Etainpower – a Good time of day! Today we will look at the project etainpower, which combines two “fangled ” things: Alternative sources of energy and Blockchain. What is this project about?
For example, in Germany, the share of renewable energy is about 35%. And this is far from the limit! But here the question arises: how can a simple person invest in such a promising technology? In fact, very often such projects are far from financial centers. To help comes etainpower the power of blockchain technology!
Etainpower offers a convenient investment platform where everyone can invest in a favorite project.
How does it work?
The Etainpower project offers favorable conditions for all members of the ecosystem: the creators of the power plant receive investments that allow them to develop; Investors also get the opportunity to become part of a new innovative project, while remaining in complete safety, because the project uses the technology Blockchain.
so, How exactly does it work:
1. The investor acquires EPR-tokens, that is, the tokens of the project etainpower, bringing him profit
2. The developers are launching a new power plant project that works on alternative energy sources and buys the necessary equipment.
3. After the power plant is launched, PPS tokens are issued, the cost of which depends directly on the cost of the kilowatt of energy produced at this power plant and the success of a particular project
Etainpower It should be noted that PPS tokens are individual for each project. This approach allows taking into account regional differences (because the cost of kilowatts differs by country), gives investors additional opportunities and additional profit, creates and maintains competition between different power plants. PPS tokens can be exchanged for ERP tokens at a rate, purchase additional services on the Etainpower platform, or sell them on the stock exchange.
The project has a number of very interesting features that distinguish it against the background of the Rest:

1. Use of Innovative Technologies. The Etainpower Project team strives to improve the productivity of power plants as much as possible, so it uses modern solutions: IoT (internet things, will instantly monitor sensor readings), AI and machine learning. These technologies will allow the use of resources more efficiently, which will eventually lead to an increase in the productivity of the entire ecosystem, and therefore increase the income of Investors.
2. Versatility. The project team does not want ERP to become the next token on your purse, it is planned to partner with big business to make the ERP token unique, the token that can be used in everyday life.
The Project Team.
The project team consists of professionals who have extensive experience in the field of alternative energy sources. moreover, the team of the project is active, goes to various meetings and Exhibitions.

Meeting the project team with Tim Draper at svief2018
What about the ICO project?
The ICO Project Etainpower will be held in October 2018.
Project Softkap: 3 000 000 $
Project Hardkap: 20 000 000 $
ERP tokens are purchased for ETH.
Roadmap of the Project. What has already been done?
The project was officially launched in the third quarter of 2017, and in the second quarter of 2018, a treaty with Antigua’s companies was Signed.
According to plans already by the 4th quarter of 2019 will start raising capital for the project 4gvt-power plant!

The reason why the technology was Selected.
Blockchain has revolutionized project finance in a number of ways, including:
• The Investor’s trust will be based on the platform of the financing process due to the unmodified nature of the Blockchain.
• The process of financing the tokens, all the details will be exposed, which will make the process of raising funds more transparent, each investor will see the direction of the development of Things.
• Real-time monitoring and recording of transactions will make the funding process Feasible.
• Renewable energy projects that require financing can be established through a blockchain with the available contacts of investors around the world, which will enable the Project’s financing process to be completed.
• With the help of a decentralized blockchain, the trading process is not controlled by either party, and every detail is exposed to investors and borrowers, Etainpower as this will help to properly monitor the transaction and ensure fair trading. • When an agreement is reached between the parties, the contract item will be coded into the smart contract, which will be implemented automatically and without fear of violating the Agreement.

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