Enkronos Apps: A Fully Trusted Blockchain Credit System For Ethic Data Driven Campaigns

Has it ever rings a bell how vital data is to any business in this century? Have you at any point thought whether a business can make due without getting sufficient data of their shoppers practices and inclinations?

In all actuality the vast majority of us don’t realize how vital data is until the point that we read of Facebook data embarrassment early this year that shakes this entrenched multi billion dollars organization. The expression that data is the oil of the 21st century is altogether valid and no business can made due without getting the required data that direct how they work. Government organizations additionally require data to start approaches that will have coordinate effect on their joining masses.

Since we realize how essential data is to ventures and goverments, there ought to be a moral method for gathering, figuring and use of data without mishandling the protection of data proprietors and abusing them in an untrustworthy way.

The name of the organization is Enkronos and it is from Slovenia. The organization have manufactured and keeps on enhancing Enkronos Apps and furthermore dealing with the offers of Enkronos tokens which is as yet going on now.


“Enkronos Apps” is a Blockchain-based responsibility system that guarantees moral conduct, finish insurance of individual data and security and afterward it is the answer for incredible frequently unsolved issues and unanswered inquiries, for example,

  1. Absence of regard of moral lead in data driven projects;
  2. Absence of security of individual data and protection;
  3. Platform and application advancement mind-boggling expense and low money related proficiency.

“Enkronos Apps” is an amazing multi-applicationecosystem for publicizing arrangements, advertising and advancements, gamification, man-made consciousness, enlarged reality, internet of things, huge data and e-majority rules system, just to give some examples zones and after that it makes an incentive to the ecosystem since it empowers snappy distributing of intricate and heterogeneous data driven arrangements, it tackles distinctive issues, (for example, the made reference to ones), it decreases the required time and abilities to acknowledge complex data driven crusades and projects.

Enkronos’s mission is precisely the creation of a full trusted decentralized blockchain-based accountability system for ethic advertising, marketing and data driven campaigns and projects. We protect personal data and privacy while the total usage of the platform is publicly avalaible to guarantee ethical conducts.

The focal point of Enkronos ecosystem is their Enkronos Apps which is comprised of a remarkable data-centered multi-applications platform created by Enkronos. These applications are persistent advancing to address business issues and it is completely tokenized on a private record with an objective of helping utilizing Enkronos tokens (ENK) to control the activities of Enkronos Apps.

Clients of Enkronos Apps can design every application and every one of them will have its own end-client application, which possibly unique relying upon quirk of every one of them. The primary use of the platform will be accessible on Android, iOS, Cloud, Google and Facebook applications.

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Purposes behind Creating Enkronos AppsEnkronos Apps was made with the point of giving a platform to moral utilization of data. It is an amazing promoting, showcasing, man-made reasoning and enormous data inbuilt applications. The regular habitat of these applications is completely trusted, non manipulatable, openly irrefutable system to guarantee its moral utilization. Furthermore, this is the primary motivation behind why the platform made utilization of blockchain innovation which ensures that any use of Enkronos Apps will be conceivable just with Enkronos tokens which can be followed in an a completely secure and undeletable way.

Enkronos Apps can be utilized for publicizing and advertising efforts in numerous businesses which incorporates Finance, Legal, Voting, Mass Brands, Large Retail Organization, Publishing and Media, and some more.

Enkronos Tokenomics

EnkronosTokens (ENK) are the utility tokens, utilized for tasks on Enkronos Apps Platform.

They will be the best way to utilize Enkronos Apps. Data of numerous application discharged on Enkronos Apps will be founded on private databases or private records. In the meantime different dApps will work with blockchain (for instance: data of open enthusiasm for FeelGrid, similar to air contamination, or legal official’s or open data, similar to statistics, or organization vault, in Crypto-State).

Thusly we will secure the two data protection when it is required and open accessibility of enrollments since they are the establishment of open trust.

Security will likewise be a fundamental need of our whole engineering, as well, since in the majority of our applications we are resolved to regard ASVS Level 3 of security as characterized in Owasp project.

Enkronos token is an ERC20 consistence token on Ethereum blockchain. It self control the activities of the platform .

These tokens guarantee the accessibility of any open credit task inside Enkronos Platform which incorporates any of their applications and those created by outsider engineers. There won’t be any acknowledge token data control for the assistance of Blockchain innovation which guarantees data security assurance and moral direct in battles building and administration.

Token Sale Details

For further details about the project, check any of the links below:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/enkronos/

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/enkronos/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/enkronos/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2OW3UrPJiCnx-Y6EyL25RA

Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/Aplk7BMPqcV2UMJHRQYh-w

Website: https://ico.enkronos.com

White paper: https://ico.enkronos.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/EnkronosApps_WP_1.4.pdf

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