The current problems in producing encrypted currency are expensive equipment, rising energy costs and slow return on investment. Mobile devices are not designed for this purpose; this device charges the battery and consumes storage space, which makes it inoperative. The trading platform generates billions of dollars from your user content. This revenue does not affect users. Only platforms get the most revenue.

That is why, for its main product, the ERN project represents a smart portable device. Minde Pocket Miner is the first portable device with the latest developments, supporting the installation of coin wallets and mobile applications.

Listern is the latest audio platform, with music, sound clips and audiobooks. Listern uses Blockchain technology to distribute benefits equally among advertisers, authors and audiences. The Listern Platform offers the latest ecosystems, allowing viewers, advertisers and authors to publish, distribute and listen to audio, to collect ERN in Ecosystems.

The Mindé Pocket Miner is a smart integrated handheld device: microSD memory card, touch interface, camera and battery, which can also be used as a resource. Also the Mindé Pocket Miner will be used as a wallet for tokens and encrypted currency. Mindé Pocket Miner uses integration and support for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Token ERN

ERN is an ERC-20 token, released on Blockchain Ethereum. By using ERN, you can purchase products and services, such as Mindé Pocket Miner. The project team’s job is to provide the latest and latest technology to overcome the difficulties encountered by experts in encrypted currency.

4th quarter 2017

Begin cooperation with the development team.

The founders and their first team determine the viability of the platform and its ecosystem.

1st quarter of 2018

An additional set of developers.

Marking ideas in WHITE PAPER and other technical and legal documentation.

Write a working concept in technical documentation for the LISTERN Platform and Minde Miner platform.

The launch of a prototype bonus system development based on LISTERN Audio Sharing (ERC20) to listen to audio files.

Negotiations and partnerships with clients and investors for the ERN project.

2nd quarter of 2018

Ads Airdrop, Whitelisting and Bounty.

Conclusion of the white paper and publication.

MVP release bonus system LISTS Audio Plarform Sharing, based on connection strings in ERC20.

Launch of the personal sales site for ICO and Crowdsale.

Private sales.

Pre-Too Token.

Sales Token Crowd.

3rd quarter of 2018

Expansion team of engineers.

Development of products for Minde Miner.

Blockchain architecture and design for ERN Coin.

Start the ERN Platform LIST user development sound player.

Begin the development of ERNPay Portfolio services.

Development of mining applications Minder Miner.

From earnings and earnings tests at Blockchain.

Launch of the development of the LISTERN platform.

Carry coins.

Early transfer of ERN to stock exchange.

Q4 2018

Migrating from ERN ERC20 to your own Blockchain.

Issuance of MVP service to ERNPay portfolio for web application.

Start developing the ERNPay wallet for Android and iOS.

Start making the Mindé Pocket Miner application.

1st quarter of 2019

MVP release and BlockchainERN test.

Drop the MVP on the ERN Audio Player.

Launching of the MVP prototype Mindé Miner and its components.

Launch of MVP for ERN Marketplace, CMS and voice sharing platform.

Including monetization of ads through the ERN platform ecosystem.

Expansion of development teams and consultants.

2nd quarter of 2019

Beta Release and ERN Blockchain Test

The beta version of the ERN Audio Player platform.

The launch of Beta Minde Miner and its components.

Beta released the ERN Marketplace, the CMS and its platform sound.

Launch of MVP for ERNPay iOS and Android.

3rd quarter of 2019

Complete launch of your own ERN Blockchain.

Complete release of Mindé Pocket.


Improved ERN platform for additional services.

Maybe that’s all I can tell you in order to get more accurate information from this review, if you have any questions or information you still do not understand, do not worry, I have prepared a link that you can visit, so that you get more accurate information from the team or founder, and then they will explain it to you in detail.

Here are the comments that I present to all of you to find information and know which ERN projects are being run by your team, if there is any lack of explanation of this article, do not worry I’ve set up a link so that you get accurate information in training. information and, of course, you will be able to talk directly with your founder or team at the link.

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