Not for nothing they say that the 21st century is characterized by the age of information and high technology. Today we will touch upon one of the very interesting topics dedicated to additive manufacturing. For those who do not know what it is, explain this area which relates to 3D printers and related models of the invention. Few people understand that 3D visualization in its additive manifestation is already used in many areas of our lives. Here you can easily include engineering, aerospace, medicine, and many other things. In fact, the scope of additive equipment is huge.


However, despite all its positive aspects and a fairly rapid process of growth and development, this direction is experiencing a huge number of difficulties and problems. And one of them is very similar to that experienced by the entire music industry of our world, it is the absence and reliable protection of their copyrights. Moreover, it is increasingly possible to find such moments when certain conditions of the contract are violated when making a business transaction and one of the parties loses any rights with respect to a particular additive product.

Therefore, for the full and organic development of the additive industry, high-quality and effective tools are needed, with the help of which this industry will become a stable model in society and will acquire all the necessary rights for its life.

About the project

The project, whose idea is ready to implement the above conditions of existence, is called – Erecoin. This project is a symbiosis of two modern trends and technologies, which together will create a completely new conditions for cooperation and operation of additive manufacturing.

As you already understood in the Duo of this symbiosis involved the additive system itself and of course, everyone’s favorite blockchain technology. After all, it falls the most important role, due to which the additive direction will reach a completely new level of development.

Design feature

The main goal of Erecoin is to unite all possible participants of the additive direction within one international platform, where all conditions of interaction will be controlled by means of the blockchain chain and smart contracts. What does it mean?

  • first, users will finally acquire ownership rights and will no longer be able to worry about their discoveries, creations, or any other individual objects;
  • secondly, due to smart contracts and transparent blockchain network system, users will finally be able to calmly solve all their technical legal issues in the additive world;
  • and thirdly, due to the large number of functions and services, the participants of both parties will be able not only to establish a trust relationship with each other, but also to bring the developed ideas to the finished product effectively and safely.

And it does not matter whether you will act as an individual or a corporate client, all the conditions in Erecoin are aimed at enriching the economic resources of the additive system. In simple words, Erecoin aims to make complex processes more simple, understandable, and most importantly accessible, thereby making a unique contribution to the development of the entire additive industry worldwide.


Perhaps the most important advantage of the Erecoin project is that It is the first decentralized solution that appeared in the world to solve all the problems existing in the additive industry. The developers of this concept are well aware of all the growth and prospects of this direction. The world will never be the same, so you need to be able to quickly and in time to offer priority directions for the development of each sphere of our life. That’s basically ready to make the guys from Erecoin.

That is why Erecoin appears before us as a global system that opens up new opportunities for any business direction associated with the additive industry and allows you to flexibly maneuver in it without fear of any pitfalls and fraud. Everything is built on quality, reliability, transparency and most importantly safety. In all senses of the word, from copyright protection to data protection, money transfers and any transaction that may be made within the framework of this ecosystem.

The details of the ICO

  • Token name: ERE
  • Platform: Ethereum ERC20
  • Price: 1 ERE = 0.0005 ETH
  • Payment method: ETH
  • Minimum investment: 150 ERE
  • SoftCap: 2,000,000 EUR
  • HardCap: 12,000,000 EUR

The distribution of tokens is as follows:



If we talk about this project as a whole, its concept is very interesting, given the fact that Erecoin is essentially the only proposal of its kind. If earlier we have already met several financial projects, medical, tourism, advertising and marketing, the sphere of additive manufacturing is considered for the first time. Therefore, I dare to assume that this advantage will play into the hands of developers, as they really offer a number of functions and tools with which the participants of the industry will be able to solve many of their problems.

Therefore, if you are also interested in this direction and you would like to study it in more detail, I offer you a full list of official resources and a technical document of this project. After reviewing these links, you can find a lot of useful information that will fully reveal all the prospects and features of Erecoin.

Official resources of the ERECOIN project:



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