Enkronos Application Platform

Enkronos platform is a platform that can help user actualize their business dreams. In the event that you are a retailer, or specialist co-op or even only a market proprietor, Enkronos will have the capacity to give you a chance to make your own application you can achieve your clients quicker and in a more secure manner.

The Blockchain innovation has become so wide and has develop as an innovation that each individual need to make utilization of their for a long time since it serve many reason. It has come to be a sort of mantra in FINTECH and individuals, ventures and official partnerships are currently drawing in additional broad enthusiasm for it is accessible application (how they can rehearse the Blockchain innovative know-how) in particular business subject and enterprise.

The Blockchain is apparently has a desire affect on a computerized platform, which are equivalent words for authorizing an extensive advanced strategies for every business. There are parcel of thing you can get on their platform as it best relies upon the defenseless of different sectors and field of bolstered programming structure with a reason to increase and it tends to be focuses, a computerized platform requires a complicated constitution. It is hence more easy as far as execution and consumptions to utilize an “engine” of designed improvement for advanced platform. Subsequently, a completely refined motor that makes it workable for the consciousness of complex advanced frameworks been with a to a great degree forceful tine and expenses has been created by means of ENKRONOS.

The key mission of the enkronos is to “make a full relied upon decentralized Blockchain situated accountability system for ethics promoting, advertising and information drive campaigns and errands”. To handle the absence of trust that should be filled, using the Enkronos programming.

It is completely depended on decentralized Blockchain based accountability framework for morals promotion, advertising, data pushed campaigns and assignments in entire market of seven-hundred billion USD.

Enkronos Application and How it Works

The App will be on hand beginning from could 15 2018 ( as of now to be had), all you must do is simply to signing in “app.Enkronos.Com”. The platform will supply access to numerous unique apps, all correct that run from AI/AR commitment, to advertising and advancements, to IoT+AI observing and unsurprising to mass interchange.

The interface of the applications will easy and straightforward for purposes of creating an incredible normal data view. Such a large number of sectors can get information utilizing Enkronos App, sectors such as: medicinal services. Assembling, Retail, Wine Producers, finance activities, safety, energy, Public Sectors, Tech organizations and a lot more.

The App are produced on a regard secluded thought, where change, scaling, getting rid of or making enhancements to any feature is made simple and in a flawless methodology. Every one of the utilizations of the climate make utilization of a brought together single sign-in (SSO) environments, which disposes of any confirmation of learning, approval issues that an application may have and disentangles the utilization of all application all through the universe of Enkronos App. The application are objective to unify the total idea of organizations drawing in with their purchasers.


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The roadmap highlights great events that will occur during one year time frame.
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Enkronos Team
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♻️TGE WEBSITE: https://ico.enkronos.com/

♻️COMPANY Website: https://www.enkronos.com/

♻️WHITEPAPER: https://ico.enkronos.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/EnkronosApps_WP_1.4.pdf

♻️FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/enkronos/

♻️TWITTER: https://www.twitter.com/enkronos/

♻️MEDIUM: https://medium.com/enkronos

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