What is Eterbase?
Obviously, today there are many exchanges of crypto-currencies. What distinguishes Eterbase? How does the exchange plan compete? Here are some of the main features of the exchange: 
Heavy-Duty Trade  : Eterbase will use a “proprietary infrastructure and appropriate engines” to offer “safe, complex and large-scale trade” at a level comparable only to Wall Street, according to the official website. 
Compliance with regulatory requirements  : Eterbase is built on a comprehensive normative core. This core complies with provisions such as KYC, AML, CTF and GDPR, which makes it fully compatible with the rules of the European Union. 
Clean and professional: Eterbase aims to offer powerful trading opportunities for professional traders and beginners, including “human-centered design, round-the-clock support and an intuitive interface.” 
Individual IBAN client  : Eterbase applies for the establishment of the Electronic Money Institution or EMI in accordance with the European regulatory standards. If successful, this will allow Eterbase to issue fully operational international bank account numbers or IBAN. This means that they can directly clear payments in euros, serving customers across the European Economic Area (EEA), which covers 31 European countries. This would provide Eterbase with similar coverage and service as a European bank.
SEPA and debit cards  . Another advantage of obtaining an EMI license is the ability to integrate Eterbase with a single payment system (SEPA). SEPA is available for 500 million people and 20 million businesses in Europe. If the EMI application Eterbase is successful, the platform will be able to accept direct cash deposits and withdrawals on the payment account – just like a bank. Eterbase will also be able to issue debit cards and make card payments – against, like an ordinary bank. 
Mobile application:  Eterbase plans to launch a mobile application in the future. This mobile application will offer safe, fast, convenient management and management of multiple portfolios on your mobile device. 
Sub- account: Eterbase will have a sub- account system in which you can manage various portfolios and trading strategies on several accounts from the same account. You can immediately view the full value of your portfolio while maintaining unique individual trading strategies. 
Social trading: the  function of social trading Eterbase allows you to monitor and interact with the best traders. The best traders get a commission for all who copy their trades. 
Today you can view a sample of Eterbase’s information panel on the blog in the blog. The toolbar is similar to GDAX and other large exchange of crypto-currencies, simplifying the display of complex information, giving traders access to all required data from one screen.
What problems does Eterbase seek to solve? 
Why do we need an exchange, for example, Eterbase? The company believes that the market does not cope with several key problems in the industry, including all of the following: 
growing market demands  : cryptoresist grows with growth, but existing exchanges of crypto-currencies are struggling for volume processing. 
Limited technology  : Eterbase technical documentation mentions technological problems, such as speed-limited trading APIs, real-time transaction confirmations, and deferred order updates. These problems make “extremely difficult if not impossible” monetization of trading strategies that require simultaneous execution of many transactions. ” 
Customer Support: Eterbase claims that most exchanges view customer service as an “afterthought”. Eterbase will emphasize a “customer-centered” customer service model that responds better to customer requests and complaints.
Absence of Fiat adoption:  one of the unpleasant things in the exchange of crypto-currencies is that it can be difficult to invest money on a platform. Not all exchanges accept fixed currencies. Some exchanges accept only a certain type of currency fiat – for example, USD or GBP. Eterbase wants to register as a bank regulated by the EU, which will allow it to accept SEPA payments and other traditional payments from bank accounts in Europe. 
Exchange Security: the  main exchanges are constantly bombarded with hacker attacks. Even the largest stock exchanges are experiencing downtime. These are serious problems for the industry, which requires mass adoption. 
Trading fees : The average upper exchanges charge a commission for trading at a rate of 0.1% to 0.2%, increasing friction in the market. Eterbase will in fact offer negative trading fees to some users (for example, you will earn money as a market maker at certain membership levels). 
Listing requirements  : Today’s leading stock exchanges may amount to $ 1 million per listing. That’s why many new markers developers are forced to use secondary markets where they face low liquidity and large spreads. 
How do Eterbase tokens work? 
Eterbase tones, or XBASE tokens, are markers that are compatible with ERC20, built on the block chain Ethereum. Tokens can be redeemed for discounts, products and services available through Eterbase. 
There is a total stock of 1 billion XBASE tokens.
The main goal of XBASE tokens is to access the membership scheme at the Eterbase level, which we will discuss below.
Plate for Eterbase Plate
Eterbase will be based on a multi-level membership scheme. The more tokens you deposit on the Eterbase platform, the higher your membership level will be. Members at a higher level will pay lower fees than members at a lower level. 
Here’s how the fees break down:
  • Basic (0 XBASE Required)  : 0.10% (manufacturer fee), 0.10% (tuition fee)
  • Plus (10,000 XBASE required)  : 0% (manufacturer fee), 0.075% (participation fee)
  • Professional (50 000 XBASE required)  : -0.01% (manufacturer fee), 0.05% (training fee)
  • Prize (100,000 XBASE required)  : -0.02% (manufacturer fee), 0.03% (participation fee)
Other bonuses are available when moving to a new membership level. For example, participants with 0 XBASE tokens can issue a maximum of 100 requests per minute, and the remaining three levels allow 500 to 5000 requests per minute. Premium members can register up to 100 accounts. They also have a 75% discount on withdrawals, among other benefits.
All about Eterbase
Eterbase is under development by a team based in Vaduz, Liechtenstein. This command is registered under the name Eterbase AG, which is registered under the corporate number FL-0002.570.473.
As the Eterbase newspaper explains, Liechtenstein is “one of the most important financial centers in Europe” and has a favorable regulatory environment that has made it the fintek innovation center.
Conclusion Eterbase
Eterbase aims to distinguish itself from competition by launching a fully regulated exchange of crypto-currencies in Europe. This exchange will offer commercial enterprise-level capabilities along with a multi-level membership system that significantly rewards XBASE token owners. Eterbase also applies to become an Electronic Money Institution (EMI) under EU law, which means that the exchange can accept SEPA transfers and directly interact with European banking systems.
To learn more about the new exchange, visit the online site at

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