ETHEARNAL-Creating Win Win Scenarios For Freelancers And Entrepreneurs

The development of Information Technology science brings a big change in economic growth at this time, even the science of information technology can bring jobs anywhere, and anytime. With the provision of certain skills can be used to work at home. Lots of types of freelance work or freelance workers you should know to see the skills they have.
This type of freelance work is essentially very easy and we are deciding it for you freelance workers. Good joy for you freelancers to work anywhere anytime and no reason to laze again.
A new project using blockchain technology that aims to create a win win scenario for freelancers and employers is here. Ethearnal allows freelancers to post their bio and listings detailing their services and help land a project on their platform using a client. It’s simple enough. Ethearnal works by storing all listings in a IPFS (interplanetary file system) in the backend, in a peer-to-peer basis and the projects/offers will be live on the cloud. In short, Ethearnal is a decentralized and autonomous freelancing network that is powered through a tokenized reputation process and smart contracts.
How To Works
The first step will be downloading the app. Employers looking for a project to be completed can look for a suitable freelancer. One can also submit their own offer if it is alright for others to find them. The employer and the freelancer (once selected) will get into a smart contract with the project value in Ether and most importantly, the reputation of each side will be at stake in escrow.
As soon as the job is completed, and upon acceptance from both parties, with the smart contract in place, freelancers receive 99% of the Ether from escrow. The remaining 1% of the contract is taken by ERT on the free market and divided between the employer and freelancer. Following this, the reputation is provided to the respective people.
The concept of a moderator is introduced, whose job is to solve disputes that arise due to quality of work etc. The pool of moderators will settle the dispute by a simple majority.


 The more reliable reputation (ERT) you have, the more visibility you have on your network. By default, search engines are sorted by reputation. While elsewhere it starts without credibility, with us you can start your own career by buying some. However, it does not allow you to play because you bet on some of them with all the contracts you enter, and you may lose this bet if you behave maliciously. These initiatives are based on game theory, naturally filtering out bad actors and good rewards, increasing their credibility even more in completed projects. It cannot prohibit, but if its behavior does not coincide, it will lose credibility, and the system will naturally filter it. Also, don’t be silent with us, you can spend your reputation at any time or even collect it if you decide you no longer want to work. Its reputation and value gives people more flexibility. We sincerely believe that this is the way of the future!
Another important part of our system is the hierarchy of censorship. Executives, as well as other stakeholders, have taken the reputation that ensured the integrity of their actions. This is an important component that allows the system to be self-regulating and self-sufficient. Once he’s in shape, we don’t need the founders.
The third important feature is the use of ERT marking for CAD-related functions. As far as we know, we are the first ICO, that the team doesn’t guarantee all the money, but only 10%, and for every 10% increase in cardholders must vote, whether we have either it or not This gives us responsibility. In addition, the owner receives the card corresponding to his total 1% fare package, in which the system collects from the dispute.


 Mar 2017
Playing with ideas
May 2017
Investigate game theory.
Jun 2017
Economic Initiative Research.
Jul 2017
Design concept.
August 2017
Plan an appropriate minimum product function (MVP).
Sep 2017
Development of Start Concept Concept (PoC) technology.
October 2017
Initiate the development of the P2P protocol in the Kademlia DHT style.
Nov 2017
Start the development of the web browser user interface (p2p node client).
December 2017
Launching of Alpha MVP PoC
Feb 2018
Initial Ethearnal Coin offer (ERT ICO).


 ICO 2.0, autonomous and fully hierarchical, AI. Democracy No Profits. A single 0% to 1% charge is returned to the system to coordinate the efforts of all stakeholders.
Other current projects, in fact, are not decentralised. The community (all ERT owners) can vote and make decisions. The other projects we see are centralized by hosting or grouping. The only party involved in the enchainment is intellectual hiring, and they are not so advanced as to harness the full potential of this technology. The system we provide is self-sufficient and self-regulating. He can grow independently, without us, and we have not created any vector of profit for us. We make a profit, like any other token owner.
We also discovered that only a few projects based on? artificial intelligence, we intend to have millions of users on the platform, and? this should really be scalable and self-sustaining. We will use OpenAI in the search engines and other functions of Ethearnal.
The ICO will start on 28 February 2018 and end on 31 March 2018. During the ICO, up to 30,000,000,000 Ethereal cards (ERT), which represent 75% of the total ERT supply. During this time, a hard cover of 30 000 ETH is installed.


 Token name: ERT
Token sales: from 28 February to 31 March 2018 Token total: 40,000,000
Price ERT: 1 ETH = 1000 ERT
Distribution over ICO: 30,000,000 ERT


STANISLAV UZUNCHEV Co-founder, Marketing
DOBRI STOILOV Senior Back-end Developer
ROMAN STORM Intelligent Contract Developer
ANDRIY KHROBAK Senior front-end developer
ANDRIY VASYLYTSYA Front-end Developer
 VLADISLAV KUZNETSOV Full-Stack software developer
 QUANTOX TECHNOLOGY Strategic partner

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