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Peaceful greetings of the universe, this time I will discuss about ICO or ERN PROJECT, thanks for taking time to read this article. Sampean Pancen Ngeten (JOSS).

Current problems in currency production are expensive equipment, energy costs and slow investment. Mobile devices are not used for this purpose, this device is burdening and filling the storage space, which can not be operated. Platform to create billions of dollars from their user content. This revenue does not affect users. Only platforms get the most revenue.

That’s why for its flagship product, the ERN project represents a portable smart device. Minde Pocket Miner is the first portable device with the latest developments, support for money apps and mobile apps.

Listern is the latest audio platform, with songs, sound clips, and audiobooks. Listern uses Blockchain technology to provide benefits equally among advertisers, authors, and viewers. The Listern platform offers the latest Ecosystem, enabling viewers, authors, and authors to publish, distribute, and listen to audio, collect ERN in Ecosystems.

Mindé Pocket Miner is an integrated smart device: microSD memory card, interface, camera and battery, which can also be used as a resource. Also Mindé Pocket Miner, will be used as a wallet for crypto currency. Mindé Pocket Miner uses integration and Access for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.


The ERN Project is slated to hold a private and crowd sale of ERN tokens. Aligned with its vision of providing innovative and state-of-the-art technological solutions to address existing issues crypto enthusiasts face, the funds raised will be used for the development of ERN Project’s Listern Audio Platform and Mindé Pocket Miner.

Mindé Pocket Miner is the first handheld device powered with innovative and creative technology that supports crypto wallet installation and mobile mining. The current dilemma of mining cryptocurrencies are expensive hardware, rising electricity costs, and slow return of investment. According to analysts, crypto mining is set to consume more energy than households in the year 2018. How come cryptocurrencies, in their digital form and storage, demand such power and fuel, and now have worldwide real environmental costs?

How about mining apps for Android and iOS mobile phone users? Let’s see. Running the entire Bitcoin network requires yearly electric consumption as much as a medium-sized country. That’s a relatively huge amount of electricity. Imagine portions of it running on a mobile phone. Mining stretches phone capacity and since such mobile devices are not built for that purpose, it overwhelms battery and eats up memory space like no other. Thus, smart phones become dumb phones when it comes to mining cryptocurrencies.

That is why the ERN team came out with the idea of developing a mobile device that is built for that specific purpose—mining cryptocurrencies. Mindé Pocket Miner has the same convenience of a mobile phone, yet loaded with high-tech specifications that mining requires. Aside from being a small but powerful mining rig, the Mindé Pocket Miner boasts of features such as WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, cold wallet storage, touchscreen interface, powerbank function, and a camera!

To create a better ERN Project ecosystem for all, the ERN team will develop its Listern Audio Platform, a blockchain based reward system sound sharing platform where listeners can earn by just simply listening to the sound contents uploaded by the users/composers/publishers to the Listern Platform. The transactions of the reward system will be validated by ERN Miners through ERN’s mining device the Mindé Pocket Miner.

The Vision

The vision of ERN’s ecosystem and its platform is to create a balanced ecosystem between advertisers, listeners/platform users, sponsors, and creators where everyone is happy and earning. This is made possible through the help of blockchain technology and the community where everyone believes that we can take part of this revolution and participate in this era’s breakthrough technology, the blockchain


Creator/Publisher – A platform user or individual who is responsible for creating and publishing audio content within the platform and this content will generate listeners as audience to generate revenue from the advertisers and platform rewards.

Advertiser – The one who is responsible in advertising on the creator’s content. Sponsor – Sponsors are responsible for the funding of creator’s project or content, in return, the sponsor will earn a percentage of commission from the creators.
ERNPay – is a web-based, desktop, or mobile app digital wallet service that is responsible in handling ERN transactions from the rewards and storage of ERN Token.
Economy – this the ecosystem where the ERN tokens will be distributed as reward points and/or as a transaction within the platform’s ecosystem.
Listern Platform – the system where the blockchain technology of the reward system resides. This is the technology where the Listeners, Creators, Advertisers and Sponsors interact.
ERN – A secured cryptocurrency token that is being transacted and used as a reward token within the Listern Audio Platform and can be verified by a pocket device miner.
Mindé Pocket Miner – A device that has a mining capability and is responsible for validating the transaction within the ERN’s ecosystem.
Proof of work – is a work being done by a certain gadget or technology device that keeps the blockchain secured by validating the blocks being added to the blockhain by the users on the network.
ERN Marketplace – is a marketplace within the Listern Platform where the “Sponsors” participates in the Creator’s project.

Mining And The Environment

According to The Bitcoin Energy Consumption Index, current global digital mining consumes more energy than 159 countries. In order to mine currencies, a specialized Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) hardware is required to solve blocks, verify transactions, and record them to the blockchain. Mining rigs usually run day in and day out and need a considerable amount of energy to perform intensive computations.

Energy is one of the world’s most important resources. The unprecedented rise of Bitcoin made environmentalists around the world sound the alarm for responsible use of resources and conservation. There are many innovative approaches for environment-friendly mining operations. This usually involves renewable energy like wind, solar, and hydroelectric power. Hydro-Quebec in Canada, for instance, is the fourth largest hydropower producer in the world and lately has been becoming a haven for cryptocurrency miners.

The problem now is not everyone has access to renewable energy. That’s why a more sustainable solution is needed to address these challenges. Global interest in Bitcoin makes manufactures and innovators compete in developing energy-efficient mining equipment for cryptocurrencies. This is where ERN’s role come to play.

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The ERN Token (ERN)

The symbol for ERN token is ERN. ERN token is an ERC-20 token released on Ethereum blockchain. With ERN tokens, you can purchase ERN Project’s products and services such as the Mindé Pocket Miner. With only 1B supply and locked-in coins, price manipulations through pumps and dump will be minimized in the future. Also, as with the law of supply and demand, we expect increasing price valuation of ERN tokens over the years because of its limited supply.

SUPPLY: 1,000,000,000 ERN
ICO: 50% (500M ERN)
Hard Cap: $25,000,000
Soft Cap: $10,000,000

ERN Token has a soft cap of $10M. This amount is required for the ERN Project’s platform, along with its services, to come into full operation. This amount will also play an important role in making the Mindé Pocket Miner come to life. Meanwhile, hard cap is set to $25M to avoid overflow of investors to keep the ecosystem healthy. Overselling once it hits the exchange will also be minimized, avoiding erratic price fluctuations. In the event that hard cap is not reached, all of the remaining tokens will be added to mineable coins.

Distribution of Tokens

The allocation of ERN tokens will be as follows: 500M for Initial Coin Offering, 20M for growth pool/reserve locked for 6 months, 30M for developers, 70M for rewards, 10M for airdrops, 40M for bounties, and 330M for the mining community. It is important to note that 3% of the tokens (30 million) are locked in and allocated to developers until 2020 to avoid price manipulation.

Use of Proceeds

A huge portion of our funding will be used for manufacturing Mindé Pocket Miner, development of ERNPay Wallet System, and maintaining the ERN Project platform. The rest will be used for marketing, operations, research and development, data storage, and laboratories.

ERN Bonus and Rewards Program

ICO participants, regardless of the number of tokens bought, will automatically be qualified to earn Ethereum as a bonus. The bonus will automatically appear in user’s ERC20 wallet and will be paid in ETH. In as early as seven days, the contributor will earn up to 15% in ETH. Unlike other ICOs that you have to wait, hold, and sell your tokens before you gain profits, ERN token will let you earn as soon as you get your share of its tokens.

On top of that, you can also earn percentage from through your level 1 affiliates’ rewards. You will get this after the completion of ICO.


Quarter 2017
Beginning partner cooperation with the development team.
The founders and their first team determine the feasibility of the platform and its ecosystem.

Q1 2018
An additional set of developers.
Marking ideas in PAPER WHITE and other technical and legal documentation.
Write a working concept in technical documentation for the platform of LISTERN Platform and Minde Miner.
The launch of a bonus system development prototype based on LISTERN Audio Sharing (ERC20) to listen to audio files.
Negotiations and partnerships with clients and investors for the ERN project.
Q2 2018
Announcements Airdrop, Whitelisting and Bounty.
White Book completion and publication.
Release bonus system MVP LISTS Audio Plarform Sharing, based on binding chains in ERC20.
Launch website for personal sales, to ICO and Crowdsale.
Private sales.
Pre-Too Token.
Sales Token Crowd.
Q3 2018
Expansion team of engineers.
Product development for Minde Miner.
Blockchain architecture and design for ERN Coin.
Start the user development sound player ERN Platform LIST.
Begin development of ERNPay Wallet services.
Mindé Miner mining application development.
Starting from remuneration testing and earnings in Blockchain.
Launch of LISTERN platform development.
Fill the coins.
Early ERN transfer to stock exchange.
2018 Quarter
Migrating from ERN ERC20 to its own Blockchain.
Issue of MVP service for ERNPay wallet for web application.
Start developing ERNPay wallet for Android and iOS.
Start making Mindé Pocket Miner app.
Q1 2019
MVP release and BlockchainERN testing.
Release MVP in ERN Audio Player.
Release prototype MVP Mindé Miner and its components.
MVP release for ERN Marketplace, CMS, and voice sharing platform.
Inclusion of ad monetization through the ERN platform ecosystem.
Expansion of development teams and consultants.
Q2 2019
Beta Release and ERN Blockchain Test
The beta version of the ERN Audio Player platform.
Release Beta Minde Miner and its components.
Beta released ERN Marketplace, CMS, and its platform sound.
MVP Release for ERNPay iOS and Android.
Q3 2019
Full launch of your own ERN Blockchain.
Full launch of Mindé Pocket.
Improved ERN platform for additional services.
Maybe this is all I can tell you, in order to get more accurate information from this review, if you have any questions or information you still do not understand, do not worry I have prepared a link that you can visit, so you get more accurate information from team or founder, and later they will explain to you in detail.


ERN PROJECT is a good ICO program.
Think business is pretty fantastic. It attracts people regularly.
Experienced and skilled cooperation is difficult to achieve.
We can build the ability to achieve goals.



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