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It’s true that every individual has a dream for the future she/her. Although dreams are understandable, which is impossible at the moment, futuristic dreams simply go beyond that. Not many people think that they will have at least the slightest chance that it can be realized in the first place. One example of these dreams will be the opportunity for information in DNA to recreate the exact genetics of a particular person. This futuristic idea and dream have been around for quite some time.

There are already studies related to animals, but not to humans. When you first heard about it, it certainly does not sound like something accessible, right? There are other dreams of this kind. Of course, this is not the only one. Still connected with this dream, there is one more where one can assume that one can recreate a person from a biomaterial. Then it leads to another dream, which says that modern technologies can store this biomaterial as much as we want. At first glance they seem impossible.

This, as they say, does not seem to be that there is no reason to base such a dream. First, the idea of recreating another copy of one person is based on the idea that the brain stores all the information about you, like memories, knowledge and even personality. That’s why many researchers believe that you can make an exact copy. However, this is not something that is considered something that is meant for success, with minimal effort. Now, if so, are you going to abandon it?

What makes it impossible to realize the dream

People can have many reasons to abandon their futuristic dreams. However, if we consider cases, you will find two main reasons that stop dreams. First of all, it would be nothing more than the costs of their implementation. Futuristic dreams are not just a dream that can be achieved from the very beginning. They need us to spend money on this. However, even the money needed to realize such a dream will not be so cheap. In many cases, futuristic dreams largely require the achievement of modern technologies for implementation.

In addition to technology, in the end you may need certain services from large companies. As you can imagine, such things can not be obtained with the help of cheap money. However, this is not the only problem for realization of futuristic dreams. In fact, another problem is that people are mostly experiencing these days. This problem is nothing more than the inability to buy services to help realize dreams. This is not about money, but about the inaccessibility of services.

In this world, there are services that are banned from buying, since they are not yet approved by regulators. Sometimes they are inaccessible due to inadequate legislation. Sometimes you can get them, because more research is needed. Now, what can you do when you can not buy them because of something that can not be controlled? That’s why people are mostly stuck here. They have no choice but to wait until people can access these services. But can you wait so long? We can not even be sure when they will be available. Therefore, people must have hoped to change something.

Realization of dreams with eternal trusts

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We will not raise this issue if we do not have a solution. Yes, today there is a new platform in the blockchain. This platform is called Eternal Trusts. They believe that dreams are doomed to success. Thus, there is nothing impossible for them, even those futuristic dreams that many people would call impossible to begin with. While you yourself think that these dreams can be realized, you can make them true for sure. You see, you no longer need to just dream about them.

Give Whitepaper a read, and you will find out that there is a solution to this. You, too, do not need to strive. There are Eternal Trusts, of which you can ask for help in the end. Of course, this is one block platform, but it differs from the others. It will not be an exaggeration to say that this platform is unrivaled since it is the world’s first blockbuster platform, known for its deferred acquisition of goods and services that are currently unavailable. How can this be in reality?

To provide the right solution for your needs, this platform is created for all purposes. It is for everyone that you can develop the necessary products and services to ensure their well-being. Research groups are invited to analyze the potential demand for the purpose of their latest developments. As for customers, the platform is designed to create so-called intellectual contracts, as well as the necessary infrastructure to ensure the offline purchase of future services. That’s how ET is going to solve your problem.

How do we use the platform to realize the dream

From the above definition, this platform certainly sounds great. Now that you know what they can promise you, do not you want to know how we can use the platform to realize our dream? Let’s tell you what’s great about this platform, which we’re talking about. It will be nothing more than a simple layout for the process of realizing a dream. Why not? All you need to do to start doing something is to put different goals on the platform. Everything will be done because any futuristic dreams that you have do not matter for ET.

This means that regardless of your dream of the future, they can still become the right platform to help you with this. Restore the person, create your clone or make an interplanetary flight, the Eternal Trust will not say that this is impossible, and instead, they will be convinced that these are dreams that are doomed to success. Now that you have set goals, you can make some changes and adjustments as needed. Dream scenarios can be changed, and if necessary, you can set any necessary conditions.

When both scenarios and conditions are set, the next thing you need to do is program the parameters. Make sure that you have several options for the future. Perhaps you will never know which option, which will ultimately be used to realize a dream, is not it? Thus, the presence of more than one option will be a lifesaver. This is largely how you will use the platform for your needs. Do not you think that Eternal Trusts is a convenient platform for use? Since they do not doubt that you also dream, we can be sure of it.

Generation of Smart Contract with AI

As mentioned earlier, this platform is designed to create the necessary infrastructure as a solution for the realization of your dreams. Did you know? When an infrastructure is created, they also create an intellectual contract for you. This smart contract uses the famous artificial intelligence, which is used today by many platforms of blockades. Of course, there is an advantage of using this AI brain in the contract. AI is one of the advanced technologies that help to understand what was impossible before. To realize futuristic dreams, this technology is what you need.

AI will perform work on tracking the various components that will help realize your dream in the market. AI will also conduct some tracking to see when you can fulfill your dream. Why would not your dream succeed if it is properly supported? You see that there is no other block-block platform that can help you. Thus, you can trust this platform and begin to realize your whole dream of the future. You will never go wrong with ET.

We would say again that this platform will make things comfortable for you. Why, of course, everything that AI does above is performed automatically. There is nothing difficult in manual mode. Do not you think that you too can save your time on this platform? Eternal hopes know what is needed to help people realize their dreams. They have everything you need for this. What can you ask more? It’s time to stop dreaming, but start doing it. You have the ET with you.


We have reached the end of this article. What do you think about this blockchain? It’s pretty interesting, right? There is no other that can be such and still be proud of the fact that every dream is doomed to success. Until now, you have only Eternal Trusts to believe in such things and help people realize their dream of the future. Without doubting the possibility, they should make sure that this will eventually come true. Powered by advanced technology, the confidence in eternal trust is trustworthy. Working with them will not be a waste of time and money.

Talk a lot about the ICO project. The total stock of the token is ETT 
All tokens that are not sold will be burned. 
The beginning of the 
March 22, 2018, closing on May 30, 2018, was launched 
The of price token at this stage is $0.01 The beginning of TOKENSALE 
June 1, 2018 closing August 1, 2018. 
As early as possible in the achievement of the ICO HARDCAP project. 
The price order at this stage is 
$0.014 $ 0.018 – $ – 0.021 $ 
SOFTCAP 7.000.000 $ 
HARDCAP Will be announced after PRESALE

I need to state that this undertaking is characteristically unique. In handy arrangements, there are numerous followers. And I imagine that the achievement of the project won’t take long. My supposition is affirmed by the sentiment of the biggest rating locales that put the venture greatest points. This implies that the investment engaging quality of the task is high.

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