ERPchain — A platform for the creation of new protocols

It is a platform for payments between the users and all payments are done peer to peer and based on EDI (Exchange of digital information). Similarly ERP tokens are also helpful in payments for articles and other services.

We now live in a modern world where it is no longer possible to deny the progressive growth of the popularity of crypto-cureency and blocking technology. As technology is progressively growing in the world, new opportunities begin to open up. More and More varieties of crypto currencies are blooming and also those wishing to introduce blockchain technology as a base of their projects are coming up. This now introduces us to the ERP CHAIN project.
ERP CHAIN is a decentralized platform made for ERP professionals and business customers to create new protocols like EDI, IoT, MDM and also technologies for ERP systems. This platform was created to enable data and information to flow well and are also collected well.

ERPCHAIN has developed in three categories:

· Mobile Application: The mobile version of any platform is more in demand as compared to web versions and the reason behind it that it can be used anywhere where internet is available and also easy to use for the consumers. While using mobile application users have nine scenariosto use the app.

First they have to register themselves as a customer, performer and a recruiter. They can ask questions related to the ERP and also they can create consultation request.

As a performer user can post his availability that he is free or not for the further projects or not so that customers can give task to the available performers without the wastage of time. Similarly, as a customeryou can maintain the tasks of the project and all the chats are peer to peer and contact lists will be synchronized.

· Platform: A large number of users make the community of ERP platform from all over the world. The platform is for knowledge sharing and so the ERP system can be integrated in the projectswith the help of new and emerging technologies.

Integration with ERP systems: The projects are implemented with new functionalities of management so that all the work can be done with high performance and also the payment of work in the platform is based on number of working hours.

· Development of system on block chain protocol:

Master data Management: By this technology users can manage their project themselves so that duplication of data, inconsistency in data and incompletion of data can be removed or minimized. All data is transferred to distributed registry which is possible only with the help of ERPCHAIN.

Exchange of digital information:It standardized the data that is to be exchanged so that interaction with various computer system and organizations is easy. It removes all the intermediaries and provides P2P connection.

GOAL: The goal of ERP CHAIN is to create a platform that will work quickly and can be easily understandable for users of any gadgets. The users of these gadgets will be able to receive revenue in the form of released tokens and also dispose them not only within the service, but also to modify it to fiat money or any other kind of cryptocurrency. Another goal of ERPCHAIN is to make a trasparent service as possible with an easy-to-use interface which would be the meeting place of the customer with the performer for productive working relationships.

The ERPCHAIN project would provide the ability to convert money into crypto currency anonymously and this allows the ERPCHAIN customers to carry out works of the executor, despite the transboundary restrictions. This ERPCHAIN has quite a number of benefits that would help its customers to make sure that their investments in the project are reliable.


ERPTOKEN was created and developed on the basis of the blockbuster ethereum and this token can be purchased on the domestic exchange of the wallet by exchanging any cryptocurrency i.e. (BTC, ETH) or any other currency units (USD, EUR).


 Start: 0419.2018
 End: 07.19.2018
 No. Of Tokens Available In Phase 1: 50,000,000 ERP Tokens
 Soft Cap: 5,000,000
 Accepted Currencies: B TC, ETC
 Price Of Tokens: 1,000 ERP = 1 ETH
 No. Of Tokens In One Hand: Unlimited
 Minimum Transaction Amount In ETH: 0.1 ETH
 Minimum Transaction Amount In BTC: 100 ERP Tokens (The Token Price Depends On The Fluctuations In The BTC Rate)
 Maximum Transaction Amount: Unlimited



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