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Ethearnal is a freelance peer-to-peer platform developed for the purpose of becoming a bridge between business and skilled individuals. It is a secure and holistic platform where all parties can be involved, measure competencies, and enter client-freelancer relationships to achieve mutually agreed outcomes. Disputes are resolved fairly through a decentralized arbitration system in which a group of independent moderators solves the problem through voting.
Ethearnal has the potential to revolutionize the workings of freelance systems. Thanks to the Ethereum smart contracts, both entrepreneurs and freelancers can feel at ease that their investments, whether money, time, or effort, are safe and secure. That’s the beauty of working using blockchain technology — you bear lower trading costs and have a trace of transactions on public record

What problems are present?

The independent market is a global industry that has earned more than $1 billion last year. About 35% of workers in the U. S. While the independent industry has earned a lot of income, there are still some problems that need to be addressed. For example, disputes often occur between customers and freelancers (i. e. complicated design projects).

  • There are limited ways to receive funds. This can be harmful in some developing economies.
  • Disputes are not objective because they are only resolved through one entity.
  • Your funds are not immediately released by the current freelance platforms.
  • 10% – 30% of the value of the job goes to work immediately.

Ethearnal offers the following solutions to the various problems that arise in the workplace contact between superiors and freelancers:

  • Use intelligent ethereum auto-execution contracts to manage both sides of the responsibility in the code.
  • Provide a decentralized system of compensation moderators based on game theory to advance the required IF and provide an objective resolution on the principle that the majority is always right.
  • Align the economic initiatives of all parties involved so that everyone is better off looking for the same results.
  • Gives reputation rating and monetary value. We make economics and economic initiative a single thought.
What makes Ethearnal unique is Ethearnal Reputation Tokens (ERTs). The company has succeeded in creating a framework that marks the reputation of business, casual workers, and even moderators. The rule of thumb is the more ERT you have, the higher your visibility in the network.
The secret behind the effectiveness of our high reputation system is that ERT is worth the real money. Owners may purchase, sell, transfer, or otherwise trade as they wish. The creator determines how many reputations or ERTs should be accounted for by each side. It is natural that larger projects require a larger number of ERTs, ensuring that only serious and capable people participate in them.
Ethearnal rated the playing field for small investors and ensured the same investment opportunity through increased dynamic ICO caps in the hours that passed. Investors will have full control over their investments, empowering them to continue or stop projects at any stage to get their return on investment.
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Ethearnal has introduced the ERT (Ethearnal Reputation Token) which not only serves as the mode of payment, but also as a utility token for earning reputation. One can also use Ether for payment, for anything that does not involve reputation.

Pre-ICO Date : January 8, 2018
Pre-ICO Date : January 28, 2018
ICO Start Date : February 28, 2018
ICO End Date : March 31, 2018

Token : ERT
Price 1 ERT : 0.001 ETH
Bounty : Available
Platform : Ethereum
Hard cap : 30,000,000 USD
Country : Hong Kong
Whitelist/KYC Whitelist

Votes needed to release next round of funding : 51%
% of the funds to be released after voting in our favour : 10%

Distribution of tokens :
Public Sale : 75.00%
Founders : 20.00%
Bounties : 5.00%

Ethearnal’s Solution Overview

Here is a list explaining Ethearnal’s solution to the problem that’s currently faced within the freelancing industry.

  • The employer uses a smart contract that has a predetermined value on it.
  • There is a pre-agreement where both employer and freelancer stakes reputation tokens on each side. Both sides must stake the same amount of tokens so that it remains balanced and both parties know what they are staking during the process.
  • The timeframe that’s determined so that if both parties don’t follow through, each of their reputation tokens is self-released back to them. This stops the funds from becoming completely locked.
So for the users and investors soon join Ethearnal now. The best freelance peer-to-peer (P2P) system innovation. For more detail information please visit the link below:


Ethereum Address:0x88A7F22E3170cC2fE934B7087f9944ff410e3bfc


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