About EtainPower

EtainPower is a renewable energy financing and trading ecosystem empowered by both blockchain and AI technologies.Backed by a team of top-tier engineers from Silicon Valley,we introduced a groundbreaking blockchain architecture to tokenize global renewable energy assets,allowing them to be traded rapidly and freely through our highly decentralized blockchain technology platform in a fast and safe way.

Our founding team has extensive experience in the fields of new energy blockchain and artificial intelligence.We combine blockchain and AI technologies and apply them to the global energy network with the goal to break the monopoly position of traditional energy giants and bring true decentralization to the smart energy ecosystem

  • Blockchian Technology
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • EPR Token
FeaturesBlockchain technology is an innovative internet database technology.It is an independent, decentralized,verifiable,and permanent database that coexists in multiple locations and is shared by the community.By design,blockchain is inherently resistant to data tampering. Once a transaction happens on the platform,it is verified by everyone within the platform.
  1. Tokenized Renewable – Energy Financing 
  2. Multiple Usage of Our – Energy Token 
  3. Continuous Value – Growth of EPR Token 
  4. Intelligent Power – Utilities

EPR Token Allocation Plan
Token lock-up period:
Founding Team & Advisors (20%): 3-year lock up period.
Releasing schedule: 30%, 30%, 40% in year 1, year 2 and year 3 respectively.
Foundation Reserves: 5-year lock up period.
Release schedule: 20% every year.
Ecosystem rewarding pool: 5-year rewarding period for early platform participants.
Community development and operation: will not be locked.

Use of Funds
Proceeds raised from token sale will be used for the R&D of EtainPower platform, and the business development. The funds will be used as follows:
According to EtainPowers development plan, the funds will be used as follows:
Main terms of the EtainPower token sale:

  • 45% of the proceeds will be used for the EtainPower platform and ecosystem development.
  • 10% of the proceeds will be used for legal compliance with the energy sector requirements.
  • 15% of the proceeds will be used to acquire other energy blockchain technologies and assets.
  • 15% of the proceeds will be used for advertisement, branding and business development.
  • 5% of the proceeds will be used for daily operating expenses such as office expenses, travel expenses, transportation expenses, conference fees, and office staffing costs.
Q2 2018
· Complete EPR token development and prepare for EPR Initial Coin Offering
Business Development:
· Finish EPR Initial Coin Offering
· Sign agreement with Antigua and
Barbuda National Grid to implement
EtainPower platform in its territory

Q3 2018
· Develop PPS token
· Launch PPS wallet Ver.1.0
Business Development:
· Completion of renewable energy project audit standards on the platform

Q4 2018
· Launch Beta version PPS financing platform
Business Development:
· Sign total 600MW renewable energy projects to raise capital on EtainPower platform

Q1 2019
· Launch PPS financing platform Ver.1.0
Business Development:
· Complete financing for the first batch of renewable energy projects.

Q2 2019
· Launch PPS Ver 2.0 to support multiple applications and services.
Develop PPS applications
Business Development:
· Expand business to Asia and United
States, marketing EtainPower platform to renewable energy producers and investors

Q3 2019
· Launch PPS wallet Ver 2.0 to support application services for users (mobile phone and web version)
Business Development:
· Sign partnership agreement with multiple application service providers
· Distribute revenue from the first batch of renewable energy projects to PPS holders (project investors)

Q4 2019
· Launch PPS application services such as electric vehicle rental, EV charging, travel services and more
Business Development:
· Develop power utility clients
· Before 2020, EtainPower platform will help 4GW renewable energy power generation projects complete financing


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