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Meet the EQWITY campaign  https://www.eqwity.io/  with the brilliant idea of ​​the new IKO standard, which we will try to figure out in this article. All who are in the subject, in the course of what is happening in the Iko market, as it is rapidly growing and expanding with each new day. This new way to raise funds, which has emerged over the past few years, continues to break records.

Many startups are developing towards new forms of crowdfunding of integration and security, justice or the right to vote. For several months, we provide assistance in the event of the appearance of one of them: STO security token offers investors securities and voting rights in a funded company. The main difference between Iko and STO will be that the markers purchased through STO will be backed up by assets, incomes and profits. This will be the equivalent of buying securities in the company issuing the securities. 


But now, in order to achieve the goals, it is necessary to revise the policy of conducting ICO fundamentally. Today, numerous projects that are formed at the expense of IKO, seek to solve a problem or offer services related to blockchain technology. These projects allowed their founders to raise many billions of dollars, iko became the cornerstone of industrial development, but its many violations do not contribute to healthy growth, good use of resources allocated by the community and, above all, full acceptance of the project in all state. institutions. Even a strong decline in the cryptocurrency market did not affect the number of ICOs, on the contrary, they grow like “mushrooms after the rain”, displacing one of all modern financing mechanisms. Unfortunately, like any othera major technological breakthrough, iko has some flaws, which has led to euphoria, excesses and abuse. The lack of security and transparency, as well as the inexperience of participants, whether investors or project founders, 
add to all this increased competition due to the proliferation of ICO, all of these factors caused a “marketing war” on the cryptocurrency market. This led to discrimination on the basis of financial opportunities, and not to focus on what is really important, the quality of projects! With all these shortcomings, the EQWITY project is called upon to  struggle ; the  ecosystem is built in such a way that it fundamentally turns our understanding of ICO, calls us to build a safer and more responsible market, both for investors and for the founders of the project.

Equity is an ecosystem that drives itself in the change in the blockchain industry by introducing new ICO standards, decentralizing corporate governance by opening the door to stock trading, tokens supported by EOSIO.
Currently launching a project full of many real problems that do not allow you to fully realize your plan. Almost all IT experts try to promote their ideas in the digital world, but funding is not easy to find. Starting ICO is always associated with certain risks, so many promising ideas are ignored. 
The developers of the decentralized Eqwity platform will make a real revolution in this segment and provide their customers with a promising platform for hosting projects. This is a great opportunity to minimize all existing risks and find investors who are ready to support new ideas. The basis of the Eqwity platform will be the blockchain that will ensure the safety of all members of the project’s global community. Everyone will be able to realize their plan to use the potential of supply.
The Eqwity platform can solve the following problems:
  • It is important to highlight the main factors that are currently not possible to fully implement the new ICO.
  • The risk that the project will become a SCAM. This is a major problem for many investors, because today the market project is full of fraudulent schemes. Most new ideas are made to simply raise funds without being able to produce.
  • There is no real guarantee. In some situations, investors spend large amounts of money to support the project, while they do not receive shares or other securities that can guarantee future profits. ICO developers can easily set funds, refuse to cooperate at the right time.
  • The creators of new projects often don’t think of all the details needed, which leads to big problems in the future. That is why they need effective tools to implement their plans. 
  • Investors cannot obtain information about project makers. They really have to act blindly, which often leads to problems with fraudulent schemes. 
  • There is no opportunity to work on a global scale. In the end, today there are many countries that do not allow open launches and implement ICO, arguing that this is a problem with the law. 
  • There is no secondary market that allows investors and founders to trade stocks quickly and efficiently. 


Eqwity provides several main features:
A very large decentralized ecosystem that allows the block chain to take root in most sectors. Thus, people will be able to identify their own assets and carry out promising projects.
The Eqwity platform opens new opportunities for all customers. Only safe and proven projects will be available here, thus avoiding problems with fraudulent schemes. Trust relationships between users of a decentralized platform platform will be supported by smart contracts, ensuring maximum security for all transactions carried out.
Large exchange based on block chain. This platform will allow all shareholders to seek profitable exchange options. Users of decentralized platform platforms no longer have to spend time searching for various services and exchangers, they will be able to take the necessary actions on the Eqwity platform.
The opportunity to meet newcomers. Anyone can become a true expert in the ICO launch segment. In the future, the founders will be able to use the decentralized platform’s ability to find personnel.
Why is this service useful for investors.
In this situation, you should highlight the smart contract feature. Thanks to this detail, each transaction will be considered official and correct, binding. Intellectual contracts eliminate fraud. Because of expert opinion, investors will be able to choose only high-quality and promising projects for their investment. 
Developer Benefits.
The decentralized platform allows you to place the ICO to attract investors to fully implement the plan. Thanks to the features of the Eqity platform, promising project makers will be able to find ways for further development. Investors are interested in this to get shares and tokens.

Information on the token: 
of Total Supply: 6,250,000,000 EQY 
the Type: EOSIO Utility token 
Symbol’s: EQY 
the Token Sale 3,125,000,000 EQY 
Decimals: 8 
USD Price: 0.01 
of Private Sale and Presale: yes 
Bonus & Bounty: but 
the Minimum investment: 0.1 the ETH 
Maximum investment: no limit 
KYC : yes 
Country. United kingdom

Registration for early investors: https://www.eqwity.io/pre-registration/ . You can get more detailed information from the technical documentation of the project or ask questions you are interested in on the forum , as well as in the telegrams group . Also launched a bounty campaign with a pool of  187,500,000 EQY , which at a price of $ 0.01  more than $  1.8 million  ($ 1,800,000 ) dollars.,


WhitePaperhttps: https://www.eqwity.io/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/Eqwity_WhitePaper_ENG_1.0.pdf
Telegram: http://t.me/Eqwity
Twitter: https : //twitter.com/eqwity_official
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Eqwity-925774120955061
Ann: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5053989.0

EOS Username: ws4ywxv432uc


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