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The journey of Era Swap began with analysis from the Kmpards team—the core team behind the formation of the age Swap token and its scheme. The team determined that the present community at giant wants a middle-man-free, clear scheme wherever they’ll get paid directly while not commissions from any leader.


What is Time Swappers?
Time Swappers may be a blockchain primarily based suburbanized platform that redefines social media options embedded with marketplace. Users are ready to trade tokenize time and might simply notice and rent service professionals to perform specific tasks and pay in Era Swap Tokens.

Why/How the Time Swappers platform is free?
Time Swappers may be a suburbanized platform that relies on a hybrid Blockchain of Hyperledger and Ethereum. It leverages the Hyperledger Blockchain for internal transactions and Ethereum Blockchain for public transactions that makes Time Swappers platform free. it’s engineered to produce everybody with the power to shop for and sell freely. No single person has management over Era Swap. every user contributes to the network equally and is up to speed of their own services and personal knowledge

What is Era Swap Wallet?
Era Swap case are a suburbanized case which is able to support multiple digital currencies and can enable users to exchange some elite tokens inside the case to reduce dealings fee. non-public keys of this case are hold on with the user rather than keeping it in server. it’ll be secured with biometric authorization and 2FA with CCSS

What is ComputeEx?
ComputeEx is associate degree over-the-counter exchange which is able to offer the simplest rates from varied crypto exchanges across the globe by utilizing AI Bots.

What technologies ar utilized in Era Swap Ecosystem?
Era Swap scheme uses a mix of Hyperledger, Ethereum and temporary version of assemblage Blockchain.

How can the community take pleasure in Era Swap Ecosystem?
Era Swap community members are ready to tokenize their time and trade it on the Time Swappers platform. Community members are rewarded through the time Swap good contract supported their contribution to the scheme.

How much time can it want whitelist the KYC?
It typically takes twenty four to forty eight hours to urge whitelisted.

How to register and apply for the KYC?
Please watch the video tutorial: a way to Register and Complete KYC

How to become associate degree advisor?
Please watch the video tutorial: a way to become associate degree adviser on Era Swap

Token Economic
“Token economics” merely refers to the economic fundamentals of the age Swap scheme and therefore the Era Swap Token. within the case of this discourse, Time Swappers assets confer with the things out there on the Time Swappers marketplace.


Tokens discharged by ERA SWAP






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