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Today I will give information to all friends about the new innovation of a platform, in the field of subcontrol cryptocurrency Era Swap cryptocurrency field, the name of the company that I want to explain is the era swap.

Cryptocurrency is the most recent innovation in digital currency manufacturing technology. This technology uses cryptography for security which makes it very impossible to fake it. The value of the price of a cryptocurrency is largely determined by the buying and selling power of the users of this technology.

Introducing the Age of Swap

The Era Swap journey began with research from the Kmpards team – the core team behind the formation of the Era Swap token and its ecosystem. The team determined that the current community generally needed an intermediary and transparent free ecosystem where they could be paid directly without commissions from any company. To build this platform for this global community, we came up with the idea to launch the Era Swap technology ecosystem, which will be supported by the Era Swap tokens. Our unique token ecosystem greatly defines time as a service and also offers bot services for crypto trading and crypto investment plans. The first and foremost goal behind the development of the Era Swap ecosystem is to provide benefits to the public. This token is designed to be a “time to work” token through smart contracts that can never be bought. A total of 5% of tokens will be available during the period of selling lots. This is the last and best opportunity to secure your Swap Era Tokens.

The era swap has several moving parts in its ecosystem designed to transform its vision into reality over a period of time. More often than not most projects focus on one product, and they tend to ignore intra-ecosystem forces that tend to disturb ecosystem stability.

The Swap era has planned carefully to address various aspects of the ecosystem such as increasing demand, reducing volatility, increasing cryptocurrency adoption, minimizing transaction costs for all users, etc.

Apart from the token itself, Era Swap has the following solutions to overcome various problems in the world of cryptocurrency.

The following are features of the Era Swap

Time Swapper Platform
Time Swappers is a community-based platform where people expand and utilize services from each other based on the cost per unit of time quoted by people offering services. The most important component of this platform is Time Traders (which offers and provides services), Curators (who monitor platforms), Day Swappers (active members who help grow and maintain platforms) etc. Because this platform is truly transparent, the original blockchain and tokens – Era Swap Tokens, are an integral part of the platform.

Era Swap Wallet
The era of Swap understands that to empower a distributed community platform, there needs to be a solid and secure payment network. For this purpose, the Swap Era will launch a wallet that supports various digital currencies and is very safe. This wallet will also allow you to exchange selected tokens in the wallet so that users can save extra transaction costs to move tokens to and from exchanges.

At present there are so many crypto currency exchanges that it becomes difficult for users to track rates on different exchanges. The Swap era will use AI technology to spread bots that provide the best deals for Swap Era users from various crypto exchanges around the world even though they are not listed on this exchange. If this is not enough, ComputeEx offers a 50% discount for EST users.

TimeAlly is a smart contract that is carefully made to reduce the volatility of the EST. It values ​​users who choose to lock their tokens in smart contracts according to their vesting period. Of all prizes by the Swap Era, 50% are given up front in liquid tokens and 50% are routed through TimeAlly over a period of time to maintain the volatility of the EST. TimeAlly is a very important part of the ecosystem because it controls several supply-demand dynamics from tokens.

Blocklogy is an educational initiative by Kmpards, the Era of Swap funding organization. Blocklogy is an E-learning platform for students from grade 8 onwards. These courseware is specifically designed to expose students to the blockchain and gradually increase their level so that in 5 years they can code for blockchain related projects.

The value of tokens is a product of supply and demand. Although there has never been a perfect guarantee of the assessment of future tokens, we have designed the ecosystem of our tokens so that each and every stakeholder benefits from it. We plan to control supply disruptions through smart TimeAlly contracts and carefully measured token burns. To develop the platform, several ways to create demand have been designed. We have taken precautionary measures very carefully to maintain volatility in audits.

Swap Age Era Token Details

Token EST
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20

Price in ICO 0.0171 USD


Phase I – 33%
Phase II – 18%
Phase III – 8%

Tokens for sale 390,000,000

Investment info

Min. investment 0.00005804 ETH
Accepting ETH
Distributed in ICO 42.85%

Hard cap 2119798724 ETH


June 2018
Era Swap Token Creation

September 2018
Initial Token Offer (ITO)

October 2018
Blocklogy Education App V.1

November 2018
Buzcafe Empanelment

December 2018
Day Swappers Launch
End of ITO

January 2019
TimeAlly Benefit Plan

February 2019
Era Swap Wallet Development

March 2019
Era Swap Version – II
ComputeEx Launch

April 2019
Time Swappers
TimeAlly Power

July 2019
TimeAlly Loan

September 2019
TimeAlly Insurance

November 2019
Era Swap Debit Card

December 2019
Decentralized Time Swappers Version – II

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ANN Thread

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