EOSbet Platform: iGaming dApp built on EOS.

EOSbet is a blockchain gaming platform built in order to improve the gaming system; it was built on EOS network. EOSbet platform is a fully Decentralised and licensed online casino that has been functioning for months and over $250,000,000 has been wagered in the Application.

The EOSbet has secured an accreditation from the most seasoned internet gaming controllers in the market (Curacaon eGaming). The project is structured as an on-chain betting dApp, making players to wedge the EOS on the bones tossing diversion, or the stages remarkably structured baccarat game.


The platform aim ti induce gambling thrill, excitement, and ability to win money while having tons of fun . The project will eradicate industry shady odds, greedy corporations, intrusive sign-ups, and high house edges. EOSBet is the first Licensed fully operational online casino that was established in 2018, it was initially built on the Ethereum Blockchain via Scalable EOS Blockchain.


Every bet you place with us is secured through our novel randomness generation technique. You may submit your own seed, or leave it blank. Your bet will receive a unique ID in a smart contract, which will be signed by our server with a predetermined private key.

This signature will then be passed back to the smart contract before being verified that the correct secret signing key was used. The contract will then derive a deterministic random number from the signature, which will be used to resolve your bet.

The EOSBet team has received a game license from one of the oldest game regulators in the world, Curaçao eGaming. This accreditation gives EOSBet the right to use all forms of interactive online gambling and add another level of legitimacy to the project. EOSBET will utilize the power of smart contracts to perfect and ensure the re-alignment of games globally through easy and reliable independent transactions. This is very important for a common game chain platform that will use coins as a form of appreciation in most game activities and betting to develop the economy among users.


– Fastest Gameplay on the Blockchain

EOSBet is the first fully on-chain platform (meaning EOSBet uses no central servers like FunFair or Edgeless) to largely solve the problem of slow gameplay — a significant pain point for players. They have developed an innovative method for structuring transactions called batch betting, which allows for hundreds of games to be played with near-zero latency. Players simply send one transaction to the network and then play as many games as their hearts desire.

– Bet/Win Easily and Immediately

Playing the games is a breeze. The website conveniently integrates with MetaMask, the most popular browser-based Ethereum wallet. Users place bets in two clicks using our simple front-end interface. Game winnings are automatically and instantly sent to their Ethereum account after the gaming session has finished.

– True Provable Fairness

Players can have maximum confidence that every element of the games is 100% fair. Each game is simply an immutable smart contract operating on the Ethereum network, the structure of which can be viewed beforehand and whose results can be verified both during and after game sessions. The code has been audited and reviewed by multiple experienced 3rd parties and undergone an extensive bug bounty. The random number generation methodology has undergone considerable research and testing in order to determine the most efficient and secure techniques.

– Bankroll Staking: Be the House and Grow Your Ether!

All bets are done in Ether, the world’s second most popular cryptocurrency behind Bitcoin. The PoC games allow anyone to invest in the bankroll and take a cut of the game profits. Although EOSBet will be eliminating all house edges on EOS.IO, the PoC games feature a small house edge that functions to fund development and reward contributors. 80% of all game profit is distributed proportionally to the bankroll stakers.

– Dice

The Dice DApp features all the aspects of the game that players have come to love and expect, all on top of a slick and intuitive user interface, and an ultra-low house edge. All current on-chain Dice games force users to wait for a transaction to be mined before playing, and many don’t even show the outcomes of games, making users check for themselves on a blockchain explorer.

– Slots

While Dice is the most popular cryptocurrency betting game, Slots are by far the most popular physical casino game. Slot machines account for more revenue than all other casino games combined. EOSBet is one of the first blockchain gambling platforms to offer Slots and has the most favorable jackpot odds anywhere, as well as a massive 5000x payout for the top prize.


– FULL ANONYMITY: EOSBet built their platform on the blockchain and utilizes cryptocurrencies as the currency of the d’App. Players can register in the website without having to provide any of their details, not even their email or their name.

– DIVIDENDS TO PLAYERS: EOSBet made the announcement that they paid a record 5000+ EOS to holders of the EOEBet Token (BET) in just a single day, this means that for those who holds the native tokens of the EOSBet platform, they would be eligible to share in the profit made by the EOSBet Platform.

– REWARD TO ALL PLAYERS: Every player in EOSBet is a winner, for every 20 EOS wagered, a reward of 1 BET would be airdropped, it doesn’t matter if you win the bet or lose, you will still be rewarded for playing and presently, this is the only way that you can obtain the BET token, in the future it would be listed in exchanges and can be purchased there.

– MULTIPLE PROMOTIONS & GAMES: EOSBet is always known for running multiple giveaways to it’s players, almost in every holiday, you can be sure that EOSBet would be doing a giveaway to it’s faithful community and there are multiple games in the platform so you can have a variety to choose from when playing.

BITCOIN INTEGRATION: In a recent announcement, EOSBet made it known that it would be integrating Bitcoin betting in it’s platform soon, this is aimed at enabling people who prefer Bitcoin to also be able to participate in the platform.


EOS is crptocurrency which has its own blockchain protocol, and smart contract platform with decentralized operating system, eos system is intended for the deployment of industrial-scale decentralized applications through a decentralized autonomous corporation model.

EOSBet will be airdropping 10% of all 100,000,000 EOSBET tokens to players of Dice and Slots, bankroll contributors, and EOS token holders. Here’s the breakdown:

25,000,000 to EOS Holders!

2.5% of all EOSBET tokens given proportionally to all EOS token holders

25,000,000 to Bankroll Stakers!

2.5% of tokens given to EOSBET bankroll stakers in proportion to the amount of ETH contributed. You also will receive dividends on the ETH you have contributed to the bankroll. A real win-win!

20,000,000 to Dice Players!

2% of EOSBET tokens will be given to our Dice players! If you play more games, you get more tokens! Start rolling and enjoy the lowest house edge on the blockchain!

20,000,000 to Slots Players!

2% of EOSBET tokens will be given to our Slots players! You will get more tokens the more games that you play, so start spinning and hit our 5000x MEGA jackpot!

10 x 1,000,000 JACKPOTS!

10 jackpots of 1 MILLION EOSBET TOKENS will be distributed as follows:

2 Dice players to be selected at random

2 Slots players to be selected at random

6 bankrollers to be selected at random

Kind Regards, ensure to join this incredible project.


WEBSITE: https://eosbet.io/

MEDIUM: https://medium.com/@eosbetcasino

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/eosbetcasino

REDDIT: https://reddit.com/r/eosbetcasino

TELEGRAM: https://t.me/eosbetcasino


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