Everyone is born Independent, but some choose to work for themselves. Is it a mere theory that people have more of a follower’s mentality than a leader’s? I wonder what they teach in leadership classes. Also, I have never heard of follower’s classes. Is It because there is no need to since we are always told what to do rather than being left to do what we think to be true. The leadership qualities in the people are always present and it’s just that they do not choose to see and work on it.
Some work their way upwards to fight and win the battle. Although the battle is lonely, the rewards are pretty high which seem to compensate for the battles fought. Freelancers have found the amazing world of internet as their ultimate saviour but managing clients and working continuously do take effort and time.
Today, freelancers are stuck on the different websites under the realm of nasty clients’ review who wants quality work for zero payment. And, add to that, the intermediaries are earning millions of revenue from the commissions. They have become the master in the freelancer world. Funds are not immediately released to the freelancers and limited channels are available for payment creates the roadblock in the freelancing business.
The biggest roadblock faced by the freelancers on these websites is of unfair dispute resolution. There is no any objectivity left if you do not know what went into the decision making progress and who is the authority. There is an urgent need for a revamped system which should make things easier for the freelancing community as well as the clients and businesses.
ETHEARNAL is offering a decentralised Peer to Peer freelancer platform for the business and freelancers across the world. The freelancer can choose to directly engage with the client without any intermediary. Freelancers and Clients enter into the Smart contract based deal where the pre-agreed amount is deposited in the Escrow. Clients can find their suitable freelancers using the listings which are released by the freelancers.
ETHEARNAL Reputation Token can be earned by buying it in the market or completing the job on the platform. The concept of a moderator is introduced by the Platform for dispute resolution between the clients and freelancers. Anyone can be the moderator with the required amount of ERT Tokens but everyone carries an equal voting strength of one in the system. Overall, they have presented a sustainable P2P based freelancing model which can hugely reduce the current weaknesses of the market.
They have asked people to support them in their endeavour to bring change in the market. The ERT Tokens will be sold in the presale and ICO. Their total ERT Token supply depends on the funds invested by the people in the Presale and Main ICO. One ETH is equal to 1000 ERT. 75 % of total coins will be sold in the presale and ICO.
The funds will be invested in the platform development and marketing. People working in the project are experienced in the fields of Blockchain technology and Freelancing. They are freelancers who have been through it and are now ready to bring change.
Challenges in the life demand solutions and I think Innovators, Independent thinkers, Inventors and freelancers are a few of them. Those who choose to fight and change. They work to achieve their Goal. The rise in the outsourcing of the work began in search of cost optimization meetings, I think. Some manager would have liked the idea since it saves their time and money.
People working as a freelancer do lead a slightly different work life than professional working for a firm. According to an estimate, total identifiable freelancers working in India, USA and Europe is 77 million.
The market will grow as the technology, trust and transparency improve. The market size is estimated to be over a trillion dollars for the freelancing/gig industry based in the USA and Canada. People in the developed countries have been leading the march in the freelancing world as the companies have been more accepting of the term and nature of the freelancing. According to the report by the Forbes, 35 % of the American workforce consists of freelancers in 2016.
According to a 2014 survey, the breakdown of the kind of freelancing jobs available in the market revealed that Technology Jobs is leading the market along with admin support and writing and translation at the second and third position respectively. North America leads in the Global distribution of the number of freelancers while Europe and Asia are at the second and third position respectively.
The world is getting closer than ever and people will be more dependent on the digital technology solutions in the future. The ETHEARNAL is a perfect opportunity for the freelancers and companies to start their business.
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