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There is a gigantic deluge of Blockchain Technologies accessible in the present market since the introduction of Bitcoin. It’s been 10 years, however there is as yet restricted usage of the innovation in the center undertaking process because of absence of necessities as far as adaptability, adaptability, protection and security. Tech Giants, for example, Amazon, IBM, Microsoft and Oracle are contending to create Blockchain-as-an administration (BaaS) arrangement that enables both enormous endeavors and organizations to execute, assemble and alter their very own idea of unified/decentralized applications. Another age of Blockchain Technology has worked to illuminate the above difficulties and is prepared for future mass reception.


Eternalcoin (EIS) is the ERC20 based token to be utilized regarding the Eternal Inc Network. EIS serves for both exchanging cards just as taking an interest competitions. With the presentation of EIS on the current Eternal Wars stage, we mean to oer virtual products on the Blockchain, moderate misrepresentation and high expenses just as make a creative gaming knowledge with genuine esteem.

Tragically, regardless of the positive projections concerning the normal income development in the gaming business, a great deal of players still think that its hard to outfit this chance to get more cash-flow on the web. The trouble originates from the limitation presented by a few nations on the utilization of cryptographic money for installment for gaming reassures, wagering/betting locales, and other related issues.

In any case, we at Eternal Inc are disturbing the current bottlenecks by consolidating Blockchain innovation into the gaming business by means of our stage where designers, distributers, and gamers would both be on the triumphant side. We will, consequently, utilize our stage to carry advancements to how to make web based recreations on versatile.

How Eternal deals with the perpetual gaming difficulties:

The gaming business has seen a ton of issues, which has made gamers to be on the losing side, particularly losing income under secretive conditions.


The present issue with all recreations is that players don’t claim their advantages. Any organization can close their game and players will lose all that they endeavored to acquire

Players claim their benefits by means of stamping and exchanging

Eternalcoin increases the value of benefits, stock things and cards

High liquidity for Eternalcoin due to a simultaneous userbase of 10k dynamic players

Esports competitions, live gushing occasions and a lot more highlights to come

In any case, at Eternal Inc., we take care of the different existing issues in the accompanying ways:

• Licensing issues:

We enable gamers to possess their advantages on the Blockchain. Dissimilar to what gets on different stages, gamers can gain and possess cards by holding EIS here. We don’t mess with this privilege and don’t likewise appropriate the gamers’ cards under any pretense.

• Fraud issue:

Since it is hard to pass judgment on the genuineness of cards, individuals lose an expected 7.5% virtual things to misrepresentation. Be that as it may, we guarantee that card proprietors are not controlled and will never lose their cards the minute they are paid for. Furthermore, we are making an easy to use advertise where clients who have EIS can without much of a stretch purchase and sell real cards.

• The Problem of Constant Spending,

Surprising expense and Slow Transaction: Our framework is quick, and the expense of an exchange is one of the most minimal in the business. This limits the cost a gamer spends over the long haul.

• Immutability:

We utilize Blockchain to guarantee that records are effectively recognizable and no control happens. This causes us to diminish extortion and secure the assets of the gamers who utilize our stage.

• Decentralization:

Exchanges on the Eternal Inc stage are decentralized and altogether out of the control of outsiders or middle people.

• Chargebacks:

Not any more additional weights on dealers and con artists don’t likewise get the opportunity of discoloring the picture of the game.

• Liquidity issue:

Clients can rapidly sell or exchange their cards with a few alternatives accessible to them.

Income model:

Our costs are profoundly aggressive and tantamount to what acquires on other versatile stages. They fall inside the scopes of $0.99 and $99 and will have 5 different sorts of in-application buys. What you purchase decides the value you get over the long haul. Our different offers are mouth-watering and will inspire more up to date players to begin spending when they join the stage. They incorporate the accompanying:

Development pack value extend – $0.99 to $29.99 (once buy)

Week by week pack run – $5.99 to $29.99 (can be acquired once every week)

Month to month pack extend – $49.99 to $99.99 (can be bought once every month)

Day by day pack go – $2.99 to $49.99 (player gets treats each day for 15 days, like a membership)

Pearl pack go – $0.99 to $99.99

Advantages of Eternal Inc Network to the Gaming Industry

A portion of the advantages we bring to the gaming business include:

• We offer gamers expert over their advantages and enable them to exchange among amusements and construct a huge worldwide network. Plus, we offer an assortment of diversions to add flavors to the gamers’ craving. A portion of the diversions incorporate PUBG, Fortnite, World of Iselia, and a few others we would like to include what’s to come.

• We will produce an enormous base for brokers through our diversions and give them access to purchase and sell tokens every minute of every day on various trades

• With us, you have more prominent access to gaming substance. Aside from owning resources, gamers can make and participate in competitions.

• Trust and Transparency: We make every one of our exchanges obvious and straightforward. Players reserve the option to challenge where any exchange is out of line to them.

• Share income: Eternal Wars players and speculators are permitted to take part in sharing the income accruable from our full-administration online card diversions.

• Responsive Game Play: With a framework based on Blockchain, we offer our players an exceptionally responsive stage on which to make their recreations.

• We offer satisfactory security for our clients and their benefits

• We use shortage to make a clamoring economy inside the computerized space.

• Our token holder will experience consistent development in the estimation of their EIS tokens.

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Token Distribution

65% The main phase of selling tokens

25% Bonus fund

4% The project team

4% Partners & consultants

2% Bounties

Allocation of funds

30% Game development

30% Art and animation

25% PR and marketing

10% Technical development

5% Other expenses


July, 2013: Initial idea for Eternal Wars

August, 2015: In-house development team created. Initial funds raised via founders’ personal savings, friends and family

March, 2017: Global launch of Eternal Wars on Appstore and Playstore

Q3, 2019: Begin development of the EIS economy into Eternal Wars List on exchanges

Q1, 2020: Work on syncing data from game server to web wallet Begin work on World of Iselia

Q3, 2020: Alpha release of World of Iselia – Create SDK on unity for wallet

Q1, 2021: Global launch of World of Iselia Development of Eternalcoin wallet Implement Eternalcoin into World of Iselia

Q3, 2022: Launch esports World of Iselia Begin work on Chaos Drive Sync Eternal Wars, World of Iselia and Chaos Drive ecosystem


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