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A lot of scientific discoveries that were once considered impossible for humans are now a lot that has become reality and many more predictions that will happen in the future that is directly related to humans one of them is the desire to radically extend their life and improve their standard of living , but you are still banned by regulators, inaccessible due to legislative inability, or needing additional research no matter how many people are willing to pay.

Eternal Trust provide solutions to these problems by creating platforms where individuals can design and service products need for their welfare, where research groups can analyze potential demand for their latest developments, and finally, where customers from Eternal Trust unique product can create intelligent contracts that will ensure the purchase of autonomous services in the future. Eternal Trust are particularly suited to operations suspended with biomaterials, allowing for the acquisition algorithmization of cloning procedures, or to restore customer relationships after cryopreservation or chemical fixation, and many services are equally fantastic, but worth it, once they become legal, ethical, and available at market.

To launch our platform, we raise funds through Token Sales, starting March 22nd.

Funds from Token Sales will be used to:

  • Building a market platform that will connect potential customers with innovative service contractors;
  • Improve algorithms to create individual smart contracts;
  • Making the storage of objectives and legal agreements decentralized for our customers;
  • Create an AI-based framework that shares abstract defined goals into a set of components such as products;
  • Create an AI-based framework that independently examines the availability of suitable contractors.

Eternal Trust have assembled a team of experts in various fields:

  • In the formation of trust funds (trust is a legal agreement that guarantees the use of funds solely for the purposes set out by settlor-the creator of trust),
  • In asset management (to ensure our client’s trust funds will get the value until the required products and services are available)
  • In biomedicine (to continuously monitor the compliance of our medical contractors with biomaterial storage standards to ensure fulfillment of Eternal Trust client’s goals) and
  • In blockchain technology.

After the token offering, Eternal Trust plan to enter the market with services that will sustain demand by attracting human nature. Eternaltrusts combines the existing services of 4 different industries to create new products – an autonomous guarantee system, pending purchases of other emerging biomedical and vital services are not available at this time.

The project is focused on creating intelligent systems that analyze filtrate, incorporate, and formulate EST for groups of researchers and biotech experts with the aim of completing tasks assigned to us.

Such tasks include, for example:

  1. Extension of human life through organ replacement (donor or artificial).
  2. Extension and protection of human life with cryopreservation or anabiosis.
  3. Transfer human consciousness to other substrates with the preservation of brain chemistry; scanning and emulating consciousness on a computing platform.

Research priority areas:

  1. medical research related to stem cells
  2. medical research in transplantology
  3. research in the field of genetics
  4. research on the human brain …… and many more.

The system will be the one that popularizes human values and the possibility for everyone to take part in important scientific research through token sales.


22 March – 30 May 2018

Initial price of 1 ETT 0.01 USD
Tokens for sale: 200’000’000 ETT
Presale Hat Target: 2’000’000 USD

Start: June 1 – August 1, 2018

Price: 0,014 – 0,018 – 0,021 USD
Tokens for sale: 1’750’000’000 ETT
Soft cap: 7’000’000 USD
Hard cap: To be defined after Presale

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