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Is it conceivable to give a solid assume that will be put away for quite a long time? With barricade advances everything is conceivable! We exhibit you another undertaking with a legitimate address in one of the capitals of the digital currency world – Singapore – Eternal Trusts! As official delegates of the organization express, their posterity will make solid trusts that will have the capacity to be put away for quite a long time. Resources will be put away in the most solid banks on the planet, and all work will be performed totally self-rulingly. Also, even in excellent cases, when for various reasons, including lawful and moral, the framework will discover an exit plan – a component will be propelled to exchange the trust reserve to the nearby relatives of the customer.

How about we attempt to dismantle the framework by illustration. Suppose you long for visiting Mars or colonizing the moon. As a major aspect of the Eternal Trusts venture, you can portray an administration or item identified with these occasions, however not yet discharged. For instance, potato seeds for serious Martian soil. In light of crafted by keen contracts, clients will have the capacity to make buys when it winds up conceivable.

In this way, as you have officially comprehended, the primary objective of Eternal Trusts is to make conditions that are more open to everybody, for offering or looking for administrations that enhance future and its quality.

1. Formation of the goal

The customer chooses a goal that he plans to implement. To implement it at the moment is difficult, and maybe impossible. The client chooses such parameters as the possibility of insurance and the method of payment, and most importantly, the duration of the contract. 
2. Creation of infrastructure

3. Achieving the goal of
HYIP in social networks If we talk about popularity on the Web, then, it can be said, the project has already gained notable fame. As of May 22, in the official Telegram group – 10 361 subscribers, Twitter – 8807, Facebook – 889, reddit – 36. The real discovery for developers will be the project profile in github, where 2 repositories with valuable code are posted. More recently, the project has been blogging in English to Medium, there are currently 5 subscribers and 10 notes. 
Token The short name for the new currency is ETT. The price for sales is the equivalent of 0.01 USD. A total of 1.95 billion system tokens were put on the ICO, which is 65% of the total number of ETTs issued. You can buy tokens for both BTC and ETH, and for BCH, LTC and even DASH. 
Stages of ICO:

ICO Roadmap: A
trust agreement with a legal product was created back in 2015. After a couple of years, in 2017, the team began to work actively to create an investment strategy for long-term management. In February of this year, a personal cabinet and a purse of the system were created. In April MVP was launched on Etherium. In May, a beta version of the smart contract will be put on public display. In August, they will register a client fund for managing capital. In the future, the project will be given a lot of time to partners. Third-party Token Sale on the platform will be open in December. The last event in the map is February 2019th – during this period it is planned to launch a powerful PR campaign.

** Key benefits of Eternal TRUSTS: **

  • Innovativeness. All the goals that the client writes in the contract are analyzed by the system, to what extent these goals can be realized, after which the person receives the results;
  • Reliability. Modern technologies are reliable and safe;
  • Customer-oriented. Of course, for the company, the range of services for the implementation of the objectives is extremely important. Keeping the peace and health of the client is the main goal of the company.

The idea of ​​the project is simply amazing, and, in fact, quite original. On the side of the project is the presence of a powerful team of true professionals in their field of activity. It is also worth noting that, according to different estimates of experts in the network, the project receives, as a rule, the highest scores. Most likely, investing in this crypto currency will be beneficial both for the medium term. So on the long-term. Our attitude to the project is extremely positive.

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