Eternalinc the first mobile crypto

Eternalinc the first mobile crypto trading card game token

Analyzing current trends, we can safely say that we are moving in the right direction. People are trying to optimize more everyday processes, introducing into our lives more and more new technological solutions. Basically, this solution revolves around IT technology, artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. But, who would not say that the development of this area is nothing more than a normal evolutionary progress. However, mankind only has two ways: to grow and develop or to be degraded and collapse. And I am pleased that the people who aim to go in the right direction place the maximum power for this movement.

Eternal Wars is a trading card game available for iOS and Android, this is a free game to play that offers amazing card art and multiplayer real-time action. Join a fraction of up to 18 players to conquer events such as Clash of the Titans, Rise of the Gods and Battle Royal. With fast-paced player vs fight in the arena, raid, dungeon and faction battles there are many game choices for everyone.

But as you know, any growth is accompanied by a series of problems. Because they only need to improve. Therefore, errors in the system are excellent fuels for new reflections and high-quality solutions.

The current problem is that players do not own their assets. Any company can close their game and players will lose everything they try to get

  • License Issues
    Gamers do not have a card, only a license to use it.
  • Fraud Issues
    The authenticity of the card is unknown. Based on estimates, for every legitimate virtual purchase made, around 7.5% of virtual items are lost due to fraud.
  • Centralized Problems
    Economic benefits do not lead to players. Virtual items and digital currencies are usually locked for one game, and are not transferable.


  • We give players the opportunity to own their assets on the Blockchain.
  • The nature of the Blockchain makes notes easily identifiable without any form of manipulation.
  • We create a user-friendly market; where users with EIS can buy and sell decentralized cards As a Blockchain-based system, centralization will be eradicated.


  • Players own their assets through printing and trading
  • Eternalcoin adds real value to assets and inventory of goods and cards
  • High liquidity external currency due to use with 10 active players
  • Esports tournaments, live streaming events, and many more upcoming features

But how does it work

  • Players collect digital cards in games through events and card packages
  • Players print their cards in exchange for tokens. The rarer an item or card, the more tokens they will receive
  • Limited edition cards will be added which can only be purchased through Eternalcoins
  • World of Iselia and the next game will be made. Allows players to exchange their tokens in one Eternal World Ecosystem


  • Constant growth in value EIS Token
    Expanding the audience and releasing new products leads new users and increases trust, which leads to increased demand for a token.
  • Full protection against scammers
    Guarantee of all payments thanks to protection on the blockchain technology.
  • Own system
    Earned tokens can be used on different platforms and pay for all sorts of goods.
  • Interest-free exchange
    Interest-free exchange of EIS tokens for other crypto currencies.
  • Quick withdrawal
    Use your own wallet to display on the card.
  • Anonymity of use
    All participants are completely anonymous.

This is a very wide platform where billions of players and millions of developers interact. However, there seem to be some aws in traditional systems, which make this interaction inefficient. There is a need for players to own their assets and collaborate and communicate. Game developers even tend to face the challenges of high costs from the market and high costs of getting users. Eternal Inc Network decentralizes ecosystems to help solve this problem. Eternal Inc. is designed to change the way the online card game industry operates through the use of programmable smart contract logic, the permanence of the Blockchain ledger and high-speed transactions with the help of Blockchain technology. For users of our platform,

IEO & sale

Start: May 20, 2019
Number of tokens for sale: 195,000,000 EIS (65%)
End: June 10, 2019
Min. transaction amount: 1 ETH/ 1 BTC/ 1 LTC

Accepted currencies: ETH, BTC, LTC
Max. transaction amount: N/A
Exchange rate of tokens: 1 ETH = 6000 EIS
Max. amount collected: 30,000 ETH

Distribution of released tokens

65% The main phase of selling tokens
25% Bonus fund
4% The project team
4% Partners & consultants
2% Bounties

Use of funds

30% Game development
30% Art and animation
25% PR and marketing
10% Technical development
5% Other expenses


July, 2013
Initial idea for Eternal Wars

August, 2015
In-house development team created. Initial funds raised via founders’ personal savings, friends and family

March, 2017
Global launch of Eternal Wars on Appstore and Playstore

Q3, 2019
Begin development of the EIS economy into Eternal Wars List on exchanges

Q1, 2020
Work on syncing data from game server to web wallet Begin work on World of Iselia

Q3, 2020
Alpha release of World of Iselia – Create SDK on unity for wallet

Q1, 2021
Global launch of World of Iselia Development of Eternalcoin wallet Implement Eternalcoin into World of Iselia

Q3, 2022
Launch esports World of Iselia Begin work on Chaos Drive Sync Eternal Wars, World of Iselia and Chaos Drive ecosystem


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