ETERNAL TRUSTS – The world’s first fiduciary crypto protocol


Many people with a time period are in a position to invest their material and financial resources in various seductive tool kits in order to obtain and create an additional source of income. But not all of them have a good 1st news owner communication data or an individual advisor for such operations.

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As you my inspiration, you understand that such variations of versions and many intermediary dealers in the form of brokers, Forex exchanges, investment project development offer their services for the location of your funds in any promising startups, enterprises, they hope all related transactions for their movement and profit or loss, are enthusiastic about their own work.

In such cases, the investor is obliged to rely on reliable strength and a good positive working experience of such agents who can provide these reports on transactions in order to justify their reliability. But on the current day of the day, every day it becomes less and gives its trust to its own money for customers, so it can be extremely exposed to a dangerous opportunity, because the necessary funds are in the brokerage account, and it manages almost by its own desired action and can elementarily produce falsified records in order to fool.

Another temptingly exciting direction is the creation of fiduciary deposits through other financially tangible office objects, such as banking institutions that already have flattering experience or good connections, comfortable accommodation, and wider investment opportunities and more likely to give their confidence to their events. on their behalf, part of the profits, in order to take yourself and part of you.

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But again, there is the subject of attention and the acquisition of real-life data about transactions with voiced customer coins. And such difficulties are proposed for solving a software calculation called EternalTrusts.

This startup tones the development of the investment case and the conclusion of fiduciary contracts and obligations through a decentralized application and platform and uses intellectual contracts to eliminate complex confidence difficulties. This idea allows customers to fully control with supervision all financial transactions according to their own investments in the conditions of cryptocurrency using the method of aggregate implementation of decisions by ecosystem members.

This help will help many people who have all the chances of not having sufficient reliable information, trust the knowledge of experienced traders and analyst reviewers, make more profit from their relatives in their own way and be confident in the longevity and operability of transactions, see every percentage increase or loss almost in real time through your smart phone.

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Service providers and creators of decentralized add-ons on that site may be different financial entities, they are chosen by the Trustees, who keep asset management under control, in an unpleasantly curious incident they can still be called a network of oracles, and the ET payoff for transactions in the interior of the system structures.

Unlike conventional trust management project schemes, the Eternal Trust practically provides an opportunity to hedge its dangers for investment investors and discloses personal activity to everyone. Blockchain eliminates territorial obstacles, intermediary conductors in the form of banking and electric payment systems and significantly increases and expands the limits for people who are willing and willing to invest their money in profitable ideas.

Now the sale of tokens, which will continue until October 1, 2018, and has already collected more than 6 million. bucks. Eternal Trust has all the prerequisites for revolutionizing the old model of the fiduciary branch and attracts a large total number of participating members.

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  • What does the ET protocol include?
  • The client can customize the interface dApp, depending on the objectives, selected beneficiaries, etc.
  • thanks to a smart contract, the relationships between all ecosystem participants are clearly defined
  • own purse for crypto currency
  • You can define and configure the decision-making mechanism (centralized or decentralized)
  • secure data storage
  • clearly identifies the powers of the trusted parties, the proven multi-signature mechanism
  • Ability to veto transactions
  • remuneration system on behalf of the client
  • asset management through tokenization

Conclusion: Eternal Trusts takes fiduciary funds to a new level, transferring its to blockchain and smart contracts. On the platform, the door is open for various companies providing financial services, which will create high competition and will improve the quality of the services provided. The platform is designed for both large investors and an ordinary person who thinks about the future and wants to preserve and increase his assets. Eternal Trusts is designed to manage different types of assets. The application is convenient for managing assets of different categories from banks to storage companies for biomaterials. Decentralized trust management is a promising and rather safe type of investment when services are provided on a reliable platform.



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