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Crypto currencies adoption have immensely increased in the recent time, it has been another type of assets that is of great value as well, similar to physical assets or fiat. However, just like fiat, there are multiple types of crypto currencies being generated as well. Generation is done almost every week where new tokens are developed along with new crypto projects. Such fact leaves crypto investors in a dilemma whether to HODL or not. HODL simply means to hold a coin/token for a long period of time. Because many crypto investors are solely focused on investing to new and more business-generating crypto projects, many often leave their tokens stagnant or simply holding on to them without letting its value flow.

The LUCRE has come into the crypto space to develop an auto trading algorithm that ensures minimal falls and maximum profit gain done fully with little user interaction. This way, investors or token holders can maximize the gain and ROI of their acquired assets.

LUCRE hopes to isolate the idea of HODLing tokens which is what most token holders often do. LUCRE delivers a new mindset for crypto traders and token holders to leverage the value of their assets as much as they can by investing them in trading.

LUCRE is designed in such a way that trading will be done in two spans, long and short. So when the market is falling, the algorithm will generate profit by cutting the investment short and minimize losses. All information learned by the algorithm was a result of over 8 years algorithmic trading experience of the team and through the use of complex quantitative models and algorithms embedded therein.

LUCRE will render automatic trading services will be independent of the user or the trader’s emotions. Emotions usually drive how traders deal with the market. Fear limits the possible growth lying around the horizon and being too complacent blinds the underlying falls in the corners. The automated trading process helps buying and selling at an opportunity that maximizes gains.

The image below present a year’s worth of performance data of the algorithm used in trading versus HODLing tokens in terms of value.

LUCRE can also do some backtesting. Trading rules are being derived from historical market data and will be applied to evaluate the system’s trading performance and expectancy of market values. These expected market value is critical for the users’ amount of loss and gains.

Discipline will also be exercised given that trade execution is done automatically, leaving minimal human interferences. The automation will bring forth consistency in trading results for all parameters are being monitored accordingly. LUCRE’s algorithm to predict when to cut short or lengthen a trade brings optimized and more efficient trading results.

Lastly, users will be trading 24×7 through LUCRE’s algorithm. And as human as we are, doing so is impossible. So the use of automation makes this possible where market highs and lows are strongly monitored.

The tokensale is ongoing, visit the official website to be part of it, see token information below:

Token: LCR

Price: 1 LCR = 1 USD

Platform: Ethereum

Soft cap: 1,600,000 USD

Hard cap: 7,000,000 USD

The LUCRE platform aims to alter the tendency to HODl the crypto assets which eventually yield no profits for its owner and creates an algorithm that tries to yield profits for its owners even when the market is going south. Possession of the LCR tokens gives access to the high performing trading Algorithm which lead to more profit. I urge my readers to be part of this project.

More information here;

Website: https://www.lucretoken.com/


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