It is no longer news that blockchain technology is the next big thing, the main deal, the technology with one aim; disrupt this current era in ways deems fit. This disruption has occurred in Finance systems, Healthcare systems, Gaming platforms and host of others, with the needed requirements being a good team and proper understanding of blockchain technology. One might ask how has blockchain succeeded in disrupting this era? The answer is simple; disruption or revolution occurred through the Introduction of decentralization.
What is decentralization? Decentralization can be seen as the process whereby power is removed from a centralized system or server and distributed to users, thus most times blockchain technology can be called distributed ledger technology.
As of today, the centralized system has been the ultimate, controlling users information or data which in most cases leads to data breaches, data manipulation, cyber attacks and host of others. But, with decentralization, power is removed from a centralized system and distributed to users who in turn become the master of their personal data. Decentralization ensures data is protected from cyber attacks, data breaches, manipulations etc.
Another outstanding feature of blockchain technology is the use of smart contracts which can be used to carry out wide varieties of transactions efficiently with no point of failure. Most times, smart contracts are used to replace intermediaries thus ensuring low transaction charges etc.
The benefits, opportunities, possibilities and potentials associated with blockchain technology is amazing and endless, thus leading a team of experts into creating a blockchain-based platform known as ENTRY.


The world is growing at an alarming rate but yet the global financial market has been faced with challenges whose impact has been felt on the connected market today; thus showing how urgent it is for a solution as this challenges limits its expected growth.
The team behind ENTRY understood that to build a one of a kind financial services platform there is a need to solve this issues. A study has shown that money lending from one country to another is highly expensive, takes time as it is plagued with complexities; transferring money for remittance isn’t left out too.
In the same vein, today’s traditional banking systems are filled with middlemen which results in high transaction charges. They are also slow which is mostly a result of complex paperwork, has high exchange rates as well as high counter-party risk etc.
As it is true that a well-analysed problem is half solved, the team behind ENTRY analysed these challenges thus aiming to create a business model which will disrupt today’s financial systems and present a more efficient, fast, secure and cost-effective platform built on blockchain technology.


ENTRY is a blockchain-based decentralized platform offering the following;
1. A Bank with easy deposit, ATM facility with easy withdrawal, lending and payment services as well as cross-border payments.
2. As cryptocurrency exchanges meant for businesses and consumers world.

ENTRY achieves all these with the use of smart contracts; that is to say, the platform is powered by smart contracts.
ENTRY being a blockchain-based platform aims to be the gateway between traditional and modern financial systems where cryptocurrencies will be used to empower the financial ecosystem thus making it have the needed services. Furthermore, owing to the uniqueness of cryptocurrencies, ENTRY aims to promote its use for everyday transaction thus making it easily accessible to all and sundry, in the long run, it can be used in any transaction anywhere in the world with no restrictions whatsoever. Also, with blockchain, ENTRY will ensure transparency in all transactions thus creating a user-friendly platform which will disrupt the traditional banking systems.
Thus, by implementing it’s outstanding banking products and services ENTRY will be the one-stop-shop for financial services.

The Elements Making Up ENTRY Banking Products And Services Or Business Model
1. ENTRY.Money: This presents fiat and cryptocurrency payment gateway which can be used by e-shops, Debit cards, Web and Mobile app platforms as well as personal and business account which comprises of deposit, withdraw, instant transfer of fiat and cryptocurrency.
2. ENTRY.Exchange: In order to achieve its aim of building a unique financial system, ENTRY aims to create a centralized peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange which will be fast and where payment occurs instantly. The centralized exchange will be user-friendly thus easily accessible by both new and existing investors with high-security settings.
3. ENTRY.Network: This comprises of the following;
a. ENTRY wallet,
b. The custom blockchain,
c. ENTRY smart contracts,
d. Open source code as well as custom token creation framework.
4. ENTRY.Bank: By leveraging on blockchain technology ENTRY succeeds in creating a banking service with fast and instant payment services at a low rate without any geolocation restrictions.
5. ENTRY.Cash: ENTRY aims to bring in tools such as payment card which will be used for easy access to fiat or cryptocurrencies. Cash machine, ATM system, transfer, cash top with cash via agents, payment gateway for Point-of-Sale systems used in real shops will all be made available by ENTRY.
6. ENTRY Token: This is the main currency of the platform which will be tradable in exchanges.


1. ENTRY is based on blockchain technology thus offering outstanding banking services which are aimed at promoting the use of cryptocurrencies in real-world applications.
2. ENTRY is a multi-utility financial blockchain powered by Artificial Intelligence thus presenting a user-friendly platform where individuals will be able to use fiat or cryptocurrencies for their day-to-day transactions, in the long run becoming a truly global decentralized bank accepting fiat and cryptocurrencies.
3. ENTRY is designed to accommodate the utility of various type of cryptocurrencies thus making it possible for users who wish to transact them with fiat. Furthermore, ENTRY’s suite of banking products and services will change the crypto space in ways unimaginable.


ENTRY is the token of the platform which is an ERC20 token built on Ethereum blockchain with a total supply of 590,000,000. ENTRY token is used in peer-to-peer and micro transactions. To transact within the platform or to access the ENTRY’s product and services, users need ENTRY token.
Token Sale Information


ENTRY aims to create an easily accessible platform which will connect the traditional banking system with the blockchain technology thus bringing the needed disruption to banking services. ENTRY aims to make it possible for Individuals to spend their ENTRY token anywhere anytime with no restrictions just as in the case of using fiat.
ENTRY will be the world’s first bank where users will be opportune to choose their charge fees.





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