Eternalcoin – The game industry uses the Eternal Inc network

The gaming industry is huge all over the world. This is a very broad platform in which billions of gamers and millions of developers interact. However, in the traditional system, there seem to be some flaws that make this interaction ineffective. Players need to own their assets, as well as cooperate and communicate. Game developers, as a rule, face the problem of high fees from trading platforms and high costs of attracting users.

The Eternal Inc Network decentralized ecosystem helps solve these problems. Eternal Inc is designed to change the way the online card games industry works by utilizing the smart logic of programmable contracts, blockchain immutability and high transaction speed using Blockchain technology.

Eternalcoin (EIS) is an ERC20 based token that is used on the Eternal Inc. network. EIS serves both for trading cards and for participation in tournaments. With the introduction of EIS on the existing Eternal Wars platform, we intend to offer virtual goods on the blockchain, reduce fraud and high fees, and create innovative gaming opportunities with real value.


Fraud problem

The authenticity of the cards is not known. It is estimated that for every legitimate virtual purchase, about 7.5% of virtual items are lost as a result of fraud. It is well known that assets stored and managed online are often manipulated or repayable. This means that sellers have to deal with an additional burden, and fraudsters damage the reputation of the game.

License issue

Gamers do not own cards, only a license to use them. Virtual items are basically simply licensed to gamers, and these items are often only available for use on proprietary platforms. In fact, they can even be manipulated, lost or returned without the help of users.

Liquidity problem

Cards cannot be easily sold or sold at minimal cost to users. The problem of fixed costs, high cost and slow transactions. Take the time to keep up with new extensions. Developing a platform for managing virtual goods often takes a lot of time and money. Developers pay 30% of platforms. Game publishers and communities rely on third-party virtual product transaction processing platforms. Gamers often face opaque funds, slowness and high transaction fees7,

The problem of centralization

The economic benefits do not go to the players. Virtual items and digital currencies are usually tied to one game and not transferable. In addition, if a player becomes banned, he can easily lose all his items and currency.

Eternal Inc Solutions


We offer players the opportunity to own their assets on the blockchain. This means that players can earn and own cards while holding the EIS.


The nature of Blockchain makes recordings easily recognizable without any manipulation.

Card exchange

We create a convenient market; where users with EIS can buy and sell cards

Decentralization As a blockchain-based system, centralization will be eliminated.

Information on the sale of tokens

Start: May 20, 2019

Number of tokens for sale: 195,000,000 EIS (65%)

End: June 10, 2019

Minimum transaction amount: 1 ETH / 1 BTC / 1 LTC

Accepted currency: ETH, BTC, LTC

Maximum. transaction amount: not specified

Exchange Token: 1 ETH = 6000 EIS

Maximum. amount collected: 30000 ETH


July 2013

Initial idea for eternal wars

August 2015

Created its own development team. Initial funds raised through the personal savings of founders, friends and family

March 2017

Global launch of Eternal Wars in the Appstore and Playstore


Start turning the EIS economy into a list of eternal wars on exchanges

1st quarter of 2020

Work on synchronizing data from the game server to the web wallet. Getting started on World of Iselia.

Q3 2020

World of Iselia Alpha Release – Create a unity wallet SDK

Q1, 2021

Global launch of World of Iselia. Development of Eternalcoin wallet. Introduction of Eternalcoin in the world of Iselia.

Q3, 2022

Launching eSports World of Iselia Start work on Chaos Drive Sync Eternal Wars, World of Iselia and the ecosystem Chaos Drive


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