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EtainPower is a renewable energy financing and trading ecosystem empowered by both blockchain
and AI technologies.Backed by a team of top-tier engineers from Silicon Valley,we introduced a
groundbreaking blockchain architecture to tokenize global renewable energy assets,allowing them to
be traded rapidly and freely through our highly decentralized blockchain technology platform in a fast
and safe way.

Welcome to EtainPower
EPR Token is a platform currency that is circulated in the EtainPower energy ecosystem.
The platform currency can be used for diverse energy consumption, project voting, and project revenue sharing.
At the same time, the EPR Token can be used to invest in various types of high-quality renewable energy projects.

Blockchain technology is an innovative internet database technology.It is an independent,
decentralized,verifiable,and permanent database that coexists in multiple locations and is shared by
the community.By design,blockchain is inherently resistant to data tampering. Once a transaction
happens on the platform,it is verified by everyone within the platform.

Another energy that today is also dominant in human life is the energy of light. In calculating the energy of light is the highest energy that can be found on this Earth. This is due to the fact that the light source itself comes from the sun, which is the most useful star in our solar system. Light has many functions and is used as a source of life for living beings on our earth, without any light energy, then our world cannot live with objects that turn light energy into the most important energy on Earth, which makes sense energy is very important for understanding by all. Welcome to EtainPower

EtainPower is a financial and trading ecosystem with renewable energy sources, supported by blockchain and AI technologies. We support a team of leading engineers from Silicon Valley, we are implementing an innovative blockchain architecture to reorient global assets in the field of renewable energy, which allows them to trade quickly and freely through our decentralized and decentralized technology blockchain platform.

EtainPower is a team of experts with the technological background of Blockchain, we help in the implementation of projects in the field of renewable energy sources, overcoming their financial barriers, while improving the functioning of modern electrical enterprises. And the power of the transaction equation is fascinating. Therefore, energy has a lot of understanding that fits the researcher who studies it, but in the end, the hypothesis of each energy is the same as the forces that can change, but cannot be eliminated or made.

happens on the platform,it is verified by everyone within the platform.

EPR Token Allocation Plan
Token lock-up period: Founding Team & Advisors (20%): — 3-year lock up period. Releasing schedule: 30%, 30%, 40% in year 1, year 2 and year 3 respectively. Foundation Reserves: 5-year lock up period. Release schedule: 20% every year. Ecosystem rewarding pool: 5-year rewarding period for early platform participants. Community development and operation: will not be locked. 4.1 Use of Funds Proceeds raised from token sale will be used for the R&D of EtainPower platform, and the business development. The funds will be used as follows: According to EtainPowers development plan, the funds will be used as follows:

45% of the proceeds will be used for the EtainPower platform and ecosystem development.
10% of the proceeds will be used for legal compliance with the energy sector requirements.
15% of the proceeds will be used to acquire other energy blockchain technologies and assets.
15% of the proceeds will be used for advertisement, branding and business development.
• 15% of the proceeds will be used for daily operating expenses such as office expenses, travel expenses, transportation expenses, conference fees, and office staffing costs.

Projects Portfolio

Name: Patten University

Type: Distributed PV

Installed Capacity: 150 Kw

Investment: $ 225,000

Location: USA

Name: WJU

Type: Distributed PV

Installed Capacity: 1 MW

Investment: $ 1,500,000

Location: USA

Name: Côte d’Ivoire

Type: Hydropower

Installed Capacity: 36 MW

Investment: $ 46,800,000

Location: Côte d’Ivoire

Name: Inner Mongolia

Type: Distributed PV

Installed Capacity:8.8 MW

Investment: $ 13,200,000

Location: China

EtainPower Roadmap

Q3 2017

EtainPower officially started.

Q2 2018

Contract signed with electric utility Antigua

Q3 2018

PPS Wallet 1.0

We have completed the selection criteria for financing projects.

Q4 2018

Crowdfounding platform.beta

A contract has been signed for a 600 MW power project

January 2019

Crowdfunding platform 1.0

4/4, 2019

2.6 GW project capital increase


An exclusive application for trading P2P services.

EV Rental and Charging EV

Q2 2020

PPS 3.0 (Microgrid)

Intellectual Grid Development


Smart Grid System 2.0

8.6 Capital Ratio for HB Projects

The energy company has always been a company with centralized authorization and operations. While conventional fossil fuels create a fair price for us, it also causes pollution and environmental hazards. In recent years, the international fossil fuel arena, along with global warming polluters, has been developing policies to promote renewable energy projects.

Ultimately, companies involved in renewable energy have made progress and development in the first direction, and prices for renewable energy are often reduced. Therefore, additional energy initiatives in the field of renewable energy sources are based on traditional energy problems based on fossil fuels. By 2016, 60% of the newly added international energy potential comes from renewable sources.






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