Hello the crypto world community. I will here discuss a new technology that is useful for you, before that I will explain about the technology platform.

Maybe you’ve heard Platform words but you don’t know what the platform is? Well, on this occasion I will explain the Definition of Platforms, but before you go into more detail about the platform, you should know that the platform is actually divided into 2 parts, namely platforms that work on Hardware and Software (OS) platforms that work on software. only (Java, .Net). But in this post I just explained the platform that works on Hardware & Software.

What is a platform?

The platform is an important element in software development. The platform may be defined simply as a place to run software. The platform organizers provide software development in agreement with a series of logic codes that will run consistently as long as this platform runs on other platforms. This logic code includes bytecode, source code and machine code. Thus, the implementation of the program is not limited by the type of operating system available. The platform has replaced most independent machine languages. Some software platforms emulate hardware platforms as a whole, as in system virtualization.

So in detail the Platform is a hardware architecture / foundation / standard of how a system where applications / programs can run, or it can be said that the Platform is the basis of technology where other technologies or processes are made. A platform consists of an operating system that is a computer coordination system program that gives commands to processors and hardware to carry out logical operations and regulate the movement of data on a computer. Many people assume that the Platform and Operating System are the same, but in reality they are not. The platform is the basis or place where the operating system works, without the operating system platform it will not run.


The crypto revolution is truly the answer to “send God” to that business. This starts new options and new markets that are rising in relation to the Crypto world who want to find new uses for their Crypto / Digital properties. The Blockchain system provides payment programs that are decentralized, effective, open, and clear compared to those that can be used in other systems, reaping beneficial benefits for every designer and fan of the crypto world. In addition, functions such as crowdfunding, advertising, earning money, purchasing, and retention related to customers can be integrated into the platform system along with the blockchain. Therefore I am very interested in the platform created by the ETHEREUM CLASSIC VISION team so I will discuss a company that has an exceptional platform system, the company is ETHEREUM CLASSIC VISION.

About Ethereum Classic

there are many doubts about the survival and potential success of ethereum classic. at present, ethereum classic sits comfortably at number 17 by market capacity, and is valued at $ 5.40 making it one of the most successful cryptocurrency on the market.

In 2019, ethereum classic can be a good investment because ethereum is moving towards its new system, making it a favorite platform for people who still prefer consensus PoW.

ETHEREUM CLASSIC VISION is an advanced, fast, easy-to-scale and highly decentralized system, and Proof-of-Stake clearly does not meet these goals. Thus, after the initial period when the platform will use PoW , it will switch to PoS . Unlike Ethereum , which is likely to go through a long phase of partial testing (with testing one block out of 100 using PoS ), ETHEREUM CLASSIC VISION perform a more decisive and confident transition. The team firmly believes that the introduction of a revolutionary update in a very limited form can only destabilize the network, prolong problems, create differences and ultimately make a complete transition impossible.

The goal of ETHEREUM CLASSIC VISION is to solve the main problems facing Ethereum , including scaling, mining inefficiency and high cost of data storage. The transition to the Proof-of-Stake is a key element of this plan, but a number of additional modules and functions will also play an important role.


Every purchase of a Token from the list above, you will get a very large extra bonus with various bonuses of various types , you can buy ETCV at each stage provided. So what are you waiting for let’s hunt for those of you who like investing or tranding in the crypto world !!! don’t run out, because the first buyer will get a substantial extra cashback.


I am very excited to share a new gift and air drop program for the ETHEREUM CLASSIC VISION community. Join us and invite your friends to share the benefits of today’s gift program! The team is pleased to announce that we are allocating 100% full reward tokens for the ETHEREUM CLASSIC VISION prize campaign. This will help provide a boost to the ETHEREUM CLASSIC VISION program through community marketing and help bring more people to the world of ETHEREUM CLASSIC VISION.

Get Ethereum Classic Vision via Bounty, Our bounty is a fantastic opportunity to get ETCV coins for free – even if you don’t have any ether! All you have to do is register for the bounty campaign and choose the type of tasks you enjoy most. Post about Ethereum Classic Vision on Twitter, create video reviews on YouTube, write blog posts and articles – we will reward all your efforts!

The Bounty Program will consist of:

  • Twitter Campaign – 30%
  • YouTube Campaign – 15%
  • Telegram Campaign – 10%
  • Media/Blog Campaign – 20%
  • Signature Campaign – 25%

Join now and learn more about prizes online at BitcoinTalk:

Join us and follow the project via Telegram chat:

Hard fork Ethereum – Ethereum Classic Vision – 11.01.19

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