Listern is the latest audio platform, with songs, sound clips and audiobooks. Listern uses Blockchain technology to provide the same benefits among advertisers, writers and viewers. The Listern platform offers the latest Ecosystem, allowing viewers, writers and writers to publish, distribute and listen to audio, collecting ERNs in the Ecosystem. Mindé Pocket Miner is an integrated smart device: microSD memory card, interface, camera and battery, which can also be used as a resource. Also Mindé Pocket Miner, will be used as a wallet for crypto currencies. Mindé Pocket Miner uses integration and Access for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Overview

The ERN project is scheduled to hold private sales and a crowd of ERN tokens. In line with its vision to provide innovative and sophisticated technology solutions to overcome existing problems, crypto enthusiasts face, the funds raised will be used for the development of the ERN Project’s Listern Audio Platform and Mindé Pocket Miner.

Mindé Pocket Miner is the first handheld device supported by innovative and creative technology that supports crypto wallet installation and cellular mining. The current dilemma of mining cryptocurrency is expensive hardware, rising electricity costs, and slow returns on investment. According to analysts, crypto mining is set to consume more energy than households in 2018. How does cryptocurrency, in digital form and storage, demand such power and fuel, and now has real environmental costs around the world?

What about mining applications for Android and iOS cellphone users? Come see. Running the entire Bitcoin network requires annual electricity consumption as much as the middle country. That’s a relatively large amount of electricity. Imagine part of it running on cellphones. Mining stretches phone capacity and because such cellular devices are not built for that purpose, it floods the battery and takes up memory space like no other. Thus, smart phones become stupid phones when it comes to mining cryptocurrency. That is why the ERN team came out with the idea of ​​developing a mobile device built for that specific purpose – mining cryptocurrency. Minde Pocket Miner has the same convenience as a cellphone, but is loaded with high-tech specifications that are needed for mining.

To create a better ERN Project ecosystem for all, the ERN team will develop a Listern Audio Platform, a blockchain based reward system sound platform where listeners can obtain only by listening to sound content uploaded by users / composers / publishers to the Listern Platform. Prize system transactions will be validated by the ERN Miners through the ERN mining device, Mindé Pocket Miner.

Vision The
vision of the ERN ecosystem and its platform is to create a balanced ecosystem between advertisers,
listeners / platform users, sponsors and content creators where everyone is happy and earns income. This is made possible
through the help of blockchain technology and a community where everyone believes that we can take part in
this revolution and participate in the breakthrough technology of this era, the blockchain.

Definition of
Creator / Publisher – A platform user or individual who is responsible for creating and publishing audio content in the platform and this content will produce listeners as an audience to generate revenue from advertisers and platform awards.

Advertisers – People who are responsible for advertising content creators. Sponsors – Sponsors are responsible
for project funding or creator content, in return, the sponsor will get a percentage of commission from the creators.

ERNPay – is a digital wallet service, desktop, or cellular wallet service that is responsible for handling ERN transactions from prizes and ERN Token storage.

Economy – this is an ecosystem where the ERN tokens will be distributed as reward points and / or as transactions in the platform ecosystem.

Listern Platform – a system where the gift system blockchain technology is located. This is the technology
where listeners, content creators, advertisers and sponsors interact.

ERN – Secure cryptocurrency tokens that are transacted and used as gift tokens in the Listern Audio Platform and can be verified by pocket device miners.

Mindé Pocket Miner – Devices that have mining capabilities and are responsible for validating transactions in the ERN ecosystem.

Proof of work – is work carried out by a gadget or device of a certain technology that keeps the blockchain safe validating blocks added to blockhain by users on the network.

ERN Marketplace – is a market within a Listern Platform where “Sponsors” participate in the Project Creator.


The symbol for the ERN token is ERN, a token will be released on the blockchain Ethereum. 
The ERN Token can be used in purchasing products and services that include Minde Pocket Miner. 
The total available inventory will be 1,000,000,000 ERN 
ICO will have 50% (500M ERN) 
Available decimal places will be 8. 
Prices will be at $ 0.01USD (4 Liter) the date the ICO will be from June to July. 
Hard Cap = $ 25,000,000. 
Soft cover = $ 10,000,000.


ICO will have 50% 
33% will be able to be mined. 
1% will be available for airdrop. 
2% will be available for growth pools. 
3% will be available for development. 
4% will be available for the prize program. 
The reward will have 7%.


Project development will have 70%. 
3% will be used for advisors. 
5% will be allocated for data storage. 
4% will be for the laboratory. 
4% will be used for operations. 
4% will be used for marketing. 
10% will be available for research and development.



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