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EtainPower is a renewable energy financing and trading ecosystem empowered by both blockchain and AI technologies.Backed by a team of top-tier engineers from Silicon Valley,we introduced a groundbreaking blockchain architecture to tokenize global renewable energy assets,allowing them to be traded rapidly and freely through our highly decentralized blockchain technology platform in a fast and safe way.

Blockchain Technology

The definition of Blockchain is an integrated transaction logging technology with modern technology, which has a unique code that can not be changed (eternal) that revolutionized the workings of the internet, banking and other things. the meaning of the word Blockchain comes from the Block and Chain respectively has its own meaning.

Chain (chain) is a unique chain record and is the path of all consistent stages of a item / transaction. Block (special box) is a place / boundary / area specifically to accommodate all item / transaction changes that occur during the chain process. BlockChain Technology plays a very important role in creating the eye digital money, for example is Bitcoin.

The blockchain is a public, distributed ledger of all transactions in a given system. It constantly grows as completed blocks (transactional information) are added to it. These blocks are built in a linear and chronological order through cryptography. Being a public system, information stored on the blockchain is readily available to all users; anytime, anywhere. However, its distributed nature ensures that this information is tamper – proof and immutable. The blockchain is rapidl y permeating global economic systems — lowering costs, reducing risk, enhancing efficiency, and ushering new – found levels of trust through disintermediation of services. One sector that is being revolutionized by this emerging technology is the financial sector. The advent of blockchain technology has shed light upon a greatly – needed trust in financial transactions through direct peer – to – peer transactions, bypassing traditional intermediaries. The global financial system is enormous, requiring massive coordinated manpower and resources just to process a single transaction. Intermediaries are always required to send, receive and verify transactions, resulting in a slow and cumbersome process. These intermediaries are human and are prone to human failings , often resulting in catastrophic outcomes like the global financial crash of 2008 – 09. They are also, more often, targets of fraud and fraudulent activities which have resulted in very restrictive regulations being instated and overall higher costs for eve ryone. The global financial crisis of 2008 – 09 — the worst economic disaster since the Great Depression of 1929 — brought untold hardships to millions all over the world and a credit crunch that we are yet to recover from. Global economic growth is yet to return to the rates it saw before the financial crisis. Most companies have been forced to restructure and lay off workers; unemployment rates are still too high. Blockchain’s elimination of third parties and immutability is facilitating a paradigm shift towards a more secure, transparent, and decentralized banking system that firmly places control back into the hands of the users.

Seeing the success of Blockhain makes EtainPower want to present a renewable energy financing and trading ecosystem supported by 2 technologies, namely blockchain and AI. With the support of these two technologies, EtainPower believes that it can create a service that will support the development of the smart energy ecosystem.

EtainPower solutions

• Energy Token

EtainPower is a blockchain-based transaction platform for renewable energy financing. Through the platform, energy producers can establish connections with global investors to meet their project financing needs.

• Diversified Investment Returns

Investors who help finance renewable energy projects on the EtainPower platform will have many options for using their energy tokens. Apart from exchanging the energy tokens for EPR through the platform, they can purchase electricity through local providers or use energy tokens in EtainPower’s ecosystem to pay for various other services.

• Power Grid Intelligence

The EtainPower mission is to build a smart power grid that operates based on decentralization, transparency, and zeroemission principles. EtainPower will not only include renewable energy microgrid and distributed generation power projects in the ecosystem, but also establish partnerships with power utility companies.

EtainPower Features

EtainPower combine blockchain and AI technologies and apply them to the global energy network with the goal to break the monopoly position of traditional energy giants and bring true decentralization to the smart energy ecosystem

  • Tokenized Renewable
  • Multiple Usage of Our Energy Token
  • Continuous Value Growth of EPR Token
  • Intelligent Power Utilities

Token Sales

Token EPR
Price 1 ETH = 65,000 EPR
Platform Ethereum
Accepting ETH
Country Malta
Whitelist/KYC None

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