Erc20.Dog – The World First Cryptocurrency Created by Dogs

Hi friends, let me let you on an incredible news… It’s about Erc20.Dog!!!

First and foremost, It’s the year of the Dog! Thus, this is the Cryptocurrency for it!


Relating to the fact that Dogs are taking control of the Ethereum blockchain, Erc20.Dog (DOG) is the main cryptographic money made exclusively by dogs. It is a group Erc20 token deliberately intended to fulfill each need.

Erc20.Dog has been a major devotee of Ethereum and its group of innovations. With DOG, they anticipate proceeding to give back in the way they can, so they can exploit these new advancements.

Again, the Erc20.Dog Token (DOG) is powered by Ethereum, a blockchain worldwide registering platform. DOG is a standard ERC20 token and can be stored and transferred using the generic Ethereum wallet.

CryptoCurrecy for the Year of the Dog – Erc20.Dog

As the Chinese usher in the Dog year in February 2018, Erc20.Dog caught my attention recently. There are tonnes and tonnes of Crpto Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and projects being launched everyday. So what makes this project so unique and worthy of investing in?

The breakdown on the key features and reasons why Erc20.Dog is worth it:

i. Erc20.Dog (DOG) is created by Dogs! 

Now, that got my attention. Have the genes and brains of dogs being evolved drastically to be competent enough to handle blockchain and cryptocurrency? Will Dog dominate the dog eats dog cryptocurrency world out there? We shall find out in due course what the whitepaper is relased. According to this twitter post, whitepaper should be out in a matter of hours!

ii. DOG Wallet

Augment the infrastructure of the “Internet of Value” by making a wallet available to DOG users. It will be inituitive enough for everyone, including noobs, to use it. This should help to increase the adoption rate of DOG, including other cryptocurrencies in the near future.

Security will also be the utmost concern in the development of this wallet to allow users to safekeep their DOG, ETH and other coins and tokens. There will be APIs for 3rd party bots and applications. The team is committed to develop a product that empower users to safely send DOG and ETH to recipients. Hackers get lost, as you are unlikely to be able to hack this wallet if the team does a great job.

Token Sale Details

Token symbol – DOG

Total token supply – 1,000,000 DOG

Crowdsale supply – 600,000 DOG (60%)

Target – 300 ETH

Min. investment – 0.025 ETH

Crowdsale starts – March 20, 2018

Crowdsale ends – March 31, 2018

DOG rate – 1 ETH = 2,000 DOG

Token Distribution

Erc20.Dog Token Distribution

60% Crowdsale

20% Community

15% Bounty Program

5% Team

Funds Allocation

Erc20.Dog Funds Allocation

75% Development

10% Dog Food

5% Partners

5% Marketing

5% Legal



Start of Erc20.Dog

• Team consolidated

• Business plan implemented


Erc20.Dog ANN & Crowdsale

(We are here)

• Start of community building

• Development of DOG crowdsale contracts

• Crowdsale launch (March 20)


Exchange listings

• Exchange listings right after the crowdsale


Alpha of DOG wallet

• Store and transfer DOG & ETH

• iOS, Android and Web wallet


Beta of DOG wallet

• Support for other currencies

• In-wallet exchange functionality

• API integration


Launch of DOG foundation

• Development of Dapps

• Support for community projects


Make Erc20.Dog more valuable

• Grow of the community

• Infrastructure upgrades

• DOG incubator launch

• Decentralized governance


Strong DOG Team

So who are the heroes behind this project?

– An ex-Google staff (for 10 years) who is the founder and CEO.

– A marketer who won some awards for his work on InstaDog.

– Vitalik Buterin’s ex-best friend? I will be curious to find out if that’s true! 🙂

– Founder of McBeagle Antivirus who sold his company for a fortune.

Dear beautiful friends, be a part of this incredible project! And please don’t forget to check out the whitepaper for the full scoop.

Till next time… Woof Woof!

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Author: TheMichaelMatch

My BitcoinTalk Profile:;u=1326035


Disclaimer: This article was published in terms of the bounty campaign. I am not a project team member or its representative but an enthusiastic supporter of this incredible project.


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