to conduct a transparent and safe work process in the production of additional materials


The erecoin platform is a symbiosis of Additive Manufacturing and Blockchain. Both technologies are currently changing the world. Blockchain applications fundamentally change financial economics: By making additives, users can print real objects that are free of technical production constraints. erecoin applies the logic and functionality of the blockchain system to applications for the production of additional materials. With the help of utility tokens and smart contracts in erecoin, all participants in the future 3D printing process chain can conduct traceable, safe and simple transactions.
The aim is to eliminate uncertainty in the additive process chain. Blockchain Technology offers the opportunity to conclude smart contracts to resolve legal and technical issues in the world of additives. Data exchange and data usage rules are integrated into the blockchain.
This creates an efficient, safe and unambiguous trust relationship between all parties involved in the process chain. From the first digital sketch to the single finished product. The Erecoin platform eliminates dependence on rich economic and resource centers and is a global accelerator and decentralized additive manufacturing. Individuals and companies can design, modify, buy, and produce products using the erecoin platform, regardless of their geographical location.

Further project planning

After a period of intense market research and further insight into further material production and blockchain technology, the definitions and concepts of the erecoin project are mostly completed. Since February 18, 2019, Ethereum’s infrastructure has been able to obtain new crypto markers for the manufacture of additional materials.
Crowdfunding itself follows an established ICO process. So Crowd Sales, which is official sales through an online platform, is carried out on a reduced scale. The token purchase is divided into two steps. First, investors must go through your Know Your Customer process, and the next step is to conclude a smart contract. This procedure ensures maximum transparency and legal compliance.
After this first phase, the first team improved the Erecoin project, built a team and infrastructure. The repeated development of the Erecoin platform and the integration of smart contract functionality into the platform will begin in March 2019 with Alpha users and their project staff. The team expects the full functionality of the Erecoin platform and the establishment of ERE as a utility token in mid-2020.
Additive production has many uses: 
1 – Digital product development: Products made with additive technology and digitally supported are competitive advantages. 3D modeling, visualization and testing are important for achieving this advantage. 
2 – Space technology: This is one sector where technology contributes to making the best of itself. A very interesting study about fuel economy in this area. 
3 – Mechanical engineering: Additive production for mechanical engineering is very important. Functional integration is very important, especially by reducing the number of parts in a product.
4 – the automotive industry: examples of very successful use in this field. Forms can be simplified by using additive techniques for casting. 
5 – Drugs: different individual prostheses, orthoses are produced with data from a 3D scanner or computed tomography. Geometric and orthopedic dental prostheses play an important role in making additives. Low-cost production of prostheses and orthotics improves quality of life by meeting the needs of people in need.
The main idea of ​​the Erecoin system is to carry out a transparent and safe process in the production of additional materials. Integrating Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence fix licensing issues in 3D files. Service providers such as 3D print providers and 3D digitizers also work directly on the platform. 


Additive Manufacturing
Additive manufacturing, commonly called 3D manufacturing or additive manufacturing, is becoming increasingly important in this industry. Especially in making prototypes, in components with high levels of individualization or components with complicated geometry, this production method is used. But also in the production of final products, the extent to which additive manufacturing is used grows.
In a growing market for additive manufacturing, many different experts must work together in the future to resolve constructive challenges. And the exchange of data from printed data between designers, contract manufacturers and users will increase sharply and thus questions about trust and security of transactions – in various countries and across national borders.

The Erecoin (ere) brand is based on Ethereum. ETH is used during processing. The process on the platform uses the current token. The Erecoin platform customer has the opportunity to purchase Erecoin tokens during the ICO phase. The Eecoin brand increases its value when used in system services.
Therefore, Erecoin is a platform that is suitable for market penetration and technology. This gives customers a safe service to use and use existing 3D printers and ensure that they meet their needs. In the future, Erecoin will be a great player in this industry, which will grow quite fast.
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