Energy is the source of life on Earth and it is a thing of the cosmos that makes possible the human population on this planet. A series of finding ways to harness the energy sources our survival. The increased use of non-renewable energy sources has exerted enormous pressure on the limited reserves of resources on the planet. A medical device can reduce communication staff to send an additional cost of the product to individual companies in the day-to-day market, to communication as a bus driver and to a renewing energy provider.
Another energy That is also Enough in the Human Life Real dominant is the Energy of Light. When Calculated, the Energy of Light is the largest Energy Directives that can be found on this earth. This is a tail the source of light comes from the sun, which is the most useful star in our solar system. The Light Has Many Last Will and is US As a Source of Life for Living Beings in our earth, sin No Light energy, then Our World can not live with objects That convert the Energy of Light is the Most Important Energy of the Earth That makes sense energy is very important to be understood by all.
 Welcome to EtainPower
EtainPower ecosystem is a Commercial and Renewable Energy financing and backed blockchain by AI Technologies. With the Support of the United Nations team of First Quality Engineers of Silicon Valley, we present Innovative ONE Architecture of the global annular blockchain Assets of Renewable Energy, allowing them to trade quickly and freely through our Decentralized platform Decentralized technology and blockchain quickly.
EtainPower is a team of experts with experience in Blockchain Technology, we help: deliver renewable energy projects overcoming financial barriers their improvement of the operation of the electrical installations of today. And charming the power of the transaction equation. Therefore, the Energy That Has a Great Understanding Adapts the Researcher to examine it, but at the end of the hypothesis of Every Energy That Is The Same That can change Forces EXIST But That can not be or has been eliminated.
Etain Power develops solutions for business people using the energy of renewable energy. With the power of blockchain technology, provide scalable and transparent solutions for the generation and use of renewable energy. The project can be financed by investors around the world, and the rules and criteria based on the smart contracts of the platform. Two tokens launched by the platform after the different purposes. Token EPR (Platform Token) and PPS Token (Power Points) are used by the contributors and the producers of the project on the platform.
It is expected that people, who are taxpayers, renew the compilation of the FICTA of PPS as of EPR. There are several cards for both, such as purchasing power, electric vehicles and blocks of microphones in chains. This provides the opportunity to finance and initiate a renewable energy project so that global participation can take place. One of the main tasks of this platform promotes the crowdfunding model of renewable fundable projects.
Q3 2017
EtainPower has officially begun.
Q2 2018
Contracted with Antigua Electric Utility
Q3 2018
PPS Wallet 1.0
We have completed the selection criteria for the project.
Q4 2018
Crowdfounding Platform.beta
600MW power project contract signed
January 2019
Crowdfunding Platform 1.0
4/4, 2019
2.6 Major project capital of GW
Exclusive application of trade in P2P services.
EV rental and EV charging
Q2 2020
PPS 3.0 (Microrred)
Development of smart grids
Smart Grid System 2.0
8.6 Capital ratio of GW projectors
The electric company has always been a company with authorization and centralized operations. The bi fossil fuel is a threat to pollution and the environment. In recent years, the international scenario of fossil fuels, together with the pollutants of global warming, that is, development of policies to promote progress from renovation projects to renovations.
As a final result, the companies involved in renewable energy sources have achieved development progress in the first direction, and the prices the collection of renewable energy sources often as clear. Therefore, the initiatives’ energiesic initiatives, the field of renewal sources, are limited as a way of basing traditional energy tasks on fossil fuels. In 2016, 60% of the international energy potential comes from renewable sources.
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