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Hello regards the community to all my crypto buddies wherever you are. On this occasion I will give you information about one of the ongoing projects namely: ETHEARNAL ico

Free trade spreads all over the world. Only in the United States is 53 million free, accounting for 34% of the working population. But in developing countries freelance jobs can find jobs with a salary of more than average. Along with the obvious advantages there are some free things to do. Especially on freelance platforms like and salespeople tend to be very competitive and low paying lawyers. Technology profiles can address this issue, providing transparency, security and transaction speed. And here, it can significantly affect the free industry

So today, I want to talk about the Eternal Project with very powerful p2p communication and very fast search engine.

What is Ethearnal?

Ethearnal is a peer-to-peer peer-to-peer (P2P) system in which freelancers and freelancers meet, registering credible contracts with fame and money in signatures. funding and leverage of decentralized management systems, if required. We crash into fame and economic innovation by creating fame and giving value to it. Therefore, all parties, executives, have the initiative and a strong link to act honestly, because everyone has something of value and can be achieved if the results are achieved. Desire.

Ethearnal has some basic features that make this Ethearnal platform better.
The more reputable reputation (ERT) you have, the more visibility you have on your network. By default, search engines are ranked by reputation. While on other sites you start out without credibility, with us you can start your own career by buying some. It does not allow you to play, however, because you are betting on some of them with all the contracts you enter, and you can lose this bet if you behave badly. This initiative is based on game theory, naturally filtering out bad performers and rewarding, increasing their credibility even further into completed projects. You can not prohibit, but if your behavior is not appropriate, you will lose credibility, and the system will naturally filter you. Also, you can not stay with us, you can pass your reputation anytime or even cashing it if you decide you do not want to work anymore. Its reputation and value give people more flexibility. We sincerely believe that this is the way of the future!

Another important part of our system is the censorship hierarchy. Executives, as well as other actors, have taken on a reputation that ensures the integrity of their actions. This is an important component that allows the system to self-manage and be self-sufficient. Once he is fit, we do not need the founders.

A third important feature is the use of ERT markup for DAO-related functions. To our knowledge, we are the first ICO, which the team does not guarantee all the money, but only 10%, and for every 10% increase the card holder must vote, if we have it. In addition, the owner receives the card corresponding to the total cost of 1% package, in which the system collects from the dispute.

We have a viable minimum product!

100% based on smart and unreliable contracts!

The code is law. Agreements become a reality through the magic of intelligent, self-confident Ethereum contracts. The reputation of all participants is at stake. The contract value is in custody. Only if required, a number of moderators with a good reputation can intervene and choose by simple majority vote. The rationale behind the game theory allows the initiatives of all parties involved to be aligned.

Reputation symbolized!

We attach importance to good reputation and economic innovation, giving it value. Your reputation is worth real money, can be acquired, sold or transferred. You play a little bit when you sign a contract. The more reputable you are, the more visible you will be on the network and the more likely you are to be part of larger projects. The creator of the offer is the one who determines how much image he wants at stake, but it is to be expected that larger projects will demand more reputation. The reputation is called Ethearnal Reputation Token or ERT and is what we market in our ICO.


ICO 2.0, independent and hierarchical, AI. Democracy No profit A bill of 0% to 1% is returned to the system to coordinate the initiatives of all stakeholders.

Other actual projects, in fact, are not decentralized. Communities (all ERT owners) can choose and make decisions. Other projects we see are centered by hosting or grouping. The only part involved in chaining is the intellectual, and not so sophisticated contract to exploit the full potential of this technology. The system we provide is self-sufficient and self-regulated. He can grow independently, without us, and we do not make a profit vector for us. We make a profit, like other token owners.

We also found that only a few AI-based projects, we intend to have millions of users on the platform, and this should really develop and be self-sufficient. We will use OpenAI in search engines Ethearnal functions.

ICO will begin on 28 February 2018 and end on March 31, 2018. During the ICO, up to 30,000,000 Ethereal cards (ERT) account for 75 %% of ERT’s total supply. During this time, a hard 30,000 ETH lid has been installed.

1 ETH = 1000 ERT tokens

Currencies currently accepted for Ethearnal include ET.
Ethearnal is a marker of ERC-20, so it’s important for investors to use compatible ERC-20 electronic wallets to store into smart ICO contracts and get an ethics card.

Information on token distribution.
Only 40,000 ERT codes have been created, including 30,000,000 in the main ICO.

After completing the ICO, the smart contract will be Ethearnal Team 10% of the proceeds.


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For more information please visit our LINK below:




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