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What is Ethearnal?

Everyone is born Independent, but some choose to work for themselves. Is it a mere theory that people have more of a follower’s mentality than a leader’s? I wonder what they teach in leadership classes. Also, I have never heard of follower’s classes. Is It because there is no need to since we are always told what to do rather than being left to do what we think to be true. The leadership qualities in the people are always present and it’s just that they do not choose to see and work on it.
Some work their way upwards to fight and win the battle. Although the battle is lonely, the rewards are pretty high which seem to compensate for the battles fought. Freelancers have found the amazing world of internet as their ultimate saviour but managing clients and working continuously do take effort and time.

Ethearnal is a P2P application where freelancers and entrepreneurs interact with each other. It is run by an intelligent contract in which each user’s reputation is moderated through a decentralized system. It rewards cooperation through the value of reputation and tokenizing it. Therefore, both parties have an incentive to work together because both have a value at stake. And they have something to gain if they make the desired result. Ethearnal works by freeing the listing listings from their services and using web clients to place them on the network. This is different from traditional freelance sites because there is no server needed. The web client does not have to stay online permanently because the offer is accessible and stored in the cloud.

What issues are there now?

An ethical review. The freelance market is a global industry that has generated more than $ 1 trillion in the past year. About 35% of US workers use freelancing as a way to earn money without commuting problems daily to work. While the freelance industry has earned a lot of income, there are still some issues that need to be addressed. For example, disputes often occur between clients and freelancers (ie, complex design projects). There is a limited way to receive funds. This can be detrimental in some developing countries.  Disputes are not objective because they are only resolved through a single unit.  Your funds are not immediately released by the current freelance platform. 10% – 30% of the value of work going into work immediately.

Overview of Ethearnal Solutions

Below is a list of descriptions of the Ethearnal solution for the problems currently faced in the freelance industry.

  • The employer uses a smart contract that has a predetermined value on it.
  • There is a pre-agreement on which tops the reputation of both employers and freelancers on each side. Both parties must have the same number of tokens to keep them balanced and both parties know what they are fighting for during the process.
  • The time period is set so that if both parties do not follow up, each of their reputation tokens is released themselves back to them. This stops the funds from being locked out completely.

Token Sale Information

Sales Token; 28 February 2018 – March 31, 2018

Supply Max Token: 40,000,000

1 ETH = 1,000 Token ERT

Available Token: 30,000,000

P2P Freelancing System


Hard Cap is 30,000 ETH

1 Ether gives you 1000 ERT. Or the price per 1 ERT is 0.001 Ether

1000 ERC-20 ERT token is generated for every 1 Ether sent. Total token supply depends on it.

ICO began on 28 February and ended on the 31st

Maximum possible token supply 40.000.000ERT

Quorum required to start the voting process 51%

Votes needed to free up the next round of funding 51

%% of funds will be released after voting 10%


The Ethearnal Team


Smart Contract Auditor


Mar 2017 – Fiddle with Ideas
May 2017 – Researching Game Theory.
Jun 2017 – Economic Initiative Research.
Jul 2017 – Layout concept.
August 2017 – Plan a proper Minimum Product function (MVP).
Sep 2017 – Started Concept Concept (PoC) technology development.
October 2017 – Initiate Development of P2P Protocol with Kademlia DHT style.
Nov 2017 – Start Web Browser UI development (p2p node client).
December 2017 – Release of Alpha MVP PoC


 ICO Post
Jan 2018 – Initial Ethearnal Coin Offer (ERT ICO).
Feb / Mar 2018 – Integrates Ethereum’s smart contract as a DAO platform for freelancers and businesses.
Mar 2018 – Integrate IPFS to add a layer of persistence and other availability data.
Apr / May 2018 – Develop a decentralized system to moderate and curate records.
May 2018 – Begin building the contribution of a powerful open source community.
Jun 2018 – Unleash the production network and software.
Q3-Q4 2018 – Iteration continues integration of new features and bug fixes.
Q3 2018 – Start the development of mobile platforms.
Q4 2018 – App release for iOS & Android.


The bright future of
OpenAI in search engine and Ethearnal Personal Assistant Bot.
Reddit ads on all subreddits to get work for crypto. This is the smallest range, but the most targeted hearing.
Facebook Ads only target people in Crypto-related Facebook groups and associated releases simultaneously. People in both simultaneously are not many, but highly targeted.
A LinkedIn campaign that targets anyone who is involved in crypto and has network in demand expertise.
AdWords ads to people looking for crypto and freelance related stuff.
Airdrop ERT to all ether addresses with insignificant balances.
Bounties for system users, who grabbed the first exact value (for example, finished work, money spent, and so on), added a gamification element and an opportunity to make the announcement.
Measuring performance. Adjust. Repeat.
Google AdWords in Google Search. Target 1000s of long tail key phrases related to online freelance jobs and find freelancers (for entrepreneurs). Having 1000s long tail phrases allows a much lower cost-per-click (CPC) with the advantage of having highly targeted traffic.
Facebook Ads are optimized for a high clickthrough rate (CTR), so CPC becomes lower and lower over time. Here’s how Facebook ads work. The higher CTR you have, the lower the CPC. We will be targeting relevant freelance fan enthusiasts.
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