Established in 2013, IZ Real Estate Kriens GmbH has been quite functional in the real estate industry. They have evolved overtime with great expertise and market knowledge, having experienced the good and the bad in the business. With the capacity they’ve built overtime and their understanding on the problems of the existing system, Etheera was created.
Etheera is the world’s first decentralized global real estate platform, based on the Ethereum blockchain, providing Real Estates for sale or rent, including bed & breakfast offers. The existing system is susceptible to a number of challenges, from a very poor network/relationship between national brokers especially in-between countries, to exuberant portal costs. The existing working tools and environment is quite limiting for the brokers and quite expensive too, which in most cases results in little or no satisfaction on both sides. Etheera was created to curb these challenges and revolutionize the Real Estate industry.
Etheera employs a global portal + Software to offer an All-in-one solution for everyone. With its 3-point agenda: Matching, Huge tools and Consulting, the Etheera platform makes it quite easy to find a match by running a search query on all brokers’ network with their current portfolio and wishes. This platform with its innumerable tools enables statistics and reports for detailed consulting to guide you into making the best deals.

ICO Details
Token name = Etheera
Token symbol = ETA
Decimals = 18
Number of available ETA’s = Limited to 75 000 000 000
Price for 1 ETA token = 0.000002 ETHEREUM (ETH)
Minimum order per Transaction = 75 ETA
SoftCap = 6 000 ETH
Hardcap = 105 000 ETH
Etheera (ETA) available: 75,000,000,000 (Max.)
Price per 1 Etheera (ETA): 0.000002 Ether (ETH)
10/02/2018 – 16/03/2018: +40% Bonus
17/03/2018 – 31/03/2018: +20% Bonus
01/04/2018 – 14/04/2018: +10% Bonus
15/04/2018 – 30/04/2018: No Bonus

Token Distribution
Token Sale: 70%
Reserve: 10%
Founders & Team: 15%
Advisors: 3%
Bounties: 2%

Funds Allocation
Software Development: 60%
Marketing & Business Development: 20%
Legal Expenses: 5%
Tournament: 5%
Security: 5%
Operating Expenses/Admin: 5%


Establishing the IZ Immobilien Kriens GmbH
2013 – 2016
Active participation in the property market
Analysis and monitoring of the whole real estate sector
Q1 2017
Survey of partners and customers about possible improvements, wishes and values in the market information and issues analysis
Mystery shopping with different providers and service providers for the real estate industry
Q2 2017
Birth of the Etheera project
First Investigations with IT companies for the possibility and realization of Etheera idea to realize an ICO with Etheera
Q3 – Q4 2017
ICO Preparations
Etheera ICO website with full project overview
Smart contract programming in solidity
Multilingual whitepaper
Team recruitment for Etheera
Additional meetings with different IT companies for the recruitment of the software developers
Q1 2018
ICO timeline
Recruitment of IT specialists for the software development
Q2 2018
Etheera listed on first exchanges
Development phase of the ETHEERA software
Q3 2018
Presentation of the beta version of the Etheera software
Presentation of the beta version of the Etheera portal
Recruiting additional staff for sales, marketing and support in Switzerland
Q4 2018
Launch of Etheera software version 1.0
Launch of the Etheera portal version 1.0
Etheera offices in Paris, London, Munich, Vienna, Amsterdam, Belgrade, Prague, Milano
Etheera branches in Moscow, Tokyo, New York, Sydney, Las Vegas, Toronto, Hong Kong 300+ employees in Europe, Asia, Canada, USA, Australia

Our Team
Alexandar Bojat – Founder
Artan Ibrahimi – CoFounder/ CEO IZ Immobilien Kriens GmbH
Isa Zeqiraj – CoFounder / CEO IZ Immobilien Kriens GmbH
Davide Rausa – Chief Marketing Officer
Ahtasham Khan – Senior Web developer / IT Specialist
Florian Zefi – Promotion Manager
Rio – Business Community Manager Freench
Aleksandra Stroganova – Business Development Advisor
Daniele Ficarazzi – Marketing & Branding Advisor
Hira Siddiqui – Smart Contract Advisor
Gina Roos – software Dev Team recruiting Advisor
Flamur Rushiti – Finance Expert Advisor
Roman Sahli – General Support Advisor
Sam Meier – Legal Law Advisor
Artan Sadiku – Legal Law Advisor
Joao Antunes – Adwords Analytics Advisor
Jose F. Villgas Delgado – General Business Advisor
Saud Maroca – IT Systems Advisor

Etheera is ideal for everybody and everyone, even if you as a private person wants a room for one night or longer period of time, or whether you are looking into anything else. Etheera also thinks about the real estate brokers and professionals of the industry and offers a complete software tool which has integrated possibilities and will match all needs. Join us and get the best of experience as regards Real Estate. Please do well to follow the links provided below for more information.

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