At Chainium we have a simple mission: to disrupt the global equity market. We stand for any business that wants to raise capital to grow. We stand for any investor who wants to buy shares in businesses they believe in. That’s why we built Chainium. To connect businesses directly to investors, using blockchain. To make buying and selling shares easy.

We’ve built a platform to buy and sell shares. To disrupt the global equity market.
Breaking it down into four groundings


  • Our beliefs — we believe the equity market needs to be disrupted — We stand for any business who wants to raise capital to grow. We stand for any investor who wants to buy shares in businesses they believe in.
  • Our technology — we love blockchain — It’s enabled us to create a distributed database solution that replaces the many complex, inefficient, manual processes used in the equity market today.
  • Our people — we’ve been around the block — We’ve worked together for 15+ years in global equity markets with hands-on experience of blockchain, data security and financial regulation. We’re disrupting a market we know well.
  • Our plan — we’re serious — We’re working with the regulators, we’ve built a working prototype, we have a proven track record of delivering global technology projects and we have a realistic roadmap for 2018 delivery.

The vision
We want to disrupt the global equity market, one of the most inefficient and secretive industries you could imagine. We have created a simple accessible platform where any business owner can offer shares in their business direct to investors — for free.

Our vision — Buying and selling shares should be easy and free. With us, it is.

Like all good ideas, at its core our platform is really simple. It allows business owners to sell equity in their business in return for capital from investors. We can offer this service free of charge to both business owners and investors because we keep our processes simple and use blockchain technology. The clever bit is that business owners choose the terms on which they sell their equity and how actively they want to engage with their investors. A small family business could use our platform to manage a simple private sale of an equity stake in order to ensure the sale is secure, legal and transparent.

We are also planning to build a secondary market where investors can buy and sell shares from each other.

Enabling business owners to;

  • Sell shares in their business to raise capital
  • Sell directly to investors
  • No need for an IPO or bank
  • Remove the middlemen
  • Sell shares whether the business is listed or unlisted
  • All of this, for free

We enable investors to;

  • Buy shares direct from businesses
  • Remove the middlemen
  • Get access to exclusive investment opportunities
  • Buy and sell shares on our secondary market
  • All of this, for free

CHX Token Sale

What is CHX then? CHX is the utility token that fuels and runs the platform and underlying network. Business owners are required to lock up CHX tokens in a Smart Contract in order to launch an equity offer on our marketplace. This ties business owners to their investors and protects the entire community from spam and fraudulent offers. CHX is also used by both business owners and investors to purchase additional value add services. (Source: www.Chainium.io)

Meet the team

For More information please visit:

Official Website: https://www.chainium.io

Official whitepaper: https://www.chainium.io/#whitepaper

Ann Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2431631


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