The earliest known games are board games such as Go and Nine Men’s Morris. Sports records show that athletic gaming existed in ancient times as well.

Up until the industrial age, newly designed games were not well-known, if they existed. But a lot of the games and sports played today were invented or had modern rules drawn during the 19th century. Baseball, basketball and football (both the American and international games) are examples of sports that grew up in that period. While some evolution of the rules has taken place since then, they largely resemble the same games played today. New board games like the game of Goose also started appearing at this time. These changes may be most easily attributed to a combination of improved transportation, communication, and manufacturing; with a more mobile society, popular games could easily spread throughout the world, and games with specialized equipment could be built in larger numbers.

The next ‘big wave’ came with the 1950s and 60s, with the newly developing American consumer society. In this period both flashier and more complex games started appearing. Of special note was the increasing complexity of war games that continued into the 70s, that eventually branched off into the role-playing game.

Of course, during the same time frame video games were just being born. As far back as the 1950s the use of electronics, and especially computers, as a medium for entertainment had been considered or experimented with by academics and enthusiastic students. By the 1970s, they were ready to be mass marketed, first with Pong and variations thereof, then in a series of arcade games such as Canyon Bomber and Lunar Lander, and at about the same time with the Atari 2600 VCS(Video Computer System). These very early video games are notable because of their originality. They were made by and for an inexperienced gaming population.

Since the development of the first video game in 1931, the video game industry has grown on a kind of exponential curve. There were a few bumps in the road, but the industry has come to the point where it is taking in over $7 billion dollars annually. Salaries for people in the video game industry range from $32k to $200K. And a single video game can sell from $10 to almost $100.

Something very different from what is seen today. And most of them found success, being neither copycat imitators nor rushed, uninspired “genre” pieces.

Today, the technology has advanced greatly. No longer just a few rules with simple graphics and sound effects, most modern video games attempt to be virtual reality experiences that engage their players by conveying settings and stories in a visceral manner, combining the techniques of the cinema with gameplay rules to make settings seem realistic. They are produced at great expense and risk; the amount of content needed to achieve an impact competitive with other games has grown astronomically large.

Indeed, one of the more interesting developments in gaming has been the added significance of the ‘storyline’. Back when the prime requirement of a video game was to reproduce the playability factor associated with the traditional board game, the inclusion of a background to the events taking place in the game was a manual filler at best. However, with the evolution of gaming technology bringing us ever closer to a fully convincing visual representation of an ‘imagined reality’, there is now a huge emphasis on the way in which the story unravels around the user’s interactions. Any modern action or adventure game that wants to stand a chance out there now requires strong script writing, a solid plot with the occasional twist, and if they’re really pushing the boat out, multiple endings/outcomes based on choices made by the user throughout the game. The makers of these games not only want to create a fully interactive cinematic experience, but also one that stands a good chance of winning an Oscar.

Future games may break the boundaries of the screen and common input devices and use methods of input and output that we can hardly imagine today.

The problem with today’s game market is that because of the money involved most new games are similar to old tried and tested formulas. The sad fact is that originality is lost, the big players no longer want to risk their money on original ideas.


• Game Promotion & Discovery

Developers have to design games to meet the rules of distribution platforms rather than designing for gamers. Most ads network are not transparent and traceable which makes it difficult for developers to calculate conversion rate and the return on their investment. Another issue for developers is increasing marketing and awareness cost. Developers are seeing the cost of new user aquisition increasing from $1 to $12. In order to market their games and allow players to be aware of their games, they have to contributes more than 30% of their revenue to centralized distribution platforms, and spend time and money in finding effective ads network to reach their target users

• Payment Method

When developers release a game targeting global gamers, they have to integrate the payment method of local markets respectively, although big distribution platforms like (Apple Store) supports multiple currencies. Developers usually have to find local partners or handle the local sales pricing currency exchange by themselves. This greatly increase the cost of developers and gamers from some countries have no chances to play those games.
Besides, most centralized distribution platforms delay payments to developers for as along as 60 days and execute payments on a specific days of a month. This make it difficult for developers to manage their cashflow.

To solve problems, I will be presenting you an unbeatable and undisputed project called: EON


EON platform is a decentralized digital game distribution platform, where gamers can discover, share and play games, as well as socialize with other gamers. The team already has experience in creating gaming applications on blockchain and plans to launch a platform of which developers can create, distribute and market their own crypto game. This will be a game changer for the whole gaming ecosystem.

Additionally, EON PLATFORM is a great platform with great ambition, aiming to give better gaming experience through amazing idea and devine technology.


By utilizing blockchain technologies especially Ethereum, most problems facing game distribution and development will be tackled. On Ethereum Blockchain, developers and gamers can acccess EON platform globally. Payment will also be done through cryptocurrencies and EON tokens, so developers don’t have to worry about integrating local payment options. They will have access to their funds instantly since payment on blockchain is instant.
The platform will also utilize smart contract that run on Ethereum which work according to the way it is programmed without any possibilty of downtime, censorship, fraud or third-party interference.


Game Discovery System

Game discovery sytem is designed to allow gamers discover, purchase and play games of their interest. This will be a decentralized game marketplace where gamers can discover their choice game, pay with cryptocurrencies and play.

Game Community

This is built for gamers and developers for social interactions. They can submit a review/photo/video for a game and as well as upvotes or downvotes other gamers’ activities.

Developer System

Developer system is where developers can submit or update games, view statistics as well as configure referral smart contracts. They can set reward for different actions inside their game and they can also adjusts the reward dynamically based on their neeeds of users aquisition. All these will be recorded on the blockchain.

Referral System

This is one of the core development of EON platform. Users of the platform will be able to promote the game they like through a referral smart contract and receive bonuses. The interaction is transparent and viewable by anyone on the blockchain. Developers receive only high-quality traffic, and promoters – receive reward in EON tokens.

CONCLUSIVELY, EON has finally brought new improvement and unbeatable ideas to create an advancement in gaming experience through Blockchain Technology all across the globe. Cheers!

For more information about this project, please! follow the links bellow »»»

WEBSITE: http://eontoken.io

WHITEPAPER: https://docsend.com/view/yuhe5nc



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