Hello, the respectable followers of the Blockchain revolution. In this article, I would like to examine the Eternal Trusts ICO Project, which I find very different and positive with ICO sales currently in progress and funding of over $ 6 million.

Today, everyone is looking for a way to prolong their life or improve their living standards. But in the present case, people are unwilling to invest in these forward-looking issues, because of legal limitations or lack of services. Here Eternal Trust intends to solve these problems using smart contracts with blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

What is Eternal Trusts?

The Eternal Trusts is the foundation for providing enough funding for people to realize their dreams. The system will process as follows. The customer, that is, you enter your goal in the project’s platform. The advisors involved in the system work on the blockchain network through smart contracts to realize them.

Researchers start to work on it.
When the necessary legal and technological ground for the realization of the targeted purpose is established, this desired thing is automatically realized with the help of smart contracts and artificial intelligence. In this process, the customer makes the payments for transactions by ETT which is the token of the project.


The first problem to be solved for the project to reach its goal is that people do not invest because of technological constraints and limited research work. On the other hand, the main problem is related to not being able to provide the necessary support from the states at the same time. So research is trapped in a loop that is difficult and never finds a solution. However, the Eternal Trusts have the desire to solve all these problems from beginning to end.

Eternal Trusts, food, hospitality, communication, transportation etc. by lowering the costs required to manage them. as well as issues related to assets to be provided to the buyer. Customers are also given the opportunity to determine the contract’s duration.

Is this platform reliable? Eternal Trusts will build trust with smart contracts and artificial intelligence by minimizing the human factor. Most of the methods will be automatically included in the payment system.

Assigned targets and customer trust contracts are encrypted and stored in the Blockchain database. Thus, customer data will be kept confidential. The efforts of futurists and scientists will find solutions to current problems. Particularly, it is evaluated that biomaterials can be found in such a way as a protection problem, resuscitation, cloning or other health problems.

The research team analyzes the potential demand for recent developments and finally builds smart contracts that guarantee customers of a unique product, independent purchases of future services.


In the framework of the above, Eternal Trusts is a blockchain platform that offers the opportunity to purchase advanced services that are not yet available. We can say the project claiming that you can reach all your dreams. Science is constantly evolving, meaning that not only other innovations but also innovative medical technologies like frozen chemical disinfectants will soon become a futuristic reality.

We can exemplify the ideas that are planned to be developed for the example future that the customers can invest in the project:

  • The idea of extending human life by changing the organ (donor or artificial).
  • Cryopreservation or imagination of prolongation and protection of human life through anabiosis
  • Transfer of human consciousness to other substrates by the protection of brain chemistry; awareness scanning and simulation on computing platforms.


We can exemplify the priority research areas as follows:

  • Stem cell-related medical research
  • Medical research in the field of transplantation
  • Research in the field of genetics
  • Human brain research and more.

This system will allow everyone involved in the scientific research mentioned above to participate in the sales of tokens. ETT owners will also be able to benefit from the opportunities that the platform can offer.

ICO and Token Details:

The project’s token is ETT which is based on Ethereum ERC 20 and EOS.IO standard. Pre-sales of the project ended on May 30, 2018. ICO sales are between June 1 and October 1, 2018. The Soft Cap target in ICO Sales is 7 Million USD; Hard Cap target is $ 25 million.

A total of 1 billion 750 million ET tokens is allocated for sales. In ICO sales, the price is 0.014 – 0.018-0.021 USD. 10% bonus is also offered to those who buy more than 10 ETH. When we examine the current token sales, we see that the project is on the verge of reaching Soft Cap raising over $ 6 million.

You can use link to join ICO token sales.


Team Members:

The CEO of the project is an entrepreneur named KIRILL SILVESTROV. He is engaged in the investment business for more than 15 years. Previously, he worked as Vice-President for Alfa-Bank and Moscow Regional Sales Manager for TKB Capital.

In addition, the other members of the project include experienced experts in sectors such as blockchain, smart contracts, investment, finance, analysis, biology, and law.


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