Eternaltrusts Potential Project A DREAM THAT IS DESTINED TO SUCCEED

Today I will introduce a highly valued ico project on the icobench -Eternal Trust
in the world with over 16 million millionaires, and at least 10% of them want to do anything possible to prolong the time. live their lives fully and raise their standard of living. However, no matter how much you pay, you still can not purchase services that have not been legally accepted, inaccessible for lack of legitimacy, or require some additional research.
The Eternal Trust is a blockchain platform for the acquisition of future technologies. There are more than 16 million millionaires in the world today, and at least 10% of them will eagerly try anything that can extend their lives and improve their living standards. However, regardless of the amount of money you are willing to pay, you are still prohibited from purchasing services that have not been approved by the regulators, inaccessible due to regulatory deficiencies or additional research requirements. We provide solutions to this problem by creating a platform where individuals can build the products and services needed for their prosperity, where teams can analyze needs. Potential for their latest development

Our platform is ideal for delaying algorithm operations, connection after cryogenic or chemical fixation, and many other great but feasible services, once they become available. legal, ethical and available on the market.

We have assembled a group of experts in a variety of areas: the establishment of a trust fund (trust is a legal agreement that ensures the use of funds solely for the purpose set by the settler – the trustee), in asset management (to ensure that customer trust funds will reach value until mandatory products and services are available), in biomedical We constantly monitor the compliance of our medical contractors with the standard of bio-material storage to ensure customer’s goals) in blockchain technology.

After providing the token, we plan to enter the market with a service that will sustain the demand by attracting human nature. In view of the unique set of services we offer, we expect to attract 10% of our target audience, with a total market potential of 1.6 million.

Some features of the Eternal Trust

  1. Reliability
    The legal agreements are decentralized and can not be modified without the intervention of the customer. Biological materials are required to perform customer tasks that are preserved by reliable contractors. The size of the trust fund that ensures its viability over a specified period of time is determined by the terms of the contract.
  2. Innovation
    The objectives set by the client in the trust contract are tested automatically on a regular basis for feasibility and analyzed by top industry representatives on the complexity of the implementation. We monitor all new affiliates in the context of add-ons for our clients. Soon after we discovered that, in order to realize our dream, we need to record and add new information or biological material, we will contact the customer to make changes like well suited.
  3. Compulsion
    We see our foundation as a set of building blocks where people can find the optimal solution for their personal needs and goals. In our endeavor, we are guided only by the ideas and dreams of our customers. The most valuable thing for us is their happiness and safety.

It sounds complicated, but in a simple way, the project wants to build a foundation to ensure the best conditions for people. The conditions here are not just environmental or physical and mainly the way we feel happy. The platform will provide tools to help fund the investment, help realize the dream, store biological materials to cure when needed … I myself also see quite wide field to be able management and fulfillment.

The platform will be built primarily by teams that develop solutions to a wide range of issues, the assets they create are software, tools, technology that can bring value to life and support. human affairs. The currency used to operate the platform is an intermediary token named ETT token. This token is used purely to pay for services provided on a platform, and to pay a corresponding reward to developers participating in the ecosystem.

Smart contract and blockchain

Provide secure decentralized data storage and ensure the purchase of necessary services as they become available

The latest biomedical technologies for the collection and storage of biological materials

Complete the DREAM
We combine the existing services of four different industries to create a new product – a system of independent assurance, the purchase of deferred biomedical biomedical and emerging services. Other that currentry is not available

OUR CUSTOMERS are anyone who loves to dream and wishes to see the future world

Token details
: Eternal Trusts Token
Code: ETT
Total supply: 3 billion ETT Token
Softcap: $ 7 million
Hardcap: not specified
Opened: 22.03-01.08
Price: 0.010-0.021 USD / 1ETT

Token allocation:
65% – Token Sale
10% – Team
5% – Advisor
5% – Bounty

Use of mobilized capital:
15% – Reserve
43% – Research & Development
35% – Marketing & Sales
13% – Salary for development team
3% – Salary of management team
4% – Cost administrative
2% – Legal expenses
1% – Other expenses

ICObench: 4.8
TrackICO: 5.0
FoundICO: 9.0

Roadmap: This project aims to build a platform for the community, so they will mainly focus on setting up development teams, raising capital, registering some regulations, building infrastructure. and promote the platform to the public.

More information about ETT can be found at:

Telegram: https: //


Bitcointalk Profile Link:;u=1795848


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