Since the introduction of blockchain technology into the world, we have seen so many individuals and companies accept and adopt its usage and this has led to so many ideas being developed using the blockchain technology. I have come across so many ideas from all sectors of the economy which offers the use of blockchain technology to solve different problems which the world has been facing for so long. Today I will be taking about the remittance and payment industry, the challenges it faces currently and a unique idea which is being presented by a group of experts to give a long lasting solution we have long desired. Prior to now, the remittance and payment industry has been built on an old-fashioned infrastructure which is bonded with both delays in transactions and fees that are high and thus doesn’t serve the interest of its sophisticated customer base anymore. A group of experts looking closely at the remittance and payment industry discovered this industry is faced with several issues which include lack of support for crypto to fiat transfer, security infrastructure which is vulnerable, high transaction fees and lack of transparency, onboarding challenges for new users on exchanges, technical architecture inefficiency and lack of market liquidity on decentralized exchanges.

The team of expert having discovered the various shortcomings of the remittance and payment industry, came together, putting their years of experience together and came up with an amazing idea which has never been seen or heard of before called ETHA. Etha offers the world an ecosystem which will be built to industry’s highest standards regularly audited and penetration tested. Etha has put together a development team with so much experience in the building of financial applications to industry’s highest security standards, aiming to make sure security is a topmost priority. Etha has an exchange underlying market engine which is connected to more than 50 major exchanges, leveraging from their active order books to make sure there is complete high liquidity and also instant order execution.

Etha has as a unique company aims to connect all kinds of consumers and also businesses who will meet in a high class innovative platform which will disrupt current remittance service industry through forward-thinking technologies having finance inclusively in mind. Etha uses blockchain middlewares which gives smart contracts access to off-chain data feeds and APIs to validate and also execute bank transfers or any other action needed to streamline between smart contracts and key off-chain resources on the Etha’s platform.

Etha has a great mission is leveraging blockchain technology with an ever emerging ecosystem so as to make remittance services become available and accessible and also adding value to more consumers’ auspicious use of digital assets. Etha has a vision whereby the ecosystem of ETHA and also distributed ledger network will provide affordable financial products and also services which will definitely meet needs of all individuals delivered in a responsible and sustainable way so poverty can be reduce and prosperity gets boosted.


Remittance solution: Etha develops a platform never seen in the world before as it will be the first to facilitate crypto to fiat transfers giving all kinds of users ability to send fiat money with digital currencies giving senders ability to select different kinds of payout options for the recipient, such as Direct to Bank, Local (Cash) Pick-Up or Mobile Top Up. Etha has a unique plan to send money to mover than 190 different countries across the globe.

Cross-border financing: with this it becomes easy for cryptocurrency to be utilized as collateral for the execution of fiat transfer, without cryptocurrencies liquidation. The refund process for the initial collateral will be automated by the smart contract in a truthful manner to the borrower, once repayment of both principal and interest rates is settled according to agreed lending terms.

Decentralized lending: with this, borrowers can have complete access to all kinds of loans from different lenders who have decided to lend out their funds upon agreement. The lending terms are such that it will be set by the borrower and then fulfilled by the lender. Upon confirming terms by both parties, smart contract will then require the borrower to deposit collateral in the form of cryptocurrency to provide lenders protection against a default by the borrower.


Etha has an ecosystem that is a sophisticated infrastructure being the driving force which serves customer’s ever growing needs and market demand that will experience new era financial services. Etha has its own token with the symbol ETA which is the vital element of the unique Etha ecosystem and with it, customers will be able to settle fees associated with all kinds of services on the Etha platform. Work done on the Etha ecosystem will be compensated for with ETA token. The Etha ecosystem is a unique one consisting of different layers which includes;

·       Remittance solution.

·       Cross-border financing.

·       Decentralized lending.

·       Exchange.

·       Smart wallet.

·       API layers (see whitepaper for more details about these layers. View here


·       Sending money back home (remittance)

·       Cross-border financing

·       Decentralized lending.


A fixed number of ETA tokens will be generated for sale during the token sale and there will be no more after it ends. ETA is an ERC20 token built on the Ethereum network. The ETA token is a utility token whose main purpose is to settle fees which occur while one is using any of Etha’s financial services including remittance service, cross-border financing, decentralized lending and also exchange. With ETA tokens, fees which include exchange fees, transaction fees, collateral on the lending platform, discount on fees, listing fees for the exchange and future exclusive services.

Symbol: ERA

Initial volume: 1 ERA = 0.06 USD

Type: ERC-20

Total supply: 1, 000, 000, 000


Token sale: 50%

Advisors and partnerships: 20%

ETHA reserves (vested 36 months): 15%

Team (vested 18 months): 10%

Bounty: 5%


Funds generated during the token sale will be spent accordingly as shown below;

Research and Development: 40%

Marketing and Customer Acquisition: 25%

Operational: 20%

Legal and Compliance: 15%


Second quarter 2017: Project initiation, Research of industry, Business model concept

Third quarter 2017: Project of concept, Whitepaper drafted, Smart contract on testnet.

Fourth quarter 2017: Ecosystem design, Alpha of mobile app.

First quarter 2018: Smart Contract, Beta release of exchange

Second quarter 2018: Strategic partnerships, Alpha of Exchange

Third quarter 2018: Whitepaper published, Scheduled Pre-ICO, Release of Exchange.

Fourth quarter 2018: Lending protocol release, Scheduled ICO, Token distribution, Development of RP

First quarter 2019: FCA License registration, Listing on Exchanges, Native wallet (Android), Prototyping.

Second quarter 2019: P2P lending protocol, Listing on our exchange, system testing, Development if LP

Third quarter 2019: Development of C8, Financing integration, Launch of mobile app.


Anand Raj: CTO / Blockchain Consultant

Gopal Sankaran: Blockchain Consultant / Engineer

Chester Bella: HD of Business Development

Danny Boahen: HD of Business Operations

Ankit Prajapati: CCO / Web-Developer

Kuldeep Jain: Senior Mobile App Developer

Ayesha Mittal: Project Co-ordinator

Sneha Patel: Senior UI / UX Designer

Leo Anbarasan: Blockchain Solution Architect

Waste to time and join the ETHA team to success today as they take the remittance and payment industry to a whole new level. Please visit the website and whitepaper for more information about the ETHA project, Also, stay with the team and other participants across the globe through ETHA’s different social media platforms whose links are provided below;





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