellectual property of that product is executed. It is safe to form a contract for every dealing and registration, and anyone can check whether the ownership and usage rights of the creations are changed.
E-data may be changed with science keys(tokens) via an information worth authentication system.

The first creator to provide it is recognized by the blockchain and is rewarded for the contribution. Users exercise their voting rights via the coins that they have in this process, and as more users participate in the platform, the data becomes closer to integrity.

The types of E-data are as follows.
– CAD data + industrial design data
– Design data
– Engineering / Design Ideas

In ED Wallet, current EDC and Transaction history can be checked.
ED coin is simply stirred from mobile billfold and internet billfold. ED coin due to token compensation such as voting system, airdrop, and contribution can be easily confirmed in the Transaction history.

For the event of the EDC system, it adopts a procedure to receive coin settlement and a method to simplify the transaction and movement method as much as possible. You can go directly from the wallet to the Platform to examine the contribution standing of the presently logged in account.

In addition, a wallet with a large number of coins keeps a variety of benefits for the contributor, creating a platform where coins are continuously circulated to maintain and expand the participants.
The web wallet permits you to examine dealing details at a look within the Dashboard. If Ed Coin is sold and valued in the future, you can check the profit of the linked account on a chart. Other functions are the same as the Mobile Wallet. Both mobile and internet wallets are stirred on to the male erecticle dysfunction Platform to simply purchase desired E-data.

The ballot tab permits you to check your votes after you select the male erecticle dysfunction Platform Community.
As such, ED wallet and ED Platform may be used consistently as a Dapp.

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