Ethereum Classic Vision is a hard fork of Ethereum that utilization the best of the two universes – veritable decentralization of Ethereum Classic and front line traditions delivered for ETH, for instance, PoS mining and sharding. With its enormous scaling potential, quick, and unprecedented prizes for diggers, Ethereum Classic Vision is a conclusive reaction to the present troubles of the market. In the midst of the inevitable hard fork on January 11, 2019, all Ethereum holders will get 3 ETCV for each ETH in their own wallets.Ethereum Classic Vision is another computerized money that intends to interface this hole of wants and reality. A hard fork of Ethereum, it will utilize most created courses of action proposed for the world’s second-greatest propelled cash, meanwhile sparing the ideal of decentralization.The endeavor will combine such advances asmsharding, P2P asset exchange, dApp enhancement instruments, and decentralized report accumulating using IPFS. Starting as a PoW-based structure, it will later offer stable prizes tomtransaction validators in light of the execution of Proof-of-Stake, meanwhile making a perfect circumstance for sending new assets.

Ethereum Classic Vision is an exceptional hard fork of Ethereum – another computerized money that proposes solid and gainful reactions to the crisis in the blockchain business. Ethereum – the world’s driving stage for development and association of blockchainnapplications – at present winds up in a significant crisis.

Different game plans are proposed, yet none of them have been executed up until this point – and the present course of Ethereum organization does not instill much positive reasoning for what’s to come. Settling existing issues will take years, and the game plans themselves can incite a lot more prominent issues down the line.

Ethereum Classic Vision solidifies all of the three features that a really compelling blockchain must have: decentralization, versatility, and security. It offers different basic central focuses over ETH, ETC, and BTC:

  • Proof-of-Stake
    A more efficient, secure, and profitable mining protocol that will keep the network fully decentralized.
  • Sharding
    ETCV network will be able to process 25000+ transactions per second as compared to just 25 in ETH.
  • Fair rewards
    ETCV miners do not need to worry that their reward will be arbitrarily lowered – in our system, miner and trader interests are carefully balanced.
  • No rental storage fee
    Launching a smart contract will incur a minimal one-time fee; unused contract can be placed in temporary sleep state as a result of a vote.
  • IPFS integration
    Cheap decentralized file storage for your dApp.

ETH proof-of-Stake advantages

  • Resource efficiency
  • Stability
  • Security
  • Real decentralization

Hard fork Ethereum – Ethereum Classic Vision – 11.01.19

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