Eqwity- Today, the Security Token Ecosystem needs more services aggregation, processes standardization and procedures digitization in order to achieve a global adoption.

Eqwity is trying to build the easiest way to enter hashtag#STO market .{STO=An STO is similar to an ICO in that an offering is made by a business to the crowd} Now what IS ico .ICO is the short form of initial coin offering. In this ico people are offered a product in discounted price. And if the project succeeds the investors are largely profited. But now a days there are many scam projects which are trying to steal money from the public. In this case people must be very choosy in their investment.

The EQWITY platform is an ecosystem that drives the independent law of the blockchain enterprise by using introducing new ICO standards, decentralizing corporate governance and opening the door for tokenized inventory trading. Supported by means of EOSIO. The first step is to introduce ICO.E the new ICO standard

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  • ONE-STOP SHOP – All necessary services to set up and perform your Security Token Offering in a unique decentralized ecosystem.
  • HYBRID OFFERING MODEL – Discover the power of “STO Plus” by offering a compliant security token and a utility token to your investors simultaneously.
  • NO CODING – Automated Security Tokens issuance without coding a line thanks to our user friendly smart contract generator.
  • EASY COMPLIANCE PROCESS – Easily perform all your compliance procedures thanks to a fully standardized and smartly digitized process.
  • PROOF OF VIABILITY (PoV) – Get a viability label issued by the first decentralized project audit service.
  • DIGITAL ASSET LIQUIDITY – Automated digital asset listing on Blockchain Stock Exchange (BSE) for creating your first liquidity.
  • GOVERNANCE DAPP – Facilitate the governance decentralization of your blockchain company via Community Voice Mobile DApp.
  • PROJECT INCUBATION – Let’s make easier STOs market penetration to blockchain startups thanks to the first STO-oriented accelerator program.

At Eqwity we are building the easiest way to enter the STO market, thanks to a decentralized ecosystem aggregating, standardizing and digitizing all services.

Then, we also aim to bring back the notion of access to services by introducing the “STO Plus”, a new hybrid model entitling to a compliant security token as well as a utility token for enjoying the services.

Finally, the overall ecosystem is shaped to support blockchain companies at each milestone of their life cycle (incubation, compliance, fundraising, listing and trading).


The Eqwity Ecosystem includes four solutions:

  • STO+ Platform: The first STO Platform onboarding in one place all necessary services to easily issue your security token and validate your regulatory compliance.
  • Community Voice: The simplest way to decentralize your investor relations and company governance (voting, opinion sharing, online general assembly).
  • Blockchain Stock Exchange: The first Digital Asset Exchange dedicated to most capitalized blockchain companies and startups (Indexes: BSE30 – BSE500).
  • The Block Accelerator: First Incubator fully integrated in a global ecosystem (Incubation, Issuance/Compliance, Fundraising, Trading) aiming to propel STO/STO+ Projects.

Competitive Analysis :


  • Full Digitized & Standardized Processes
  • Integrated Decentralized Project Audit (Proof-of-Viability)
  • Automated Smart Contract Issuance
  • Easiest-to-Use Platform (UX/UI)


  • Integrated Asset Tokenization System (ERC-1400)
  • BSE500 Dedicated Index for Blockchain Startups
  • Introducing Live Barter of Digital Assets


  • Integrating a new Hybrid STO Standard (Security Token Offering + Utility Token [Access to Services])
  • First Security Token Public Offering Platformin the Market
  • Automated Digital Asset Listing on BSE (Liquidity)

STO Plus. The Hybrid STO Standard.

  • Eqwity introduces the “STO Plus”, the first Hybrid STO Standard giving right to a compliant security token (voting/dividends) and a utility Token (access to services) in a two-in-one package!
  • SECURITY TOKEN – “Voting & Dividend Rights” SECURITY TOKEN TO INVEST IN EQWITY LTD, ERC-1400 Protocol / Ethereum Blockchain.
  • Type : ERC-1400 Security Token
  • Symbol : EQYS
  • Backed by : Company share
  • Dividend and Voting rights : Yes
  • Value per Security Token : 1 USD
  • Available for STO : 30,000,000 EQYS
  • Total Supply : 60,000,000 EQYS

UTILITY TOKEN “Access to Services”. UTILITY TOKEN TO USE EQWITY ECOSYSTEM, ERC-20 Protocol / Ethereum Blockchain.

  • Type : ERC-20 utility token
  • Symbol : EQY
  • Decimals : 18
  • New Token emissions & Burn : No
  • Price per token : 0,10 USD •
  • Token Sale : 437,500,000 EQY
  • Total Supply : 625,000,000 EQY

Fund Allocation :



Based on the high risks of investing in ICO and the need for further development of Blockchain technology, the creation of a project that can ensure the safety of investments and guarantee the start of promising projects is very important. He will be able to interest both the founders of projects wishing to realize their idea, and investors seeking to get the maximum return on investment. Given the fact that the Eqwity office is located in the UK, it is safe to say that this project is not a Scam and deserves attention.


Website : https://www.eqwity.io/

Whitepaper : https://www.eqwity.io/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/Eqwity_WhitePaper_ENG_2.0.pdf

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Eqwity-925774120955061

Twitter : https://twitter.com/eqwity_official

Telegram : https://t.me/Eqwity

Username: Daniwahyu007


ETH : 0x93e4b3AF42FBb2c60070a6AaF8d15377B946d48C


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