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The stagnation of development in the traditional financial institutions is one of the major concern for the people across the world. They believe that the time for the change has come. The new era of a digital economy based on the latest technology and innovation has arrived to kickstart the next generation of banking and financial services.

I believe that cryptocurrency and blockchain technology will drive the next set of innovation growth period in the world. The initialization and adoption of the cryptocurrency have been great but the actual use of the currency for what it was created in the first place has not been overwhelming.

With the emergence of technologies like Blockchain and divers Cryptocurrencies, Customers are not loyal to any cryptocurrencies as they have no use other than speculation. The real question is, why speculate on a coin which has no inherent use? The project ENTRY is creating an intuitive to use bridge between the old system and the blockchain technology which will revolutionize banking.

What is ENTRY?
ENTRY is a blockchain based platform supported by smart contracts with the goal to become the gateway between traditional and new financial paradigms and systems. Spend ENTRY everywhere, everyday, in every possible way just like using fiat money.

Services Offered

  • Entry.Money
    Cryptocurrency and fiat payment gateway for e-shops, Personal and business account, Web and Mobile app versions, and lastly, Debit cards.
  • Entry.Exchange
    Centralized and p2p ultra fast and instant cryptocurrency exchange. High security standard, beginner friendly and worldwide supported service.
  • Entry.Cash
    Cash machine/ATM system. Transfer, cash out or top up with cash. Payment gateway for POS.
  • Entry.Bank
    All financial services (deposit, insurance, investment, lending, factoring).
  • Entry.Network
    Open source code, wallet, custom blockchain, smart contracts, custom token creation platform.

ENTRY Token Details & ICO
ENTRY token is created for the best usage of the platform services.

Symbol: ENTRY
Type: Utility (ERC-20)
Total Supply: 590.000.000 ENTRY
Soft Cap: 25.000.000 ENTRY
Hard Cap: 325.000.000 ENTRY
Min. purpose of collection: 92 500 000 USD
Max. purpose of collection: 92,500,000 USD
Accepted Currencies: ETH, BTC, LTC, Fiat, BCH, DASH

Pre-ICO: Ended!!!
ICO: Live!!!
Start date: 1st June
End date: 31st August

Token Distribution
Token Sale – 55%
Team – 20%
Will be distributed during the secondary offer at the market price, but not lower than 10 euros for 1 token – 17%
Advisors – 5%
Bounty – 3%

Road Map

  • 2015
    Start development and earn a Money Institution License.
  • 2017
    Sign an agreement with the central bank to obtain SWIFT and IBAN numbers to connect SEPA EU systems.
    Develop a payment gateway (credit / debit card, bank link, and more) to raise funds for online stores.
    Started integration with the Central Bank system to provide peer-to-peer payments to all EU banks and start building infrastructure for international payments.
    Start crypto-exchange and beta version will be ready before ICO or during ICO.
    Hold meetings with card issuers for MasterCard or Visa card issuing to ENTRY users and invest more than 1 million Euros for sustainable platform development.
  • 2018 (1st through 3rd Quarter)
    Start developing Pre-ICO and ICO. During ICO we will launch a payment gateway (ENTRY.MONEY) with a bank account for personal use. We will launch a crypto exchange (ENTRY.EXCHANGE).
  • 2018 (4th Quarter)
    Change the money institution license (already obtained) to Electronic Money License or European Bank License. Begins obtaining financial licenses outside the EU to operate worldwide.
  • 2019 (2nd Quarter)
    Expand (ENTRY.MONEY) services add business accounts worldwide and launch apps.
  • 2019 (3rd Quarter)
    Release (ENTRY.NETWORK) wallet to store, send, receive your crypto, participate in ICO via wallet. Blockchain (self or partners).
  • 2019 (4th Quarter)
    Start P2P Loan (ENTRY.BANK).
  • 2020 (2nd Quarter 3rd)
    Launch the ATM system (ENTRY.CASH) and place the cash machine for beta testing.
  • 2020 (3rd Quarter)
    Start partnerships with agents to provide deposit and withdrawal services with cash.
  • 2021 (continued)
    Investment, loans and other banking and financial services worldwide.

The Team is a group of experienced individuals in Fintech, AI, Blockchain, Marketing and Business Development.

ENTRY mission is to bridge the paradigm with traditional and new financial systems led by the cryptocurrency and allowing the financial ecosystem into a framework that allows interoperability between the two. Are you ready?

Find out more, visit
Website: https://entry.money/
WhitePaper: https://entry.money/ENTRY_Whitepaper_v1.pdf

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