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As indicated by a typical view, data is gathered and examined; data just progresses toward becoming data reasonable for settling on choices once it has been broke down in some design.

Since the coming of Computer and Internet, analysising data has enhanced from extend periods of time to couple of minutes, if not seconds. Technology improvement acquired such a significant number of treats to ease pressure particularly in the Advertising and Marketing. Business head honchos look for approaches to enhancing their introduction through item notice and advertising yet most occasions couldn’t acquire customers obviously.

Jossie Martins is a representative in West Africa. He’s regularly looked with low turn in subsequent to spending such a great amount on marketing and ad, baffling the business until the point that he discovered Enkronos.


Enkronos is a full confided in decentralized blockchain-based responsibility system for ethic publicizing, promoting and data driven campaigns and projects.

The significant issue innate in the system is LACK OF TRUST, which Enkronos plan to unravel utilizing The Blockchain Enkronos Apps with AI execution.


Enkronos Apps are a solitary platform of various data driven applications for promoting, advertising, digital reasoning and enormous data solutions.

Enkronos Apps are driven by a way to deal with incorporate the entire idea of organizations that influence their purchasers. More applications, each with a remarkable way to deal with draw in their clients, make a situation in which makers can rapidly distribute complex solutions. Every solutions takes care of an alternate issue that not just reacts to a particular issue for the organization or the maker of the arrangement, yet in addition decreases the time it takes to do it to a base.

The Enkronos Apps Platform is nature in which all applications and items will be distributed. The platform will offer access to a wide range of utilizations, all exceptional, running from marketing and advancements, AI/AR collaboration, checking and anticipating of IoT and AI and mass association. Furthermore, cooperations between individual applications will make a ground-breaking regular perspective of client information in “Enkronos Apps”.

Enkronos Apps can offer the ideal mix of data centralization with focus fixation to the perspectives that are indispensable to the improvement of business while holding an extension dimension of straightforwardness and trust between checked clients joined with each component given by blockchain.

The Apps are worked with exceedingly mobile thought that grants changing, scaling and modifying of it in an amazingly fundamental procedure. All the Apps of Enkronos people group use a single sign-in condition. This take out any affirmation of data issues that an application could have and overhaul the usage of all applications all through the natural network of Enkronos Apps.


EnkronosTokens (ENK) are utility tokens, which are utilized for activities on the Enkronos application platform. All transactions will begin and end with ENK and, with the assistance of Blockchain, it won’t be conceivable to control data with credit tokens. ENK is an ERC20 portfolio in the Ethereum blockchain. For the compelling usage of the ENK token, Enkronos has built up a canny get that will be freely accessible on its Github before the beginning of any Token sale platform. There will be no adjustments in the agreement, so each invested individual can have full trust in the ENK token.

ICO Details 

Token ENK

PreICO Price 1 ENK = 0.0006 ETH

Price 1 ENK = 0.003 ETH

Bonus Available

Bounty Available

MVP/Prototype Available

Platform Ethereum

Accepting ETH

Minimum investment 0.1 ETH

Soft cap 2500 ETH

Hard cap 500000 ETH

Country Slovenia

Whitelist/KYC Whitelist

Restricted areas None.






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