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Ethereum Classic Vision is a hard fork of Ethereum that leverages the best of both worlds – true decentralization of Ethereum Classic and cutting-edge protocols developed for ETH, such as PoS mining and sharding. With its immense scaling potential, high speed, and great rewards for miners, Ethereum Classic Vision is the ultimate answer to the current challenges of the market. ETCV snapshot was taken on January 11, ETCV mainnet launch is scheduled for March 21.

Why Ethereum Classic Vision?

Ethereum Classic Vision combines all three features that a truly successful blockchain  must have: decentralization, scalability, and security. It offers a number of significant advantages over ETH, ETC, and BTC:


A more efficient, secure, and profitable mining protocol that will keep the network fully decentralized.

No rental storage fee

Launching a smart contract will incur a minimal one-time fee; unused contract can be placed in temporary sleep state as a result of a vote.


ETCV network will be able to process 25000+ transactions per second as compared to just 25 in ETH.

IPFS integration

Cheap decentralized file storage for your dApp.

Fair rewards

ETCV miners do not need to worry that their reward will be arbitrarily lowered – in our system, miner and trader interests are carefully balanced.

ETH proof-of-Stake Advantages

Resource efficiency

Lower costs mean that ETCV mining will be profitable for individual miners with hardware as simple as Raspberry Pi


ETCV holders earn more coins by staking them, so there is no motive to sell – thus, the price of ETCV will rise steadily instead of plunging


If a block validator breaks the rules or acts maliciously, they lose their staked deposit and status

Real decentralization

There is no risk that gigantic mining pools will take over the control of the ETCV blockchain – it will remain independent from any central authority

The end of ETH Classic

The key developer team behind Ethereum Classic abandoned the project due to lack of funding. The original decentralized cryptocurrency cannot be saved – the time has come for a hard fork.

Ethereum is unsustainable

ETH code has a “difficulty bomb” built into it – a piece of code that decreases the efficiency of mining new blocks, until the validation process stops completely – this is known as the “Ethereum ice age”. None of the improvement proposals offer a real solution – and the promised switch to a Proof-of-Stake mechanism is still years away. Rewards for miners will be lowered and rent fees will be introduced for smart contracts. Giant mining pools will take ever more power, and individual mining will lose economic sense. ETH has failed its supporters – and its price will keep falling.

Hard fork Ethereum – Ethereum Classic Vision




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